November 19, 2015

Is @CBCOttawa being run by a teenage Trudeau fan? Another reason to sell the CBC

Brian LilleyArchive

Is the @CBCOttawa account being run by a teenage girl?

It was hard not to wonder after @CBCOttawa tweeted out that having Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama together at the APEC summit might "break the internet":

When I (and others) took to Twitter to criticize this frivolous tweet, some rushed to CBC's defense, saying the state broadcaster was just having fun.

The thing is: When the CBC "has fun," they're doing it thanks to over a billion dollars a year of our money.

For that, I'd expect serious, responsible news coverage, not something a tween would write about a boy band.

Now more than ever, it really is time to sell the CBC.

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commented 2015-11-19 12:09:22 -0500
Americans hate Obama’s guts. He’s a psychopathic terrorist lover.

Trudeau comes from a family of mental disorders – Canada will hate Trudeau’s guts in due order.

CBC – Canadian Bigot Company – disgusting filth. Sell this gong show now!!!