September 20, 2018

Catherine McTelevision? Liberals “open the vault” for luxury TVs but not for Canada’s vets

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Apparently, the Feds just love their big screen TVs and thanks to an order paper question from CPC MP Dave McKenzie, we now know which ministries and government departments are the biggest spenders on luxury televisions.


Goodness knows what prompted the question, which was as follows:

“With regard to the purchase of televisions, since February 1, 2017, broken down by department and agency: (a) what is the total value of televisions purchased; (b) how many televisions have been purchased; and (c) what are the details of each purchase, including (i) make and model, (ii) size, (iii) price per unit, (iv) quantity, (v) was the television a 4K television, (vi) was the television a 3-D television”

Watch my video to see the crazy answers that came back from the government and to find out how many TVs Catherine McKenna bought for her bureaucrats, and how much she spent.

No word on if they were pedal powered or the old-fashioned plug in kind but next time Canada’s veterans think of asking for better pensions or reasonable compensation for their injuries, perhaps they should ask for over-priced TVs instead since Liberals don’t seem to mind forking out dough for those things!

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commented 2018-09-21 16:00:58 -0400
Remember folks, 5 Canadian AF bases were used to house Syrians rushed into Canada, any correlation to TV purchases by Defense Department? Maybe a little more digging is needed.
commented 2018-09-21 14:52:29 -0400
Narcissists love looking at themselves on the big screen. There, justified!
(Sarcasm intended)
commented 2018-09-21 03:10:38 -0400
Liberals are selfish pigs.
commented 2018-09-21 03:10:18 -0400
The Liberals never have money for soldiers, only for scumbag terrorists and for their luxury. Harper did more for our troops than the Libs have ever done.
commented 2018-09-21 02:20:13 -0400
My question; "What happened to the old large screen TVs the government already had?” So who got to take them home?

And as I have pointed out numerous times, Baby Doc Trudeau was quite generous giving Afghanistan $41,000,000 for Afghani military veteran pensions. Too bad he didn’t think about giving that money (our tax dollars) to OUR veterans and military. Then again, he is dumber than a rock.
commented 2018-09-21 00:09:27 -0400
Wow…Resident troll has been released from the institution, had another lobotomy based on the post.
commented 2018-09-20 23:46:42 -0400
But, Amy, this government promised to do so much better than that Harper dude. The veterans we are talking about are the veterans of today, not 3 years ago. They are going without today. Trudeau told them, “You are asking more than we can give.” Apparently he was lying again. That was this year. This government. This PM.
commented 2018-09-20 22:31:42 -0400
Previous message bought and paid for by the corrupt Government of Canada !