May 22, 2018

Katie Hopkins in Detroit: Can outsider Patrick Colbeck turn Michigan around?

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow

This week, I've been in Detroit, investigating the urban decay that blights this once-thriving industrial city. I sat down with a political outsider named Patrick Colbeck. He's running for governor of Michigan. What makes him think he can possibly bring the "Motor City" back to its former glory?

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commented 2018-05-23 09:24:12 -0400
RON JOSEPH referred to countries who are overrun by Muslims as infected countries. This is a great description of Canada except our infection is not just a mild itch, we have a plague and it will prove to be fatal if nothing is done. I also agree with your statement that Trudeau has to go. In the few short months of his reign he has done nothing but drag Canada down to the status of a third world dictatorship, soon to be a land of inbred retarded savages.
commented 2018-05-23 01:19:43 -0400
AHHH DETROIT , another wonderful left wing success project.
commented 2018-05-23 00:06:14 -0400
We need Candidates that aren’t afraid to name Islam as the Danger is surely is. ’Better to settle the matter in Congress than on the Streets.
commented 2018-05-22 23:00:00 -0400
Patrick Colbeck is a rare creature in politics. I wish him success in his bid to run for Governor. Michigan is already in so deep that it is irretrievably changed. I will be interested in what steps he could take there to make a difference. He sounds like a decent man.
I wish we had a leader who would stand against radical Islam and the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our municipal, provincial and federal governments here in Canada, where ‘soft’ population jihad is well under way.
commented 2018-05-22 22:30:12 -0400
FYI Rebels,
The new pseudonym for resident troll is Jack Foley.
commented 2018-05-22 20:59:37 -0400
Ron Joseph, thanks for posting the stats.

Your’e right, it all depends on our leader….Trudeau has got to go!
commented 2018-05-22 20:29:14 -0400
We always hear of Islam and the left winning most of the battles for what is left of our Democracys. However it is a different story in Austria, the fourth largest GNP in the EU.
Thirty-one year old Sebastian Kurz took over in Jan. of this year, passing a law, NO MORE FACE-COVERS IN AUSTRIA in public. Like most of Europe and the UK, Austria looked like the Middle East. Here is the result:
Jan. 2018 330 fines
Feb.———— 130 fines
Mar.———- 6 fines
See what a Leader that doesn’t back down can do!

Cleaning up Austria by restricting face covers and praying on the streets may not seem like much, but Millions of tourists and travelers from other infected Countries like their neighbor Germany will notice this cleanliness and once the word spreads, they will force it to happen.
It all depends on our Leader, we have to get rid of Trudeau.
commented 2018-05-22 19:37:02 -0400
I hope this truth teller wins the office of Governor. Some areas of Michigan have turned into large enclaves of Islamic conquests who openly practice Sharia law.
commented 2018-05-22 15:11:10 -0400
Finally, a politician who understands the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood through organizations like CAIR.
Understanding The Threat is an organization in the US that understands the threat and tries to educate people about the threat of civilizational jihad.
In this program they explain, “Hamas Doing Business in the U.S. as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)”:
commented 2018-05-22 15:08:27 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,340 Attacks, 229,088 Killed, 309,215 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-05-22 14:26:01 -0400
Can outsider Patrick Colbeck turn Michigan around? Yes. If the people of Michigan listen to him speak hands down the next Governor of Motor City.