May 27, 2017

Kellie Leitch at #CPCldr: “No religion in this country gets a special privilege”

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At the Conservative Party of Canada leadership convention, I asked Dr. Kellie Leitch about her fact-finding trip to Emerson, Manitoba to talk to residents about the illegal "refugee" crisis.

She also had strong words for mayors of so-called "sanctuary cities," and announced that she'd be at the June 3 rally in Ottawa against motion M-103.

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commented 2017-05-31 00:24:46 -0400
Jackie Carter
Trump’s doing a great job as long as he’s getting arise out of Left Wingnuts like you.

You think Trump is a shit show, well at least he’s higher up the scale than you, you’re just a SIMPLE
commented 2017-05-28 19:24:51 -0400
Rob Greeley,

President Trump is a shit show and he is fucking the people who voted for him with his healthcare plan and budget. He will be out in 2018 – mark my words, Pence will take over and Democrats will win in 2020.

You are kidding yourself if you think he is doing a good job.
commented 2017-05-28 17:06:43 -0400
At Jack Carter..If Canadian’s hate President Trump..then those Canadian’s hate Liberty..Freedom of Speech and they hate Human Right’s for all walks of Law abiding Human Beings..Mr. President Trump is starting the big CORRECTION
commented 2017-05-28 15:17:04 -0400
Jack Carter, as I have already posted, I voted Erin O’Toole first, Andrew Scheer second. I ranked up to 6th place, Brad Trost & Maxime Bernier were included on my ballot. I excluded Kellie Leitch as I don’t believe she could defeat Trudeau. I do think she has ideas with merit, and she is an asset.

I considered other threads too, not just the ones focused on candidates. There were quite a number of other threads where Rebels discussed their choices and why. This is the reason why I disagreed with your statement.

I look forward to Andrew Scheer’s leadership, and I predict there will be a number of Liberals who will jump ship and vote Conservative in the next election. Time will tell if this prediction is accurate.

The tone of your last post is the only reason why I am responding, you communicated your position respectfully, and, asked your question without name calling or using condescension. I appreciate it.
commented 2017-05-28 15:01:18 -0400
Jackie Carter a.k.a. Annie Stevenson..
Obviously the majority of the people voted for Andrew Scheer however Brad Trost holds more conservative values and all of them put together but Andrew is still a better choice than Kelly, Erin O’Toole or the Chong fellow that supports the carbon tax.. Andrew is a Saskatchewan boy that I believe will become more confident overtime and remove the despot Justin Trudeau from his position and silence the confused minority to live out their pathetic lives in exile while mainstream Canada moves forward once again.! in the immortal words of Spock… “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.
And you along with the rest are the few and your needs along with the direction that you would push this country will evaporate overtime and a good start is no more funding for the weirdos and Froot Loops and the rest of the ultra minorities will be put down as well as their attempts to sabotage and ruin this country in their attempt to re-create Sodom and Gomorrah.!!
commented 2017-05-28 14:18:55 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Because it was the vast majority. All you need to do is look at the threads that focused on the candidates and you can clearly see that Brad Trost is who people wanted here with Leitch being second.

Are you saying that you didn’t vote for either candidate?

I am only saying that Liberals have no problem with Scheer. He is not viewed as a threat and his record has shown that he’s not that conservative. He may be personally, but not politically. He choose the battles he feels he can win and so he stays away from anything controversial.
commented 2017-05-28 13:36:42 -0400
Jack Carter, clearly, it’s you that is delusional. I never said anything about Scheer being the choice for Rebel. You made a broad statement and used the “vast majority” argument and I disagreed with your portrayal. Simple.

“Liberals are happy as hell”, so that’s where you live!

I look forward to hearing more from Andrew Scheer.
Andrew Scheer Slams Trudeau So Hard His Father Feels It
commented 2017-05-28 13:12:36 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Well clearly you can’t comprehend what you read. You are delusional is you think Scheer was the choice here on The Rebel. It was Trost for the most part, followed by Leitch.

Liberals are happy as hell that Scheer won. It was actually a win for us. Not conservatives and certainly not Rebel fans.
commented 2017-05-28 13:10:28 -0400
It really is amazing that Leitch thought she could win. What she didn’t get and what many people here CLEARY don’t understand is this: Canada is not America. Canadians hate Trump and that kind of mentality.
commented 2017-05-28 10:06:12 -0400
Jack Carter, I have read the comments too, and didn’t conclude the “vast majority wanted Trost or Leitch”
As for beating Trudeau, time will tell.
Trudeau is giving his opponents a lot to work with, he will be his own worst enemy. His status among other world leaders is pretty insignificant. Add this to his long list of blunders; lies; horrible economic decisions; ignoring border crisis etc…, many of Trudeau’s supporters are coming out of their stupor and may be fully awake come the next election!
commented 2017-05-28 05:46:57 -0400
Well Kellie, I guess talking down to people didn’t work did it?
commented 2017-05-28 02:55:32 -0400
This is what ‘integrated’ Muslims look like.
This will be Canada if we don’t get Trudeau out of Canadian politics altogether.
commented 2017-05-27 22:30:43 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

I have read the comments from the Rebel lovers – the vast majority wanted Trost or Leitch – true conservatives. Not Scheer, since he won’t fight on any issues that are deemed controversial. So you pro-lifers can forget about any change happening there. But this is all moot anyway, he won’t beat Trudeau.
commented 2017-05-27 22:09:46 -0400
I do agree that since this is a Judeo Christian country, Christianity should indeed have priority over those religions of immigrants who come into the country. I have always felt that way. I do not include Islam as a compatible religion. Islam is a political system which has no place here. Islam is not compatible with our civil, peaceful, free existence.
I know there is not a politician on either side who would stand up for the exclusion of Islam (at least not yet). However, if sanity and reason ever prevailed ….. oh well I can dream, hope and pray anyway.

Ex Muslims, welcome, Islam not so much.
commented 2017-05-27 21:58:15 -0400
Liza Rosie, well said!
commented 2017-05-27 21:54:38 -0400
Scheer has good family and Canadian values. I know Trost , Lemieux, and Leitch will be huge assets to the party and work for us from within. I will totally support Scheer, but conservative Canadians need to help keep him on track. I didn’t vote for Scheer as my first pick, but out of all of them, I believe he is absolutely the one who will indeed beat the crap out of Juststupid. He will also have his way with him until the election. I look forward to watching question period with Scheer to rip him to shreds. As long as Scheer shows his mischievous sense of humour we are home free against that dead stone cold zombie fish Troutdoo. Canadians will love him. Justin Trudeau going down.
commented 2017-05-27 21:54:26 -0400
Kelly Leach is a Canadian federal saboteur when she said that “no religion should have special privileges”… This is a Judeo Christian country founded on Christian believes in a Christian society.. If that doesn’t work for her then she can go back to her medical studies and only pray for a godless society where she could be the dik-tator.!!
These people think they’re tricky with the little play on words and how all words and phrases have two meetings (satanic)… Beware of this kind a politician as they would present you with a slow-motion liberal train wreck with more homosexuals demanding more homosexual rights and more parade money etc. etc. etc. as that is one of the fringe groups she wholeheartedly supports.!!
commented 2017-05-27 21:53:14 -0400
At Jack Carter…We’re playing you this time around..We gotta a real Person in the President’s Office of the United States.
commented 2017-05-27 21:43:02 -0400
Jack Carter and Andrew Stephenson why do you criticize us when you both support the left that is bringing in fanatics that will prevent abortion and same sex marriage? Or will you blame us for that as well?
commented 2017-05-27 21:41:08 -0400
Jack Carter many do not care about gays being together , just call it something else. Why does the definition of marriage have to change? Isn’t this appropriation that the left hates so much? And i will be laughing at the gender biased justice system when they cannot punish one over the other as they are the same gender. They will have to be objective when it comes to same sex marriage.
commented 2017-05-27 21:38:39 -0400
Jack Carter you mean like Trump can’t win against Hillary? LMAO! The only reason Justin got in was because of outside influence and a dishonest media.
commented 2017-05-27 21:36:51 -0400
Andrew when is this happening? Nothing is being forced on you by Christians ,but of course things are forced on them and the rest of us.
commented 2017-05-27 21:32:05 -0400
Jack Carter, or should I say Terry Rudden, shows how little you know about Rebels.
commented 2017-05-27 20:54:57 -0400
You mean Rebel member favorites Kellie Leitch and Brad Trost lost? How is that possible??? How can Scheer have won conservatives over when he has acknowledged that gay marriage and abortion have been settled.

Scheer cannot beat Trudeau.

commented 2017-05-27 20:34:33 -0400
Andrew Scheer is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Leitch didn’t even place.
commented 2017-05-27 19:40:46 -0400
Leviticus 2013- I agree!
commented 2017-05-27 19:32:05 -0400
I’m not pissed off Annie but you’re still a Fruitloop.
commented 2017-05-27 18:49:13 -0400
I sure hope we end up with a strong conservative who can take Justin to task and keep his gestapo of mutaweens in check until we can send them all packing the next election. We need some push back immediately, like next week. No time to ‘settle’ in. We need a rottweiler to chase these crazy people in power back behind the line they have crossed. We need someone who will fight for us and fight for Canada.

Give an apologist hell today!