May 02, 2017

Trudeau says Conservatives ran on “headscarf ban”, “snitch lines” against Muslims during election

StaffRebel Columnist

In an interview with Bloomberg News on April 20, Justin Trudeau falsely accused the Conservative Party of running on a “headscarf ban” and “snitch lines” against Muslims in 2015.

Trudeau said, “... in 2015, we made, I made a conscious choice to try to draw people together, to work on a laying fears rather than highlighting them and exacerbating them, but I was up against a government that ran on, you know, snitch lines against Muslims and headscarf bans and a fearful narrative that Canadians chose to reject for the large part, because there was a positive inclusive solutions based on alternative on offer and I think that which worked in Canada can and should work elsewhere.”

Headscarves or hijabs, were never a part of the 2015 election. The discussion about niqabs – a full face covering – during citizenship ceremonies, however, was.

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As for the “snitch lines” against Muslims. Trudeau is probably thinking of “barbaric cultural practices” such as female genital mutilation. Hardly a “snitch line”. Justin's terminology is actually quite concerning as “snitching” is the act of reporting an illegal act. How exactly is that a bad thing?

This is coming from the man who tried to humanize terrorists by calling them Canadians and opposed revoking their citizenship.

H/T: CIJ News

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commented 2017-05-04 21:28:05 -0400
Rob Greeley, thanks. I will keep trying…
commented 2017-05-04 20:42:33 -0400
Correction… dig in and grind
commented 2017-05-04 20:11:45 -0400
At Tammie Putinski…Thanks again for your perseverance..Please dig in a grind the so and so’s into the ground with fact’s!!
commented 2017-05-04 16:15:51 -0400
Jay Kelly, so your silence on what ATOKENCONSERVATIVE had to say to you is quite shocking. FGM is contrary to Canadian values period! You should know it is unlawful in Western cultures to cut out a girl’s clitoris and hack off her labia majora and minora; in some cases their vagina is sewn shut, leaving a small opening for menstrual blood to evacuate. A married woman in labour will have the “sewing” removed in order to give birth; and in many cases, she is sewn again as per husband’s instructions. Did you know Jay Kelly, that some muslim men will have their wife’s vagina sewn before a long trip?

Here’s a recent article from the World Health Organization (at least 200 million girls and women are living with the painful consequences of FGM)

Another from a muslim woman who was mutilated

You chose to deflect and it’s shameful!
commented 2017-05-04 14:27:02 -0400
Atikokanconservative goes a long to explaining why Kellie Leitch has had to abandon any serious discussion of “Canadian values” in her leadership campaign. So many conservatives think “Canadian values” means “my values” alone. Without any openness to genuine discussion among the fragmented Conservative Party members the leadership candidates have to become more and more vague if they hope to gain support.

The exception, in my view, is Andrew Scheer. He has remained faithful to his moderate conservative views and has the potential to come up the middle.
commented 2017-05-03 20:37:13 -0400
ATOKENCONSERVATIVE, I agree completely & wanted to add, Jay Kelly sounds a lot like Andrew Stephenson, another contrarian who likes to post BS
commented 2017-05-03 20:15:06 -0400
Jay thinks female genital mutilation is funny. Honestly, he thinks that hacking away at a little girl’s private parts to 1) increase her future (likely much older) husband’s sexual pleasure when he’s raping her and 2) decrease or eliminate any chance of her ever feeling sexual pleasure, in the belief that that decreases the chances of her ever seeking such pleasure from other men (likely younger than her husband) is worthy of comparing to men sharing socks in Red Deer. Like there’s some kind of barbarism in both examples, so we all better watch out for those sock sharing Red Deerians! How about this Jay: do some research. Get both “barbaric” practices done to you, then report back to us which of them, if any, deserve the label “barbaric” and which, if any, don’t. At least be prepared to back your shit up, okay?
commented 2017-05-03 09:53:09 -0400
The liebral campaign begins for the next election. Steak tar tar anyone. sushi? I suspect the new hot line to the Liebral government will be for dead people to call. The line will be monitored at great tax payer expense 24-7. Then it will be touted as a great success when no one calls.
commented 2017-05-03 08:42:13 -0400
I e-mailed my Conservative MP and cc’d Rona Ambrose. I asked for the opposition to confront Trudeau about his false statements to the press. I sent a link to this article, and I hope the Members also read the comments.
commented 2017-05-03 08:31:34 -0400
I’ll keep this short.

Trudeau is an idiot.
commented 2017-05-03 07:25:24 -0400
The Tree, it’s a shame your roots are rotten and diseased, this prevents you from flourishing.
commented 2017-05-03 01:57:08 -0400
Justin conveniently forgets that the “snitch line” would have provided a safe way to report “barbaric cultural practices”, including those by Danish. These barbaric practices still go on, unabated, including the shooting of cats in a barrel, the exchange of socks between men, and the feeding of raw ground beef even to children. Not just in Calgary either, but by Danes in Red Deer and elsewhere!
commented 2017-05-03 01:49:10 -0400
LMAO!!! The Tree apparently has deep roots firmly planted in Fantasy Land for he is really reaching this time. But you have to give these lefty trolls some credit though for they are hilarious from time to time.

As stated on another article, the left are infamous for their revision of the truth and history. A prime example is that of the left calling/accusing members of the conservatives/republicans members of the KKK. The first Grand Wizard was a democrat not a republican as they continually claim.
“This political relationship was nationally solidified shortly thereafter during the 1868 Democratic National Convention when former Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored as the KKK’s first Grand Wizard.
… this sordid history is still well documented. There’s even a thirteen-volume set of Congressional investigations dating from 1872 detailing the Klan’s connection to the Democratic Party. The official documents, titled Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States, irrefutably proves the KKK’s prominent role in the Democratic Party.”

CBC tried to revise Canada’s History – this is what the left do best, revise and fabricate when they deem it necessary:
commented 2017-05-02 23:35:36 -0400
Tree, a quote from Puddleglum in The Silver Chair seems appropriate:
“You needn’t say it again. You are a chap of one idea, aren’t you?”
commented 2017-05-02 23:35:00 -0400
Ree, a quote from Puddleglum inThe Silver Chair seems appropriate:
“You needn’t say it again. You are a chap of one idea, aren’t you?”
commented 2017-05-02 23:33:07 -0400
If you want to bring people together like Trudeau said he was trying to do, you don’t stack one group against the other, you treat everyone fairly, however if an occasion arose where Trudeau had to choose between a Muslim & a non Muslim, I know who he would choose.
A “snitch line” as he calls it to help protect children & women of the Muslim faith against abuse by their own families was a positive thing in my book, which leads me to the conclusion that Trudeau is totally blind & hard of hearing if he doesn’t believe that abusive behaviour does not occur in some households.
commented 2017-05-02 22:59:16 -0400
Don’t be too hard on PM Cheaptokes, he’s been working hard on the things that matter, like ensuring the legalized pot the Feds will sell comes up to his high standards – so if he has memory lapses and blank-outs its from all that hard work doncha know.

I wonder if our “fearless” PM will personally go door knocking without his usual armed guards and bullet-proof Limo.
commented 2017-05-02 22:54:28 -0400
The tree- Are you too chickenshit to use your own name?
commented 2017-05-02 22:37:00 -0400
Not only is Ezra Levant a convicted liar, but now he is using his website to revise history.
Why do we not think for ourselves, instead of mindlessly reading the crap put out by this liar.

There is another commentator on here who insists that I provide back-up to my claim that Ezra Levant is a convicted liar. That person, and all of us who think for ourselves, should only do some research on Ezra Levant’s history. It is so bad that Levant recently gave up his license to practice law rather than face yet another disciplinary hearing in front of the law society. Don’t take my word for this. Hey, don’t take anyone’s word for anything. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
commented 2017-05-02 21:25:45 -0400
We need to place all trudeau’s stupid, yet telling…his motives and agenda on Bill Boards and on the travelling Bill board..we may need a train of cover all of his cabinet’s lies…
commented 2017-05-02 19:02:06 -0400
“Snitch lines against Muslims.” That’s how Trudeau sees it?
When I think of sex-selective abortion and arranged marriage, frankly Muslims are not the first group that pops into my mind. And when somebody brings up honour motivated violence the first case I remember is the one closest to home, the Sharma-Dulay case, in which none of the participants happened to be Muslim either. Quite clearly, it’s not the Conservatives who have a bit of a hangup, it’s Justin Trudeau.
There’s an opportunity for the new Conservative leader here, to invite Justin Trudeau to provide Canadians with the Liberal Party’s approved list of each and every “value system,” cultural, religious or otherwise, that is higher than the Criminal Code of Canada. Because some of us are starting to wonder…
commented 2017-05-02 18:37:37 -0400
Conservatives ran against the liberal dominated media and the unions who placed their self interests over the safety concerns of the citizens and were willing to hide the serious nature of the problem and played the race card.
commented 2017-05-02 18:19:51 -0400
His two brain cells are working overtime distorting the truth. I think he needs another tax payer paid vacation, to rest and relax!
commented 2017-05-02 16:53:42 -0400
Trudeau’s lies have been believed and shared by his supporters. He is truly giving Islam primacy in Canada and doesn’t think we will notice or resist. This agenda is pervasive and he will stop at nothing to destroy our nation and bend over for Islam.
commented 2017-05-02 15:33:36 -0400
hey turdo you brainless moron why don’t you shut your lying pie hole you muslim ignoramus traitor , you make me vomit .why don’t you get the hell out of our country and go somewhere where people like you don’t dare open your big mouths , you know somewhere in the middle east , see how long they let you prance around there in your girle poses and all your nauseating selfies ., you idiot .
commented 2017-05-02 15:32:35 -0400
Trudeau you God Dammed Idiot, You are assuming that the so called Refugees that you welcome in to Canada are actually Humans.

GOD HELP CANADA, We are being shafted by an imbecile. Rot in Hell Trudeau.
commented 2017-05-02 14:47:27 -0400
Whenever you might see Pierre’s old “paddle chum” Craig Oliver on CTV, remember that it was he who, during the election, maliciously labelled the hot-line, intended to assist endangered Muslim women and girls, as a “snitch-line”. Blood is on his hands as much as it is on dick-tater-tot’s.
commented 2017-05-02 14:43:55 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,231 Attacks, 213,971 Killed, 295,118 Injured that we know of

Trudeau wouldn’t know the truth or common sense if it bit him on the ass. How the hell did we end up with such a nincompoop running the country? I’ve lost all faith in the intelligence of the majority of my fellow Canadians.
commented 2017-05-02 14:43:19 -0400
Pretty sure he was referring to the emergency honour killing hotline which the libs scrapped because they don’t think there is anything wrong with sharia and barbaric cultural practices such as FGM and honour killings