December 30, 2016

Justin Trudeau’s Top 10 Broken Campaign Promises

Lauren SouthernArchive

So it’s been a little over a year since Justin Trudeau took the highest office in Canada. And like any good liberal he’s made a lot of promises in order to get in office.

But unfortunately for the people who voted him in, he’s kept just about none of them. Here are some of the best (and worst) campaign promises Trudeau has already broken in his first year.

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commented 2017-01-01 10:54:44 -0500
He may have broken some, but sure has undone most of the good laws Steven Harper made, kept those promises.
commented 2017-01-01 09:59:40 -0500
As all liberalzzz that is promises, promises, elect me , I am a progressive compare to evil Harper, but frankly, he didn’t fulfill his promises , all good for me, except for the deficit, the least he does the better we are.
commented 2016-12-31 20:45:04 -0500
Cameron though i do not care for angry Tom, i do realize he is a much smarter man than Justin will ever be. I will always give him a win in that department.
commented 2016-12-31 20:43:34 -0500
Cameron they are not the same , and the NDP is lying as well. Oh sorry , are you too brainwashed to see that? And you are a mouse , not me. Sorry but the NDP was way ahead of the libs and they shit the bed and lost how many seats? The libs out lefted you.
commented 2016-12-31 12:45:23 -0500
Cons and liberals both the same. Promise and lying…did you expect a different result. People voted for the more pretty cat, over the other cat. When we are all mice, voting for cats is stupid and a big lie.
commented 2016-12-31 09:33:59 -0500
Actually Lauren, I’m glad he hasn’t been able to legalize marijuana.

And happier still he was short on refugees because the European situation, places like Dearborn, Michigan, and rising incidents in Muslims breaking Canadian laws because it’s not against their CULTURE, have proven far too many Muslims are not only not against assimilating, they are bound and determined to make the REST OF US abide by their way.

And then there’s ISIS promising to infiltrate with the refugees, which has resulted in some of the worst terrorist attacks.

Now we ARE short on taking in Christian and Yazidi refugees, who ARE genuinely being persecuted and slaughtered, and they WOULD abide by our laws because they have the same Christian based belief in how to, oh, not beat up and rape women and children.

And I’m happier still, we increased boots on the ground because somebody has to stop these animals. This has been going on for longer than the two World Wars combined, and it’s time to conduct this war like you’re supposed to all wars; do what you can to avoid, but once the shooting starts, go in and finish it fast and go home.

We shouldn’t be complaining he “failed” those particular promises.
commented 2016-12-31 03:04:06 -0500
Yes, pls don’t keep the promise to implement ALL the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

As for “openness”, let’s not forget that in his very first week, he shut down all he MP’s, telling them to shut their mouths and not allowed to discuss the “refugees”. (one count Breach of Trust). And of course, he did it for a reason. The whole thing was fake. They’re not refugees. He mislead the public (Count 2 Breach of Trust). Then it turns out, they’re unvetted, putting Cdn’s at risk (Count 3 Breach of Trust), and all to the neglect of Canadians in need – to whom he has a Duty of Care but ignored (Count 4 Breach of Trust).
commented 2016-12-31 02:05:36 -0500
Some of those broken promises don’t seem that bad.
commented 2016-12-30 23:31:12 -0500
Thank God he failed on some of those promises. It is an upside that he is ticking off his fan base. I will enjoy watching his slide out the door.

Regarding pot legalization, in the States since only some are legalized, young entrepreneurs are buying it legally and reselling it in States where it isn’t legal, for a profit. What’s to stop Canadian entrepreneurs from smuggling it to the States? Also the government better keep the quality up or users will stay with their illegal sources. It should be an interesting sht show to watch unfold. I wonder if the government will be able to keep their prices below street prices with all the taxes slapped onto it. If not, who would buy legal. The illegal sources will still be there, no? I don’t know why decriminalization isn’t enough. No tax money I guess.
commented 2016-12-30 21:19:29 -0500
The best part of these broken promises is Tater Tot™ has screwed the very people who supported him – If you are right of center, you were expecting to be screwed but this vacant Bouffant is so dyslexic a leader he screwed his own constituents more than those who didn’t vote for him – given deficit spending is just deferred tax waiting for another generation of tax slaves, the Millennials who voted this twitter head as PM will be bearing the brunt of these debt funded deficits in either higher taxes or reduced entitlement.
commented 2016-12-30 19:16:09 -0500
George Dyer, excellent post.
commented 2016-12-30 18:59:23 -0500
L.P.C.- The Lying Party of Corruption
commented 2016-12-30 18:37:20 -0500
Baby Doc only cared and only cares about one thing, power. He does not know what to do about having power, only that he has it like Papa Doc, who also only cared about power.

Both being the greatest danger to democracy, charismatic to fool the low information Laurentian elites and wanna-bes.

Baby Doc has three solid administrations since Papa Doc to overturn in order to get back on track. Notice the silence of Chrétien.
commented 2016-12-30 18:16:34 -0500
What has happened to my Canada?
commented 2016-12-30 16:37:15 -0500
A list of dik-tater-tot’s lies, gaffes, scandals, hypocrisy and broken promises:
(This is just from the early days. It got so that I couldn’t keep up)
- Questionable fundraising tactic with $100 “because it’s 2015” Tee-shirts
- Created a gender equitable cabinet, but filled all the junior positions with only females
- Appointed a fake Nobel Prize winner to cabinet
- Closed the Library of Parliament for several hours for a Vogue Magazine photo op.
- Falsified the number of Syrian refugees coming to Canada
- Provided false refugee immigration timelines
- Violated the United Nations convention by determining who fits the definition of a legitimate “refugee” (“Absolutely not” Christians or Yazidis)
- Told the BBC that he had “worked two or three times harder than everyone else”
- Belittled the Queen of Canada because of her age
- Gave 383 ‘winners’ an all expenses paid cash-guzzling trip to Paris to talk about the weather
- Canada’s Youth Delegation at Paris climate talks openly protested his hypocrisy
- Sold off cabinet minister’s time in a fundraising payola scheme
- Described the practice of posing with refugees for a photo op as “disgusting”, before meeting incoming refugees at Pearson International Airport for a photo op
- NannyGate
- Indulged in budget forecasting “inaccuracies”
- Announced Senate reforms to make the institution even less accountable
- “Walked away” from promise of more bilingualism; appointed George Furey of Newfoundland as Senate speaker
- More payola. $250 for “dinner” with Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Under investigation by Ethics Commissioner
- Illegally garnered election votes by way of Assembly of First Nations anti-conservative propaganda funded by taxpayer’s through Elections Canada $975,000 voter “outreach” program
- Paid back chiefs by not requiring them to disclose how much of our money they’re quietly pocketing for themselves
- Appointed terrorist sympathiser and anti-Semite, Omar Alghabra, to cabinet as Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister
- Promised to break his promise to keep deficits under $10 billion
- [been found out by Brian Lilley that he] Promised the CBC an extra $150 million then had the CBC’s legal team attempt, through internet censorship, to thwart free speech, copyright law and access to information to prevent campaign ads being produced for use by the Conservative party
- Donated $14.25 million to Sharia-law Indonesia for them to keep up the good work, just before they publicly caned an unmarried couple for being seen alone together
- Pulled off the old double-switch-a-roo and allowed General Dynamics to provide LAV’s to Saudi Arabia
- Discovered that he can’t legalize marijuana without breaking at least three international treaties
- Learned, while he was visiting a mosque for selfies, that he didn’t get an invitation to an anti-ISIS meeting in Paris, the one that Canada hosted a year earlier
- Set up a non-partisan Senate Advisory Panel filled with partisans and SJWs
- Unsuccessfully tried to use election campaign clichés when offering condolences to the family of Canadians murdered by Islamic terrorists. They hung up on him (the Canadian’s family, not the Islamic terrorists)
- Got chided and upbraided by just about everyone for jabbing at Harper during his speech to celebrities at the Economic Forum in Davos
- Lifted the sanctions against Iran so that Canada now supports sponsors of terrorism
- Ended the transparency process that required Indian chiefs to disclose how much of taxpayer’s money they’re pocketing
- Paid back unethical and immoral unions for their support by discontinuing secret balloting so that now the union thugs will know who to bully and intimidate
- Paid back corrupt union bosses by not requiring them to disclose financial statements to their members
- Assigned hundreds more troops to the war in the Middle East but withdrew the protection of their air cover
- In his first 100 days in office, spent $4.3 billion, but only about one tenth of that was for Canadians
- Evicted Armed Forces Personnel from their homes to provide shelter for “refugees”
- Used tax dollars to purchase religious items such as Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels
- Resuming the flow of $15 million annually to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to support terrorist organisations in Palestine
- Saved an enormous $5 Million annually by shutting down the Office of Religious Freedom (while ignoring the pleas of Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Ahmadiyya Muslim communities) after committing a meagre $4 Billion to other countries to support the cult of climate change
- Got found out that almost all of his 21,000 “refugees” had actually been living for years peacefully in houses and apartments in towns and cities like Amman and Beirut
- Instructed Department of Justice to have prosecuting lawyers withdraw the appeal against the decision to allow a confessed and convicted murdering terrorist free on bail and did so regardless of evidence showing that he violates bail conditions
- Lied to parliament by claiming to have inherited a deficit
- As good as called the Parliamentary Budget Officer a liar because he contradicted his claim that a surplus is really a deficit
- Had McCallum muzzle immigration bureaucrats from answering questions at committee meeting regarding plan to remove VISA requirement for those travelling from Mexico
- Rescinded citizenship law to allow convicted terrorists/traitors with dual citizenship to retain/reclaim Canadian citizenship
- Revised citizenship law to allow approximately 20,000 imported fake refugees to vote (Liberal) in the next federal election
- Another “donate” to the party lark for a chance to win a trip to Washington and see him give a speech
- Thinks it’s just fine for other Trudeau family members to directly lobby the Public Safety Minister to allow the Al Qaeda terrorism sleeper agent Mohamed Harkat to remain in Canada and not be deported to Algeria as ordered, regardless of his bogus refugee claim that was made when he was using a forged Saudi passport
- Gave $15 million of taxpayers money to the United Nations Human Rights Council (AKA misogynist despots, tyrants, dictators and human rights abusers). May be re-payment for money funnelled into Canada by the U.N. to support a Liberal election win
- Sold off Canada’s entire gold reserve, but to whom? and for how much?
- Promised the electorate massive deficit spending to “kick-start the economy” then, as prime minister, promised Wall Street there would be “no influx of cash to “jolt the economy” because he “needs to be responsible and keep the budget gap”
- Appointed Senators using a process that was closed, opaque and partisan
- Saw house prices skyrocket after changing down-payment rules to “cool down” house prices.
- More shady fundraising; This time from “Justice” Minister Wilson-Raybould. $500 from each job-seeking lawyer to have cocktails with her. Defends her action by claiming that even women and aboriginals can become Justice Minister.
- Allowed critics of the Saudi arms deal to continue believing that liberal’s “hands were tied” even as Dion signed approval to the transaction on April 8, 2016.
commented 2016-12-30 16:35:04 -0500
I do not remember Anal Sex being an election promise do you Canada?
Justin Trudeau likes Spring Chicken and therefore is lowering the consensual age for ANAL SEX. Paramount on his secret list
LGBTQ demands outweigh all of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises. I highly suspect we have a queer prime minister and a covered up family as did his father Pierre and rumors have it that Justin Trudeau look alike Dictator Fidel Castro if his real father who was good friends with his parents you can’t make this up it’s all over Google. The joke he calls himself a Feminist while women have to choose between food or hydro. I think he is saying he is a Fem. Lesbian Libera Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould To Repeal Criminal Code Provision On Anal Sex .
Justin Trudeau’s only Mandate are Man Dates Yes Canada Justin Trudeau Loves Queer. I worked the clubs in the 70’s and I know Gay My Gaydar is never wrong.
I am wondering if Justine will come of of the closet anytime soon
Trudeau has announced that his government will be lowering the age of consent for anal sex from eighteen to sixteen years of age in the Criminal Code. This will make it legal for adult men to engage in anal sex with 16-year old adolescents.

It is a concern, however, that the homosexual lobby organization EGALE forwarded to the Liberal government in June, 2016, a report (see below) listing numerous demands. Included among these demands was one that the government repeal entirely S.159 of the Criminal Code which provision legalizes anal sex conducted in private for consenting adults 18 years and over. S.159 also provides that anal sex must be in private i.e. only two persons take part, or be present. Since there is no other provision in the Criminal Code directly relating to anal sex, repealing S.159 entirely means that there will be no limits on anal sex. That is, anal sex would be permitted at any age, in Canada, with any number of persons whether or not it takes place in public.

It may well be that reducing the age of consent from 18 to 16 is only for public consumption, and is a cover-up for the real intent of the homosexual activists i.e. to remove all limits on age and consent for anal sex whether performed in public or in private.

In its report, EGALE also calls for the repeal of the bawdy house laws (S.210 and S.211 of the Criminal Code). A “bawdy house” is defined in the Criminal Code to mean a place used for the purpose of prostitution, or acts of indecency. This provision also prohibits public sex. This latter provision has been used in the past by police in its bathhouse raids.

In effect, if S.159 is removed in its entirety as well as the provisions against bawdy houses, as demanded in EAGLE’s June report, it would mean that anal sex would be available anywhere, anytime with anyone without any restrictions as to age. This is alarming!

Age of Consent for Anal Sex

The issue of “age of consent for anal intercourse” first arose in 1987, when the Criminal Code was being amended. Homosexual MP Svend Robinson, requested, at that time, that consent for homosexual sex be the same as that allowed for sex between male and female. The Minister of Justice Raymond Hnatyshyn stated:

Medical evidence does indicate different kinds of psychological or physical harm may attach to different types of intercourse for young persons. Medical experts are not certain at what age sexual preference is established, and many argue that the age is fixed only in the later teen years. Also the question here is the heightened danger of contracting Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or other sexually transmitted disease from penetration.

The reason for the age discrepancy for anal sex and other sexual acts was to protect adolescents from exploitation and health complications of anal sex. This fact is apparently of no concern to homosexual activists.

The Liberals are also now studying even further demands submitted to the government by the homosexual organization EGALE in its report.

These include:

(i) Individual compensation to those who suffered past discrimination because of “who they were or whom they loved”;

(ii) Providing all police officers or others in the justice system with human rights training with regard to the historic wrong of treating members of sexual minorities as criminals, etc.;

(iii) Providing training to Customs officials to prevent banning homosexual materials from crossing the border;

(iv) Implementing procedures to protect the dignity of transgender or intersex persons in prisons or jails;

(v) Eliminating laws re keeping a bawdy house or criminally charging those who visit a bathhouse or who practise group sex.

III. Trudeau to Apologize to Homosexuals.

In August, 2016, Trudeau agreed to publicly apologize on “behalf of all Canadians” to those who were imprisoned, fired from their jobs or otherwise persecuted in the past because of their homosexuality.

However, there has been a law prohibiting homosexuality since 1892 when the Criminal Code first came into effect. This law reflected the views of the Canadian public at that time, who rejected homosexuality because they thought it repugnant. (This is the reason that British writer Oscar Wilde was jailed for homosexuality in England in 1900, since he contravened the law prohibiting the unacceptable homosexual activity of sodomy). Because homosexuality was illegal and unacceptable to society, homosexual persons in the military and public services in Canada and elsewhere were particularly vulnerable to blackmail and a security risk. That is why they were dismissed from employment in the past.

Like much else about Justin Trudeau, he doesn’t think very deeply, and doesn’t understand the history, complexity and ramifications of his decisions on this issue and most others. As a result, he may well accede to these unreasonable homosexual demands.

REALity Volume XXXV Issue No. 10 October 2016
Justin Trudeau Submits to LGBT Demands – REALity


Justin Trudeau can’t say “no” to any demands made by the LGBT community, (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered). He is an obedient servant to their cause.

In July, 2016 he made two specific controversial commitments to them:

I. Blood donations from homosexuals to be accepted after only one year’s abstinence from their having same-sex relations;

However, a tragedy occurred in the 1980’s when Canada experienced one of its greatest health disasters due to tainted blood donations causing 800 deaths, mainly due to blood donations contaminated by AIDS. Consequently, Canada, along with many other countries refused blood donations from homosexuals who had sex with another man during their lifetime.

Under political pressure from homosexual activists, this ban was relaxed in Canada in 2013 to permit blood from homosexuals who have not had sex with a man for a five-year period. This latter decision, however, was unacceptable to homosexual activists who claimed that this five year ban was discriminatory and “intrinsically abhorrent to the fundamental Canadian values of equality and non-discrimination”. They screamed, of course, that the Canadian Blood Services was “homophobic”. There was no concern at all expressed by them about the public’s right to protection from receiving contaminated blood. The latter was irrelevant to them even though gay men make up 49% of new HIV cases in Canada.

As a result of this pressure, on July 12, 2016, the Liberal government reduced the waiting period to donate blood for homosexual men even further, from five years to one year’s sexual abstinence.

Although there is a still-imperfect scientific technology to test for HIV, the LGBT community is still disappointed with the one-year deferral period, as is also, apparently, the Liberal government, as Canadian Health Minister, Jane Philpott, cheerfully announced in July, 2016:

There is an incredible desire and certainly a commitment on the part of our government to work toward further decreasing that donor deferral period. The desire is to be able to have those deferrals based on behaviour as opposed to sexual orientation.

It is homosexual behaviour that contaminates the blood system. Is she going to rely on a homosexual donor’s assertion that he never has homosexual relations, or if he does not, he always uses condoms, and as a result, his behaviour is safe? Some protection for the public that is going to be!