November 24, 2017

Justin Trudeau Welcomes Back 60 ISIS Terrorists to Canada

Rebel Staff

In his latest video, Ezra Levant addresses the fact that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just welcomed 60 ISIS terrorists who went to fight in Syria and Iraq back to Canada. 


Yes, Trudeau is welcoming back 60 Muslim terrorists who left Canada to rape and pillage in the Middle East back to Canada with open arms. These terrorists hated the West enough to leave Canada in the first place and join a group that wants nothing more than to destroy the Western world, yet now they are being allowed back into Canada as if nothing had ever happened. 

The left is so obsessed with being politically correct and open-minded to Islam that it is even willing to allow 60 terrorists back into the very country they had been trying to destroy. Luckily, American President Donald Trump isn't falling for this nonsense and is keeping his promise to destroy ISIS, rather than attempt to reintegrate terrorist-returnees into our society, thus giving them another opportunity to destroy us from the inside. 

For more, click here for The Ezra Levant Show.



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commented 2018-02-10 19:24:35 -0500
I am very much interested in Chrystia Freeland’s Family background concerning her Family Nazi Past,is it true or not?
commented 2017-12-25 20:48:36 -0500
Citizens of Canada,have you gone mad,why do you put up with this criminally insane TRAITOROUS MAD DOG,who want’s to destroy you and your beautiful country,in any other normal country the citizens would rise up by the millions and vomit out this piece of human garbage and put him trial for high treason and hang him from the gallows
commented 2017-12-25 20:46:52 -0500
Citizens of Canada,have you gone mad,why do you put up with this criminally insane TRAITOROUS MAD DOG,who want’s to destroy you and your beautiful country,in any other normal country the citizens would rise up by the millions and vomit out this piece of human garbage and put him trial for high treason and hang him from the gallows
commented 2017-11-27 21:35:25 -0500
Liza..Thanks for the link..Maybe Faith should run for Political Office…Or at least team up with the right people.
commented 2017-11-27 00:16:07 -0500
I thought so too Tammie. Well done Faith.
commented 2017-11-26 23:23:30 -0500
Liza, thanks for posting the link. Excellent commentary by this independent YouTuber!
commented 2017-11-26 22:39:05 -0500
Canada: Identity vs. Values
by a new independent you tuber who is sure to be an important voice in Canada’s fight for freedom, sovereignty, and our right to our own identity as a country; including say over our demographics. Nobody asked us. We don’t like this.
Justin we want off your life sucking multi cultural death train.
commented 2017-11-26 14:10:40 -0500
Trudeau caters to all the immigrants in this country because he knows it is them who will get him reelected. Meanwhile, there are way too many real Canadians who stand by passively while he remakes this great country into something none of us will recognize in 10 years.
Wake the hell up, people! Can’t you see our beloved country is being radically changed and taken away from us? Trudeau is a stone traitor who should be hanged from the yardarm in front of Parliament.
commented 2017-11-25 19:26:41 -0500
oh..and by the way.. I’m not suicidal..I love life with all it’s trials and tribulations…
commented 2017-11-25 19:22:40 -0500
trudeau is a piece of worm shit..
commented 2017-11-25 15:58:56 -0500
Rick Plesnik—-Don’t worry Rick, Andrew Scheer will have a Liberal to Liberal talk with Justin, and convince him not to give the returning ISIS Fighters as much of our money.
commented 2017-11-25 15:48:05 -0500
FRED ALBERTAN said: “Canada now qualifies as a state sponsor of terror.”

Indeed! The criteria is there. Should be an interesting backlash when this hits the U.S. news cycles in force. Americans will NOT be impressed. There are already calls for a Northern Wall along the Canadian Border. I would suspect it is already a given that the border is being monitored much more closely by U.S. intelligence. Jihadi Justin is a traitor, and must be removed, by force if necessary!
commented 2017-11-25 12:57:53 -0500
Canada now qualifies as a state sponsor of terror.
commented 2017-11-25 00:02:35 -0500
Listening to the link in Jan Rogers post from the Rob Breakenridge radio show where he had an ex-Csis guest that actually said, “Canada can’t put these guys in jail, what if they radicalized other prisoners.”?
Wouldn’t that be a better alternative than the Isis fighters killing Canadian Citizens in our streets?
Its common sense if you kill them or leave them in Iraq to die.
commented 2017-11-24 22:51:46 -0500
Lock them in a room and force them to hear Sophie sing, they will emerge insane and helpless.
commented 2017-11-24 20:51:09 -0500
Talk about double speak
Trudeau said this
“Canada is concerned about the national security threat posed by citizens who joined the Islamic State group, returning to this country,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.

In parliament, Trudeau pledged to prosecute those who broke Canada’s anti-terrorism laws by joining the ISIS group, but also said his government would try to reintegrate them into society.
commented 2017-11-24 20:38:35 -0500
Well isn’t this interesting , our little boy leader can cure a psychotic mind, i bet all the psychiatrist are shaking their heads on that one
The point here is it takes a certain type of person to grab someone by the hair and saw their head off, with all the screaming and blood along with it .
It takes certain type of person to rape little girls in front of their mother then cut the little girls head off in front of her ,then rape the mother and sell her as a sex slave
It takes a certain type of person to throw gays off a roof to their death .
It takes certain type of person to put people in cages then drown them
It takes certain type of person to put another person in a locked cage and set them on fire
I once read a note a Yazidi women who smuggled out a note who was captured by the terrorists and kept as a sex slave , she begged for a plane to bomb where she was, she said its not even noon yet and she had been raped approx 15 times bye terrorists
I saw a picture of a headless little girl in a pretty dress just left to rot in the street
I could go on and on but the point is ,how can you just reverse a terrorist mind set, they went there knowing full well this is what they would be doing , now any of you reading this , could you do what i said above , you damn well know you could not even think about doing anything like these evil acts .
One has to seriously wonder how Trudeau’s mind works when he condones this psychotic behavior , he should be outraged at what these people he wants to rehabilitate have done , short of electro shock treatment or lobotomy they will not charge , they can’t thats what they are , thats why they went over there to fight with these terrorist
commented 2017-11-24 19:26:57 -0500
The amount of 60 returning ISIS fighters is the figure from 2015. Grubby little Liberals up to their dirty tricks again.
commented 2017-11-24 17:04:44 -0500
I hope they all go to live in QUE.
commented 2017-11-24 16:01:42 -0500
These terrorists should never have been allowed to return to Canada ever. They should be banned for life from entering Canada as mass murdering enemies of Canada. But no, Trudeau has to welcome them here, as though they were gone away on some school trip in the middle east. Trudeau should be at the top of the list as an accessory to mass murdering enemies of Canada. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world right now who thinks much of Trudeau except for enemies of our country.
commented 2017-11-24 15:29:26 -0500
Trudeau & Goodale, the duo in charge of protecting Canadians; I wonder what their total IQ is?
commented 2017-11-24 14:44:26 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,398 Attacks, 222,650 Killed, 303,139 Injured that we know of

Come back quickly, Jesus, before Trudeau gets us all killed.
commented 2017-11-24 14:34:27 -0500
Jihadi Justin is a traitor!