August 11, 2015

Justin Trudeau goes one better than kissing babies, touches pregnant Liberal candidate’s stomach

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

Once again Liberal leader Justin Trudeau shows his complete lack of judgement, this time by touching the stomach of a pregnant Liberal candidate:

The mom-to-be in this case, Liberal candidate Christine Poirier, said she had no problem with Trudeau’s friendly gesture, one that occurs several times a day with strangers as she canvasses her Montreal riding for votes.

“It was a perfectly natural, normal gesture and I really don’t mind having my belly touched,” she said.

I’m far from being a feminist-Nazi but touching a pregnant woman’s stomach is considered a massive invasion of a personal space and even in some cases, deemed illegal:

Rubbing a woman’s pregnant belly is more than a touchy issue in Pennsylvania — it’s illegal.

The awkward experience for moms-to-be everywhere falls under the state’s harassment law.

The Liberals dodged a bullet that this girl wasn’t preggers:

Looking forward to the Media Party’s resident feminists to go ape.


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commented 2015-08-14 11:35:07 -0400
Sort of a benediction, a laying on of hands by “Saint Trudeau the Twit”
commented 2015-08-12 08:22:48 -0400
shit i am surprise anyone kisses anyone without some kind of offended offensive reaction
commented 2015-08-11 23:04:31 -0400
Yeah, it’s a pretty minor thing, unless the mom-to-be has a problem with it. She obviously doesn’t, so this is a real non-story. Kind of makes theRebel look cheesy, and gives trolls like Terry ammunition, so maybe stop trying so hard, you know?
commented 2015-08-11 22:41:31 -0400
Kim Hanson, this post is on “MegaPhone”. In other words, posted by one of volunteer contributors. Ezra didn’t write or post this.
commented 2015-08-11 18:09:42 -0400
Much ado about nothing this time, Ezra. Insisting people adhere to your standards is the epitome of socialism. I prefer freedom and if the two stars of this little non-drama are okay with it, then so am I.