January 31, 2018

Katie Hopkins in South Africa: “Shots ring out”

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow

There's no such thing as true peace for South African farmers.

Forever on guard, these families are not allowed to simply farm the land. Sadly, they must also engage in military-style defense training to protect their crops, and their very lives.

At any moment, scenarios like the one captured in this defense drill could become reality.

PS: The mainstream media won't tell you these stories. Please help me continue this important investigation and work in South Africa, which will result in a full-length documentary.

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commented 2018-02-01 11:39:04 -0500
Almost 20 years ago a friend went to SA to work on a project for a few weeks.
One day he stopped out in the Townships to go to a Cash Machine . . . parked his car and walked across the street. Did his business and as he was about to walk to the car, local law enforcement pulled up. Asked him what the h*ll he was doing . . . and told him he would have never made it back to his car.
That was almost 20 years ago now . . . TODAY things are much worse . . . but thanks to the CBC and their Echo Chamber media we never hear about any of it !
This century is going to see the demise of many Western Democracies . . . will Canada be one?
commented 2018-02-01 06:25:12 -0500
Good thing it was a drill. I hope they review their performance so they eliminate what mistakes they may have made. It didn’t look as if anyone was wearing a vest, I did email and recommend Level 3a bullet and stab resistant vests. I don’t care how hot it is they can prevent you from being dead and turning permanently cold. Wear a combat vest that is a Plate Carrier with soft and rigid armor for maximum protection, you might find those cooler. Why is no one carrying any rifles, those probably 9 millimeter auto loaders at the lengthy range they seemed to be firing for are too limited in that environment. If the enemy has anything like AKs and firing 7.62 you would be at a terrible disadvantage. Also, firing at, what could be targets obscured by forest growth and doing it in an open position with nothing offering cover, could be costly. Don’t wander too far from the vehicle, in an open space, it’s probably the only thing that there is you can utilize for cover. Preferably, have more than one vehicle, don’t stay in one place too long and always try to be in an elevated position. Being onsite to assess the situation accurately is always better but this is my long range assessment. To be sure, had that been a real attack, my guess is you would have suffered casualties. Hope there wasn’t anyone in the bush out for a stroll. Stay safe.
commented 2018-02-01 01:43:23 -0500
It’s always good to practice a safety drill or when it is real you will be confused and possibly be injured or worse! Good job Katie!
commented 2018-01-31 23:59:13 -0500
It appeared as if the intensity of a very possible attack was felt by those involved even though all knew there was no real danger. It does not hurt us to get a taste, a very minute taste, of the horror that could face South African farmers on any day of their lives. You are a brave woman Katie Hopkins.
commented 2018-01-31 23:39:15 -0500
Uncalled for Katie. Still a fan. Just pissed off.
commented 2018-01-31 19:26:12 -0500
Joe Laurence, you summed it for me. Well said!
commented 2018-01-31 18:30:44 -0500
Well I feel a little duped. I was almost in tears, and I’m a man. The intensity and depths they were going to to protect you and the ferocity of it all was almost overwhelming. I was genuinely scared for you and for your armed protection, seriously. Then, then it all came crashing down and a comment popped up. “this was only a drill…” DUPED
1. a person who is easily deceived or fooled; gull.
2. a person who unquestioningly or unwittingly serves a cause or another person:

Please don’t do that again
Love, Joe
commented 2018-01-31 17:58:41 -0500
I would have thought that taking cover while returning fire would be imperative. But I’m not an expert. They just seemed very exposed for a long while.
commented 2018-01-31 17:12:14 -0500
That was creepy.
commented 2018-01-31 16:12:14 -0500
OK Coral Katie, That was a little bit on the naughty side. Letting us all think You were being shot at. In situations like that You are supposed to ‘go down’! The last was just referring to your excellent speech in the US of A.