Justin Trudeau must apologize to the Chinese Canadian community!

Rebel Staff

A 13-year-old girl named Marrisa Shen was killed, and police have charged Ibrahim Ali with first-degree murder. He is one of the Syrian refugees that Justin Trudeau brought to Canada. This is a terrible personal tragedy. But it also looks like it was an avoidable crime.

Trudeau promised that he would not bring in single, military-aged men as refugees. He promised that he would do deep background checks on them. But he didn’t do that. And now a beautiful young girl is dead, and the whole community grieves.

It has been more than a week since Ibrahim Ali was charged with murder, but Trudeau has not visited the family (that we know of) or said a single word in public about this horrific crime.

Compare that to the case of a young Muslim girl in Toronto this January, who claimed that an Asian man attacked her hijab head covering with scissors in a racist attack. In that case, Trudeau immediately made a public statement about it, denouncing the attack as a hate crime.

But it was a hoax — the Muslim girl made the whole thing up. Police say it never happened. She cut her own hijab, and blamed an Asian man. But she never apologized to the Chinese community for her false accusation. And neither did Trudeau. To this day, he has not corrected or withdrawn his public statement.

Why is that? It seems like Trudeau only cares about the Chinese Canadian community one day a year — on election day. The rest of the time, he ignores the community — or blames it for crimes it didn’t commit.

And now, it appears that a Chinese girl has sacrificed her life because of Trudeau’s dangerous policy of letting in unvetted migrants from dangerous places like Syria.

This has to stop.

Please sign our petition demanding Justin Trudeau apologize to the Chinese community for falsely blaming a Chinese man for an attack he didn’t commit, for being so lax with our national security, and for ignoring the Chinese community’s pain after this murder.

Here in Canada, we all deserve to be kept safe from criminals and terrorists — it’s Trudeau’s most important job. He needs to know that.

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Justin Trudeau must apologize because he treats the Chinese Canadian community as second-class citizens!

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