May 05, 2015

Justin Trudeau's economic plan: a new layer of taxation

Brian LilleyArchive
Justin Trudeau is promising to cut taxes for some, hike them for others and then move around a bunch of spending.

Is this good bad or indifferent? Brian Lilley spoke to the group that sticks of for taxpayers with every party, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to get their take.

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commented 2015-05-06 05:57:59 -0400
Mr. Trudeau should gather up his policy wonks and go back to the drawing board. It’s hardly likely those making more than 200,000 a year want to see a good portion of their money stolen by a Liberal bureaucracy. And those making less than 44,000 a year have just been told to bugger off. It’s always comforting to see, young Trudeau is still the booby I always thought he was.
commented 2015-05-05 17:09:27 -0400
Troodo is just here to lie about all the niceties, but make no mistake. Troodo will tax and steal the country blind.

Like chretien selling Canada’s Arctic out to the Russians oil demand (have another trip john) for some kickback, troodo is just another foul liberal pig and son to a castro sympathizer (a terrorist and drug runner). Either that or troodo is the son of Keith Richards.
commented 2015-05-05 15:45:52 -0400
Dump hin he never met a Tax hedoesn’t like will be his style – you want to be like Ontario with Wynne or Manitoba with NDP Sellinger? That will happen to Canada in triplicate if you vote for this airhead!
commented 2015-05-05 15:00:05 -0400
Exactly! I want to keep my money!
commented 2015-05-05 14:52:05 -0400
And Justin has yet to spell out the Liberal plan for a Carbon Tax, other to say he is in favour of such. Will this be a new NEP, focused on the West, as under Daddy’s rule? Dion called Carbon Taxing, the “Green Shift” (or shaft depending on interpretation). Carbon taxation will have the most impact on the poor, the lower, and general middle class. The “Rich” already know how to write off expenditures they do not feel compelled to pay. Somehow, I suspect, Justin, the trust fund child, and other influential Liberals will be immune to all this. “Do as we say, not as we do” After all, don’t they feel entitled to rule. David Dingwall (Liberal): “I’m entitled to my entitlements”. Yeesh!
commented 2015-05-05 14:42:17 -0400
I repeat from an earlier post…..Hmm…even the NDP, those big spenders did some costing….2 billion dollars for Trudeau’s plan..400 bucks a month for families with children. Except by rolling back everything else, EVERYONE ends up paying more regardless. There is a saying: “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” This Liberal Platform is nothing more than a bribe to get power. Justin has taken a page from Jean Chretien’s “Red Book” and is making promises he has no intention of keeping. (Pick an excuse) Remember, elect me, (Chretien), and I will get rid of the GST? How did that work out? We witnessed years of tax increases and eventually Adscam. Justin is lying. The Liberals are hoping to con enough people to give them power. In four years, no one will remember, assuming that Justin does not turn us into one of his admired communist dictatorships by then. Scary. Talk about hidden agendas.
commented 2015-05-05 14:23:55 -0400
I agree with the NDP objection that Trudeau wants to tax the rich and grow the middle class by growing, exploiting, oppressing and giving not a nickel to Canada’s growing underclass of starving, homeless, voiceless, invisible poor.

Canada’s poor are our oppressed not the comfortable, labour-organized middle class.

There is no compassion left in our society.

“Power and greed and corruptible seed seems to be all that there is”. (Bob Dylan)
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