May 12, 2015

Kathleen Wynne, - cultural conservative?

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

What do you get when a socially liberal, proudly pro-immigrant Premier introduces a sex-ed curriculum that offends those immigrants’ religious values?

Clearly, you get an enormous logic error. 

Can it be possible that the politically adept Kathleen Wynne has been blinded by her own white privilege? A Premier whose riding contains the densely populated Muslim neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park? This, after the brouhaha over the Mosqueteria? Absolutely jaw-dropping.

But there is no other way to slice it, ladies and gentlemen. Kathleen Wynne has -  God forbid -  become indistinguishable from the culture defenders of Europe, at least, as far as the immigrants themselves are concerned. That’s why they’re so angry.

When you think about it, how is this any different from France trying to ban the hijab, or Quebec trying to prohibit religious symbols in the public service?

She is trying to make immigrants accept Canadian values by making them accept this sex-ed curriculum. Say that sentence out loud. Let the sublime irony sink in.

It may be wonderfully unintentional on her part, but then again it always is, isn’t it?

Fellow conservatives, I put it to you that there is an entirely different dimension to this sex ed curriculum issue that we’ve all missed. It isn’t just about age-appropriate teaching or parental choice. It’s about Canadian values vs. values from abroad.

It does make things awkward for us conservatives though. What are we supposed to do now?

Does Kathleen Wynne get favourable mentions in Mark Steyn’s columns? Photo-ops with Marine Le Pen?  Is Kathleen Wynne the new Christopher Hitchens, the new Bill Maher, the new Sam Harris?

I mean, I love me some Liberals who get mugged by reality and become cultural conservatives, but the idea of Kathleen Wynne, conservative icon is a little too hard to get my head around. My brain, it says yes, but my heart, it says no!

Oh my God, I just had another horrible thought. What if she gets away with it?

After all, this is the same Liberal who stomped John Tory a decade ago by opposing government funding for religious schools. Where - as I can confidently say, as a graduate of a parochial religious high school - sex ed the Kathleen Wynne way is certainly not kosher. Who says she can’t pull this off, too?

And just how stupid is the PC Party of Ontario going to look if Kathleen Wynne runs on this and wins after they spent a whole leadership race twisting themselves into knots over what position they should take?

OK, OK. Don’t panic. Maybe this will open up Wynne’s left flank to the NDP.

They’re pretty good at running on all sides of an issue without anyone noticing. Maybe the NDP will turn out to be the natural home for socially conservative immigrants. That makes about as much sense as anything else!    

All kidding aside, we’d better figure out what the right thing is for conservatives to do here.

When conservative Albertans got confused over who they were supposed to hold their noses and vote for, they ended up turning the country’s energy heartland over to a party who can’t imagine life without carbon taxes.

If all else fails, we could just move to Quebec. You can get all the sex and economic austerity you want there!

Except - uh oh! - we’d have to learn French, or else we’d be the ones being treated like immigrants. 


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commented 2015-05-13 23:42:47 -0400
“All kidding aside, we’d better figure out what the right thing is for conservatives to do here”.
The right thing to do is to stop it. This Wynne agenda, is using children to further the cultural Marxism Bill mentions.
commented 2015-05-13 23:39:30 -0400
I have become overly fond of my dawg. He is part Aussie. He has absolutey No tail.
Am I sick or am I the new Normal ?
commented 2015-05-13 08:10:34 -0400
What you “get”, Josh, is the conflicted morality of the social Justice hypocrite.
If you remember one thing that I ever post, let it be that social Justice and political correctns are camouflage for cultural Marxism.
commented 2015-05-13 07:19:56 -0400
Take the megaphone away from this nutcase! Teaching grade schoolers about previously illegal sex acts isn’t a Canadian value.
commented 2015-05-12 22:18:47 -0400
We haven’t all missed this idea at all. The sex-ed curriculum is designed to teach kids that abuse is against the law in Canada, and to define for all kids what “abuse” looks like.

Abuse includes some “ethnic” values like child marriage, female genital mutilation, and honour beatings/rapes/murders that are still strongly held beliefs by far too many new Canadians who now protest the sex-ed curriculum. And yes, I want all children to know those are crimes in Canada.

You can read the sex-ed curriculum online. Just google “2015 Ontario Physical and Health Education Curriculum”. That is what it is called.
commented 2015-05-12 21:26:49 -0400
It’s about the kids, Joshua.
commented 2015-05-12 21:01:34 -0400
You forgot one thing. It is not only muslims and the christians that are upset. A whole host of people do not want their children indoctrinated with her type of sex ed. What I mean by that is the whole concept of 6 genders. Young children should not be subjected to this concept. Now what I get from the knowledgeable left is “read the curriculim” Well, that is not out yet—only an outline!! She wants control of the young children, just like in the U.S. and Europe. IT IS THE SAME one. Acceptance of perversion.
commented 2015-05-12 13:41:02 -0400
We are going to charter schools – teacher unions have ALL parties held hostage well beyond what is affordable – extortion legislation allows this to occur.
Don’t think so? Ask which part of Ontario’s $0.3TRILLION debt can handle higher extortion rates?
commented 2015-05-12 11:47:08 -0400
Indoctrinated corporate slogan "Wynne Wynne comes to mind, degenerates abound!