December 11, 2018

Kevin Hart the latest victim of what other comedians call “Hollywood gay mafia”

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Comedian Kevin Hart is the latest victim of the left attacking their own people, after he was forced to step down from hosting the Oscars after a series of old Tweets surfaced.

In one, he says:

“Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay.”

No matter how many times he apologises, he’ll never be forgiven for cracking a bad joke, and the reaction has been quite extreme. The left is telling us why we shouldn’t feel sorry for him, and why he should be cast out.

I think Jim Goad put it well when he said that the "Gay Mafia in Hollywood" can ruin your career, and that being gay trumps being black today in the eyes of the Left.

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commented 2018-12-16 10:13:32 -0500
MM’s best reporting to date! Three points:
1) The terms “right” and “left” are often used in a muddled, a-historical way. Historically, Europe’s Far Right (fascist) movement was profoundly homosexualist; while the extreme Left considered homosexuality to be a vile form of decadence. The book – The Pink Swastika – is a good starting point.
2) A “gay mafia” operates within Canada’s Conservative scene and they are about to install one of their capos – Jason Kenney – as Premier of Alberta. (See video below)
3) By far the largest and oldest “gay mafia” (Lavender Mafia) operates out of the Vatican. Their existence explains the never ending carnage of child-sex abuse conducted by the priesthood. The L.A. Times estimates half of California’s priests are gay.
(Jason Kenney Alberta’s First Gay Premier)
commented 2018-12-15 17:00:39 -0500
I have never even heard of Kevin Hart until now. I don’t even know what he is known for!But I take my hat off to him! He is right, you can apologize all you like today but no apology will ever be good enough!, for the LGBQ community nor will they ever be accepted! You have to respect him, as I am sure that stepping away from the Oscars also required him to step away from a big pay day too!
commented 2018-12-14 12:33:19 -0500
most of the time it is still possible to detect in childhood when your child is gay or not, most of the time parents know long before the child itself becomes aware of their sexuality, history shows that it is an unstoppable force most parents can try repress but few will succeed.

Most of the time, if you find your son playing with dolls, the likelihood of him being homosexual is enormous, jokes like this were a cruel reality in the lives of many homosexuals repressed by their parents to live by the rules, denying their sexual nature, their natural instinct and their inclinations, creating true psychological traumas, is a joke that was the reality of many of them.
commented 2018-12-11 22:22:15 -0500
How sad he caved in. We must resist the Gaystapo with all our might. They’re bullies and the only thing these folks understand is superior force.
commented 2018-12-11 18:31:37 -0500
It’s 2 to 3 percent of a population, according to the CDC in Atlanta.
They choose to be homosexual, according to the latest Johns Hopkins info.
It’s a mental disorder, just like gender dysphoria, pedophilia, beastiality and necophilia which are all listed in the APA’s DSM.
Why is it ‘given’ this much voice, let alone any voice to do so much damage to people?
It’s called the homosexual mafia for a reason…
It’s time to push this Western social engineering embarrassment, of the forced normalization of homosexuality experiment, back into the closet…or at the least get it out of our children’s schools!
The above list of simple facts and opinion are deemed hate speech by Facebook – thus my third, thirty-day suspension…in four months!
Facts as hate speech…how Orwellian.
commented 2018-12-11 17:24:19 -0500
Actually it5 was a good joke, i take it back in Kevins case.
commented 2018-12-11 17:23:21 -0500
LOVE IT! The industry is attacking itself. No sympathy here , nor do i care for the victims.
commented 2018-12-11 17:11:30 -0500
Muslim trumps lesbians and transexuals which trumps gay men which trumps black which trumps Hispanic which trumps Oriental which trumps white which trumps Jew. Ergo, we have to know our place. Yea. Right,

Interesting how lesbians, gays and the alphabet LGBQRSTZ can make heterosexual jokes and, well, that is just peachy-keen.
commented 2018-12-11 16:15:33 -0500
Well nature hates a vacuum so when the gays came out of the closet , the entire non gay population were forced into the void. Jeez I wish there was more room in this closet and air conditioning would help.
commented 2018-12-11 14:44:19 -0500
Aside from the fact that he’s a comedian and telling shock jokes like that for a reaction, what’s wrong with NOT wanting your child to be gay again? Just because “those people” are messed up, I certainly don’t want my children to be! So shut up you intolerant freaks.