April 27, 2018

Katie Hopkins: “The Rest of the UK cannot wait to welcome Trump to our country”

Rebel Staff

Finally! The UK has a date with The Donald!

President Donald Trump will be visiting the UK on Friday, 13 July.

Unlucky for some. Particularly if you are the knee-high Muslim Mayor of London, currently presiding over a capital whose crime record is worse than Ted Bundy’s.

Despite being promised a full state visit with blaring bugles and red carpets, Trump has been downgraded and is now being offered a "working visit." This is the wedding-guest equivalent of being bumped out of the church onto the evening-only guest list.

It is a real pity. Britain is great at pomp, and avid Trump supporters like my good self were thoroughly excited by the thought of Trump being trotted through London in a gilded carriage by some fine-looking beasts, waving to the crowds with the wind in his spectacular hair.

Knowing how this big, brash American would have squealed like a child at the thrill of taking tea with the Queen would have cheered me too. He deserves it after the cr*p the media has put him through.

Trump has real respect for the monarchy and would not have been shy about showing it. Which would have been a great thing for Britain. And a great thing for our two countries.

But despite the downgrade, he is coming...

(READ THE REST of Katie's column about Trump's upcoming visit to the UK, at HopkinsWorld.com)

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