March 10, 2015

Justin Trudeau's "unserious" speech proves he "isn't qualified to be prime minister"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau is unserious. He is unserious about terrorism, immigration and the Holocaust.

His speech last night about immigration proves that.

First, Trudeau falsely conflates a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in a Quebec courtroom, to the Harper government's ban on wearing full face coverings during citizenship ceremonies.

Even worse, Trudeau then compared the experiences of present-day Muslim immigrants, to the shameful chapter in Canadian history when Jewish refugees were turned away circa World War II.

(That was done by a Liberal Prime Minister, by the way.)

In actuality, since 9/11 -- and largely on Stephen Harper's watch -- the Canadian Muslim population has doubled.

I counter some of Trudeau's most egregious remarks, then talk about some of his questionable affiliations with radical Muslims:

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