November 18, 2015

Justin Trudeau: Our selfie prime minister

Richard AndersonRebel Blogger

In one very important way Justin Trudeau is nothing like his father.

Whereas Pierre Trudeau confronted and decisively defeated a terrorist movement, Justin seems quite prepared to let another flourish and offer a dangerous example to a precarious world.

While the dead and wounded were still being counted in Paris, Trudeau the younger was posing for selfies at a G20 conference. Elsewhere at that same conference the British prime minister and the American president were plotting -- so it is hoped -- to finally destroy ISIS.

We have a elected a man-child to lead us. This is the consequence.

While the West is confronted by the gravest challenge it has faced since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the leader of a G7 nation engages in literal solipsism. Nero is supposed to have played the lyre as Rome burned. Perhaps Justin will be performing parlour tricks when terrorism again reaches Canadian shores.

That the leader of Canada is a not a serious man has been shown quite clearly by his record. He seems to function at the level of a moderately bright adolescent, complete with offering sophomoric explanations of the problems of the day: Blithely dismissing the Russian conquest of Crimea and making a puerile comparison of our air force to phallic symbols. This is what immature people sound like when try to be clever.

Canada is a bubble nation. We have so long been at peace, so long been rich and free, that much of the world beyond our borders is akin to another planet. The working assumption of the Canadian Left -- Justin very much included -- is that Islamist terrorism is the product of some grave misunderstanding. If only we were to constructively engage with those who oppose us peace would be at hand. All we need is a chance for dialogue and our graduate school acquired "conflict resolution skills" would restore humanity and decency.

This is among the gravest misconceptions of our age.

Trudeau the Elder considered both the FLQ and the PQ threats to Canada's survival. Yet his response to each was radically different. Terrorism was beyond the bounds of legitimate democratic discourse. Force must be met with force. He explained this with great care in his speech justifying the invocation of the War Measures Act. It shows a statesman -- however deeply flawed in other areas of public policy - fighting to sustain a democratic government against violent usurpation. The speech is also a stark and sobering contrast to his son's juvenile pronouncements.

Yet PET took a very different approach in dealing with democratic separatism.

The PQ -- however obnoxious and cynical -- was a legitimate democratic force. When the Pequistes formed their first majority government in 1976 the response from Ottawa was to argue, cajole and bribe. The usual instruments of a democratic state. It would have been thought absurd and utterly unCanadian to have dispatched federal troops to arrest Rene Levesque and his cadre of petty ethnic nationalists.

Pierre Trudeau could only occasionally distinguish between bad and outright evil. He could crush the FLQ and then saunter off to Cuba to play sing-along with a mass murdering tyrant. Though at least at that point in history Fidel Castro was hardly a threat to world peace. Trudeau's 1976 trip was a morally repugnant though not a dangerous act.

Islamist fanatics are very much a threat to the peace of France, Canada and the world. In his first test as an international leader Justin has shown a dangerous inability to differentiate between bad and evil. Since Canada is a smaller player in a big world that might not matter very much in the short-term. Yet sooner or later this evil will come to Canada and the man charged with our defence has shown himself to be pathetically inadequate to the challenge.

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commented 2015-11-19 07:33:03 -0500
“Be clear about this – this was all staged. Observe what occurred after. Canada handed it’s soul over to a bunch of Montreal labor lawyers financed by Demarais and Dussault (and Paris at that time) for more dialect french, hatred to the US (our largest business partner), bloated government and higher taxes – all for greater centralized control out of Montreal.”

I agree Steve. It is amazing how many bought into the hype that Pierre Trudeau was the “savior” of Canada. He set into motion a series of events which we are now starting to feel the brunt of.

Excerpt from the article:
Link Byfield states, “Parliament annoyed him, so he bulldozed his Charter of Rights into the Constitution (1982) and surrendered statutory supremacy to the court”. There was no significant public pressure whatever for a Charter of Rights. This did not come from the will of the people. It was sprung on Canadians by the will of Pierre Elliott Trudeau although, as was his usual strategy, he convinced many Canadians to make the Charter their own, even though they still don’t understand it. His famous quote explains this manipulation – “In terms of political tactics, the only real question democratic socialists must answer is: just how much reform can the majority of the people be brought to desire at the present time”. After all, who could be against cleverly labeled “rights and freedoms.”
Most Canadians have still not caught on that there was something odd about Trudeau, an admirer of Marxist regimes and contemptuous of Parliament and anyone who seriously challenged his policies, insisting that there must be Charter of individual rights and freedoms in the Constitution. Our well-proven Common Law tradition already guaranteed us fundamental rights and the flexibility to safely adjust legal rights and obligations as circumstances changed. Canada did not need the Charter. … Laws made by the democratically elected federal and provincial legislatures are regularly struck down or changes read into law by unelected, unaccountable judges, often acting on personal biases and poor and inconsistent reasoning. The Charter has been repeatedly used by both government and special interest groups (most notably feminist and gay rights groups – their legal challenges funded by government grants!) to engineer unpopular, court-imposed social changes that would never have passed through our democratic legislatures or which, if rammed through, would have politically hurt the government in power.

Excerpt from the article:
In its constitutional package announced in September 1991, the federal government simply proposed that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms be amended to guarantee property rights. This was the only reference made to property rights. No indication was given as to how “property” would be defined if such rights were entrenched in the Charter. Similarly, no definition of “property” had been included in earlier proposals to entrench property rights in the Charter, neither at the time of the committee hearing on the Constitution in 1981 nor later in the House of Commons.

If property rights were entrenched in the Charter but the term “property” were left undefined, Canadian courts would be given wide latitude to define the term for purposes of the provision. For example, they might define “property” to include only traditional types of property, such as tangible assets like real property, chattels, and traditionally recognized property such as stocks and debentures. Alternatively, the courts might choose a less traditional interpretation, so as to include the so-called “new property” – i.e., various forms of government benefits, such as welfare payments, old age benefits, unemployment compensation, etc. This is the way the term has been interpreted in the United States.

“I’m no fan of PET, but at least he had a back bone. "
That was not backbone, that was an agenda driven ideology.
commented 2015-11-18 14:18:39 -0500
I was hoping (silly me) that the roots of relative pragmatism of the old guard inside the Liberal Party from the 1990s would keep a lid on Junior’s innocence and emotion-driven philosophies and behaviour. It seems I was wrong. The Chretien-Martin heritage of reasonable liberalism in Ottawa is, I’m afraid, dead.
commented 2015-11-18 13:08:26 -0500
I’m surprised that his image even shows up. What an immature child. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a picture with this traitor to Canadians. In fact, it makes me sick seeing his clueless face in the press each day, knowing he hasn’t got the intelligence of nat.
commented 2015-11-18 12:36:37 -0500
Trudeau is already a disgrace. I’m no fan of PET, but at least he had a back bone. Justine is a little princess, complete with a silver spoon set. This ‘man’ has had an easy life and it shows in his constant vapidity.
commented 2015-11-18 12:06:26 -0500
Justin, and his progressive followers, are nothing more than modern day Eloi.
commented 2015-11-18 11:59:44 -0500
Richard – as a generation JT’s age group tend to be self-obsessed, cliquish and hedonistic – the result of unhealthy coddling by prog pedagogy who instilled the “selfie” F-you value system in them – compound that generational values flaw with JT’s silver spoon upbringing and a political cultural environment which feeds/promotes his narcissism and you see the result – an egotistic pompous little twerp who refuses to listen to those who differ with him or respect different perspectives, existing only to get his own way and to feed on the pop star adulation of mindless Trudeaupian media groupies. Unrestrained self-absorbed righteousness and an unhealthy manifest destiny legacy mindset married to a shallow thinking.

I really do believe he is deluded into thinking he MUST walk in his father’s shadow, that he has a manifest destiny to do so and prove himself equal/better (daddy issues) than PET, when unfortunately he has neither the experience, intellect or worldly acumen to do so. Most times I hear him speak to an issue he is obviously over his head. If challenged with dissenting opinion or opposition he goes into a childish petulant snit. This bodes ill for those of us who rely on informed empathetic mature leadership and inclusive policy making. I can see policy being hammered out that reflects only his shallow understanding of the world beyond the “selfie” microcosm he inhabits. This was evident in his stumping in the western provinces, the cultural gap between Rockcliffe and Red Deer was evident.

Watching his melt down will be sad – like watching Michael Jackson’s – the mega- pop star that no one had the balls to correct – to tell him about his destructive actions and poor choices, they just cater to him – keep feeding that immense ego, ignore the warts and critical mistakes in judgement. When it all caves in on him when the results of shallow, narrowly focused “selfie” thinking come home to roost, he will have to bear all the blame himself, alone. A lonely walk in the snow.

Sad really – just like MJ
commented 2015-11-18 11:29:32 -0500
Robert Hewgill – if those who voted for this tragedy ever open their eyes, they will be in shock that they voted for the destruction of Canada, and have put our country in the hands of a raving, spoilt brat lunatic, who thinks that he really did win fair and square. When in reality it was the UN who put him there.
commented 2015-11-18 10:45:21 -0500
Junior is real embarrassment on the world stage that other leaders will see though as just some dumb kid.
commented 2015-11-18 10:18:09 -0500
Trudeau the Elder considered both the FLQ and the PQ threats to Canada’s survival.

Be clear about this – this was all staged. Observe what occurred after. Canada handed it’s soul over to a bunch of Montreal labor lawyers financed by Demarais and Dussault (and Paris at that time) for more dialect french, hatred to the US (our largest business partner), bloated government and higher taxes – all for greater centralized control out of Montreal.

This backfired on Trudeau when the masses vacated Montreal – Trudeau’s “cherry on the sundae” was those embarrassing 1976 olympics with an unfinished stadium.

Selfie Trudeau is just the useful idiot for the same Demarais and Dussault families to redirect government business back to these Montreal families.

Too bad for Dunce Trudeau that the global economy is on the verge of collapse – Canada being run by a camp counselor with a degree in literature – useful idiot.
commented 2015-11-18 09:41:35 -0500
Don’t get this post…Very representative of our generation