November 21, 2015

Does Justin Trudeau share the same values as the Imam of Peterborough a-Salaam Mosque?

Jonathan D. HaleviRebel Blogger

(This article originally appeared at CIJNews and is reprinted with permission.)

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau condemned the arson at Kawartha Muslim Religious Association’s a-Salaam mosque in Peterborough on November 14, 2015, which is being investigated as a hate crime.

In this statement issued on November 16, Trudeau repeated his strong belief that the diversity of faith groups which share the same Canadian values are a source of strength, not weakness. “The values that make our country great are values that celebrate our diversity and our religious tolerance. Canada is a country that is strong, not in spite of our differences, but because of them. Muslim-Canadians contribute enormously to the social and economic fabric of our nation.”

Two days later a-Salaam mosque in Peterborough was mentioned yet again and this time in Trudeau’s statement against the expressions of hatred and racism in the aftermath of Paris attacks. “Diversity is Canada’s strength. These vicious and senseless acts of intolerance have no place in our country and run absolutely contrary to Canadian values of pluralism and acceptance,” said Trudeau.

Does all Muslim religious leadership in Canada share the same values mentioned by Justin Trudeau? The Imam of a-Salaam mosque in Peterborough, Shazim Khan, provided an interesting perspective about the family values in Islam.

In a a speech at Abu Huraira Center in Toronto few years ago, Imam Shazim Khan explained that the wife has always to respond to her husband’s call to bed unless she has a genuine reason, to avoid suspicious behavior such as talking to other men, to serve him in order make her marriage successful. The husband, according to Imam Shazim Khan, should take care of all his wife’s need to prevent his wife from having a job outside home unless there is necessity.

The following are excerpts of Imam Shazim Khan’s speech:

“It is very important [when the wife responds to her husband’s call to bed]. Why? It just helps in order to protect and preserve the husband’s chastity as well as the chastity of the wife.

“So the Prophet, peace be upon him (PBUH he said): ‘Even in that situation she should not refuse.’ And to refuse, and to refuse to obey her husband in this respect [to respond to his call to have sex] is a major sin in Islam. It is a major sin.

“The Prophet PBUH he said: ‘If a man invites his wife to bed and she refuses to come, and he sleeps, he goes to bed and he sleeps while he is angry with her, the angels curse her until the next morning.’And that hadith [Islamic narration attributed to Muhammad’s sayings and deeds] is found in Sahih [authentic book of narrations] al-Bukhari and al-Muslim.

“If a man calls on his wife to satisfy his desire with her and she refuses for no genuine reason, then what happens? and he goes to bed and he is angry with her, then the angels curse her till the morning. There is no power (to do good) and no might (to stay away from evil) without (help from) Allah [لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله]. Imagine the angels cursing a sister for not responding to the call of her husband.

“But brothers, we need also to understand that the sisters are human beings, and so we need to understand, and we need to think also about our wives and to examine their condition. Sometimes they’re sick sometimes they’re over-boarded, they are stressed out. We have to understand and use our discretion.

“It is not all time when a individual in that mood, in that state, so we need to be, just in dealing with them, and don’t take that hadith out of context, it doesn’t mean to say that anytime and every-time irrespective of how, irrespective of her condition, whether she is sick or she is not sick. No. This is talking about a normal situation. What we have to, as I said, give special considerations to her situation also.

“One of the rights of the husband over his wife is that she should avoid at all times suspicious situations with other men. And this something very very important. In Islam, Muslims, the man reacts to be very jealous. Jealousy, the ghira [غيرة], is something that is recommended in Islam.

“And one time Saad ibn Abi Waqqas [سعد بن ابي وقاص], one of the companions of the Prophet PBUH was jealous. If his wife sat on a camel or a horse he would not anybody else to sit on that horse. And the companions they used to get upset of him: ‘What is the problem with you?’ So they went to the Prophet PBUH and they complained: ‘What’s the matter with Saad? If his wife sits on a camel… he gets upset, he is so jealous. What is his problem?’

“The prophet PBUH said: ‘Are you amazed by Saad’s jealousy? I have more jealousy than Saad and Almighty Allah is more jealous than me, and Allah’s ghirah [jealousy] is his prohibitions…

“So a woman should avoid, a wife, should avoid all suspicious situations with other men because that leads to evil speculations and once that, once evil speculations are harboured in the heart and that enters to our marriage there is no trust anymore in the marriage and one of the most important ingredients of a successful marriage the both parties the husband should trust the wife and the wife should trust the husband…

“The woman then should avoid all these situations. She should also avoid displaying her beauty to strangers even though she might be related to those men as long as she allowed to marry them they are not mahram [an unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous] to her she is not allowed to display her beauty her charms to them. Her beauty is exclusive for her husband.

“She should also avoid unnecessary talking with stranger men, because this, I know many husbands they don’t like, and this encourages and leads to immorality and a breach of trust which eventually destroys the marriage.

“The Prophet PBUH he said and I want you to listen carefully to this hadith. Three types of individuals don’t ask about them because they are doomed. Three types of individuals don’t even ask. Because you know what they are doomed.

Among them the Prophet PBUH said: ‘A woman when her husband is absent even though he has sufficed her from all wordly needs she adorned herself in his absence to other men, so don’t ask about her.‘

“One of them whom you should not ask about is a woman in the absence of her husband despite the fact that he provided her with every thing she needs. There is no need for her to go out. There is no need for her to call anybody. There is no need for her to talk to anybody. Yet she adorned, she beautified herself and she goes out and she speaks to other men. That individual, don’t ask about her, because she’s doomed.

“The Prophet PBUH and that hadith is from Sahih al-Bukhari, the Prophet PBUH forbids speaking to women without their husbands’ permission.

“We are not allowed to talk to somebody’s wife. I know some brothers they love to socialize. So when they go to functions and so on the brother goes and he talks to his brother’s wife and his wife goes and talks to the other brother… This is not from Islam. You talk to the brother and your wife talks to his wife. From the hadith we can gather that if there is permission that is ok, but even then it has to be limited to only regulations that pertain to how a woman and when a woman is allowed to talk and what she is allowed to talk.

One of the rights of the husband over his wife also is that she should serve him. She should serve him, meaning she should cook for him. She should take care of his clothes; take care of the household; make life comfortable for him… The most authentic opinion is that she is required to do this, because this is what enhances and brings blessings and harmony and love in a marriage…

“One of the rights of the husband also is that the wife should protect his honour, his children and his wealth… A good wife is a wife that [sic] takes care of the children, that [sic] raises them in an Islamic manner. She makes that her business. Her greatest joy is raising the kids and to make available and to beautify herself for her husband and she protects her chastity. She only makes available herself to her husband and she protects herself and she stays away from everything that her husband doesn’t like in order to please him and to make the marriage work…

“The Prophet PBUH said he said because of this ingratitude [of the wives towards their husbands] that is why most inhabitants of hell are women.

“So these are some of the rights of the husband, the main ones, so I want every single sister whether she is married or unmarried because eventually she will going to be married Allah Willing. She should pay attention if she wants to live a successful and she wants a happy marriage life, then she needs to fulfill the rights of her husband…

“Many of us we marry and we don’t put effort in owning a livelihood to protect and maintain our family. And many times our wives are forced by necessity to go outside and work. You mean she goes and works she is subjected to the fitnah [temptation] of society and that destroys her deen [religion] which ultimately leads her to neglect of the kids and destroys the family unity and its structure and then we complain. But the problem is with us. We do not show this responsibility…

“So my dear brothers we need to understand that it is our responsibility to take care of our wives and it is not right for a man to subject his wife to the trials and fintah [temptation] of society and force and compel her to go to work. That is not Islamic. What kind a man are you if you do that? You are not included in this [Quranic] verse ‘Men are the protectors and maintainers of women’ [الرِّجَالُ قَوَّامُونَ عَلَى النِّسَاء] if you do that…

“So when we leave today I want each and every one of you, each and every one of us should make that commitment from now and until we die… we are not going to allow our wives to go to work unless it is necessary.

“We will show her our responsibility because we are men and because Almighty Allah commanded us to do that because we want to protect them and we love them and we care for them…”

(This article originally appeared at CIJNews and is reprinted with permission.)

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commented 2016-01-31 00:02:14 -0500
Wow,totally deranged.
commented 2015-11-25 02:23:47 -0500
If a synagogue is fire-bombed in this country the response should not be to look back at what was preached there years ago, but rather to find the attacker and call him or her to account. That is true for all houses of worship.
commented 2015-11-25 02:20:05 -0500
This article came originally from the terribly bigoted CIJNews.
Somehow I do not think the proper response to an arson is to look back two years at the preacher’s opinion of marriage.
commented 2015-11-24 11:01:59 -0500
We call murder, they call it honor killing but they aren’t confused on gender!,
commented 2015-11-24 09:52:41 -0500
We can thank our governments for importing the enemy in to our country, to finish off the job that they wanted done, which is to destroy capitalism, thereby destroying democracy and our freedoms. Our current governments are traitors to the people, the people who keep them in those cushy positions. It’s funny how fast they turn on us, once they have stolen the power, based on a multitude of lies and mistruths. They misled an unsuspecting public on purpose, to gain power! They have no integrity, or the compassion necessary for those elected positions, as the goal was to steal power to have control over the great unwashed masses, so that they can make us pay for whatever transgression that they deem unwanted or racist! If being a racist means that I don’t agree with our government on what they are doing to our country, then so be it. I will wear the title “racist” to the very best of my ability, as a badge of honour, not shame, which is what they are trying to do, make us ashamed to stand for our rights. If we stand for nothing, then we will fall for anything!
commented 2015-11-23 20:27:06 -0500
Trudy’s advisor buddy Omar Alghabra has called for the abolition of Canada’s anti-terrorism laws, we better hope that doesn’t happen or we could be in deep dodo.
And Peter if people go onto Islam Watch they will also come across words that they need to be aware of besides taqiyya, tawriya and muruna. I’m afraid we’re headed for a clash of cultures here and many are too blind to see what’s in front of them.
commented 2015-11-23 20:04:12 -0500
Sharia is not compatible with Canadian values and democracy and should be declared illegal to practice in Canada. David Wood is an excellent source of information on the actual teachings of Islam as politically unpalatable as it may be. Every Canadian has a responsibility to educate themselves on the meaning of Hijrah , taqiyya and research Sharia and exactly what it teaches. You are intelligent- You figure it out.
commented 2015-11-23 16:32:34 -0500
canadians dont really know anything about hrh prince zoolander of shallow….unless continuously spouting platitudes is a “value”
commented 2015-11-23 12:53:27 -0500
Peter Netterville – they do share the same evil ideology, though I certainly wouldn’t call them human values.
commented 2015-11-23 12:17:17 -0500
“Does Justin Trudeau share the same values as the Imam of Peterborough a-Salaam Mosque?”

Values? What values? Oh, the “do and say anything necessary to get a vote” value. Well, he does have that value.
commented 2015-11-23 10:38:50 -0500
It seems now that just having white skin will have you condemned in Canada. Well they can only kill you once, and ultimately it’s your soul that’s important, not your physical body. Have courage, the one and only living God will avenge you. Jesus said that they persecuted him, and they will also persecute anyone who follows him. So again, take courage and you will see God!
commented 2015-11-23 10:00:15 -0500
Burning down a mosque is a crime. Hating the political agenda of Islam, that has every intention of killing all non Muslims, is not a crime. I am sure there are a lot of cowards, who will convert to Islam, in order to save their necks. I would remind these people, if a Christian converts to Islam, she/he will only become second class Muslims. With just one word from a true Muslim, accusing them of some sin, these people will be stoned to death.

Think twice before you change your faith. You will still be in constant danger from the Muslims that you have tried to integrate with.

Be a real Canadian, stand up and fight these savages, or be a coward and destroy Canada. The choice is yours. For now.

Say no to Canadistan.
commented 2015-11-23 09:46:33 -0500
This pompous narcissist ass is concerned only about his hair, and doesn’t give one hoot about Canadian values and freedoms. In fact, he seems to get off on destroying anything that real Canadians value, including our very lives!
commented 2015-11-23 09:39:28 -0500
Trudeau? Values? That’s hilarious. Makes me think about Groucho’s line about principles.
commented 2015-11-23 01:57:07 -0500
I wonder if the progressives realize the sharia pushers are insulted by abortion? I am gonna love seeing that battle.
commented 2015-11-23 01:51:15 -0500
Hey Shiny Pony these words are filled with intolerance, yet you ignore them like the hypocrite you are.
commented 2015-11-23 01:50:22 -0500
So where are the liberal trolls? Trying to find some way to blame this on Jews? Could you imagine the uproar from the left and media party if this was a Christian Preacher?
The left and the feminazis have had a cow for a Christian saying far less than this, and suddenly they go silent when it is an Imam.
commented 2015-11-22 21:57:07 -0500
Yvette, I couldn’t agree more. It’s simply a disgusting practice that should never get to our borders, let alone inside of them. One has to wonder where all the common sense has gone in this country, that this disgraceful behavior goes unchecked. After all, Turd-o did say that it’s 2015, or was it just liberal lip service? Probably more the latter.
commented 2015-11-22 20:40:23 -0500
In Western civilization, no sane woman would stand for this uncivilized treatment. From what I just read, in my opinion they are nothing but pompous asses who are addicted to sex, abusive to their wife, jealous for no reason, totally controlling & have no respect for women who for them is nothing but a sex object & a servant.
Of course not all Muslim men treat women that way, but the ones who do are adhering to the Islam religion & the Quran. Life for these women must be hell on earth. How dare Trudeau say they have the same values we do. Do not insult the men & women of this country. We do not want to be compared to that prehistoric mentality. However Trudeau is perfectly ok with this behaviour as he is a frequent visitor to their mosques & even squats & prays with them.This is not what I call a welcoming diversity as Trudeau wants us to believe & Freeland echoes on the Bill Maher show.
commented 2015-11-22 15:01:47 -0500
“Diversity is Canada’s strength. These vicious and senseless acts of intolerance have no place in our country and run absolutely contrary to Canadian values of pluralism and acceptance,” said Trudeau.

These are acts of defending Canada and it’s British Common Law system.

Why does Trudeau support the invasion of these vermin and support their idea of creating Sharia law in Canada?

Because this is Trudeau’s satanic hidden agenda. Trudeau is an embarrassment and a disgrace – with a marginal education and mental illness that runs in the family Canada should expect more of this Trudeau supported stupidity.
commented 2015-11-22 14:51:03 -0500
@ Bill Elder commented 15 hours ago
Islam is about unhealthy sexual repression with absolutions for perversities.

And do not forget that a woman needs to be “clipped” (not my words, the words of a tribal leader I once carried out some negotiations at gun point with in an unnamed desert) – so she cannot experience the joy of sex.

And so ….

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is practised in 30 countries in western, eastern, and north-eastern Africa, in parts of the Middle East and Asia, and within some immigrant communities in Europe, North America and Australia. The WHO defines the practice as "all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

Canada has serious problems with this issue – lots of information on the internet.

To give you an idea how bad some countries are – Egypt – 90+% of its women have undergone this treatment.

Women for children and boys (bacha boys in Afghanistan and tea or chai boys in other islamic countries) for pleasure.

Yet we will bring it in – the gay boy in Ottawa has so ordered.
commented 2015-11-22 14:22:29 -0500
Trudeau is typical liberal hypocrite. Trudeau claims he’s a feminist, yet he supports subjugation of women by his muslim friends. Belittles anyone who is wary of anything muslim because of the actions of a few, yet he seeks to enact gun control over peaceful gun owners because of the actions of a few. Liberal hypocrisy in action. Oh, almost forgot! Selfie Time!!
commented 2015-11-22 14:13:58 -0500
““One of the rights of the husband over his wife ….” There you have it – the relationship summed up, the husband has the right to regard his wife as chattel.
commented 2015-11-22 10:17:35 -0500
Well, I believe Trudeau only submitted to these mosque and prayer sessions to promote himself on the voting platform. However, I could barely get past reading half of what this Imam Shazin Khan was spouting without wanting to vomit. I would venture a guess Justin doesn’t even understand what Wahhabism is rooted in and probably doesn’t care to know since he cares more about himself and his popularity akin to an insecure high school kid wanting to fit in.
commented 2015-11-22 09:39:03 -0500
“Does Justin Trudeau share the same values as the Imam of Peterborough a-Salaam Mosque?”
How can you tell, the only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is Marxist propaganda, lies or ah, er uh, unintelligible, er, ah, uh, BS…
commented 2015-11-21 23:13:09 -0500
According to our esteemed minister Freeland, we’re all just being racist and not understanding of their peaceful religion. Call me crazy, but killing innocent people who do not share your views seems pretty racist to me. Selfie time!
commented 2015-11-21 23:11:07 -0500
Islam is about unhealthy sexual repression with absolutions for perversities.
commented 2015-11-21 22:54:50 -0500
Misogyny, is wrong in Canada, unless it is from a Muslim. Of course not all are this bad, but this is why Sweden has so many rapes. Soon to come to a neighborhood near you, but don’t worry, the CBC will spin it that white men are worse.
commented 2015-11-21 21:59:03 -0500
So, I guess chatting up the Niquab girl is a bad thing. I’m bad, I’m bad!!!! Maybe chatting up the bag woman will drive the men to go find another bag.