January 29, 2016

Kevin O'Leary could be the next Conservative Party leader. Unless THIS happens.

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

So here's the Conservative Party of Canada leadership contest in a nutshell: If Kevin O'Leary gets into the race, he's going to ride a wave of discontent and win. End of story. Unless...

Unless one of the other leadership campaigns offers something more compelling. An idea that inspires voters to vote for them.

That's not happening right now because the fraternity of PR professionals running these bids are convinced that if they offer Canadians anything other than Keeping Taxes Low, there will be a backlash that they're just not up to dealing with.

Why is Kevin O'Leary going to win if nobody promotes an inspiring idea? Because Kevin O'Leary is going to fearlessly articulate the resignation and cynicism Canadians -- and Conservatives -- feel with their government and with political parties in general.

And why are they resigned and cynical? Because of the weaksauce leadership they've been offered. Because government has become so ideologically and intellectually bankrupt, and so tentative and fearful besides, that populism looks like an improvement.

With populism, at least something is said with conviction.

By weaksauce leadership, I mean the CPC brain trust considering it a victory for Justin Trudeau to agree to call his good pal Denis Coderre in Montreal so they can laugh it up about how they're sticking it to those resource-addicted Westerners. But he said yes to one of their requests! Oh, happy day! 

I want to make it clear that Kevin O'Leary's contribution, if it materializes, to this leadership race is needed and necessary. Party members are not going to tolerate a year and a half of everyone making nicey-nice with each other. I don't want to write him off as Trump North or an empty suit with no ideas and no conservative bona fides.

He is none of those things.

But the fact that the prospect of him jumping into the race has provoked empty threats about how populism has no place in Canada, articles in Maclean's talking about the finer distinctions of classical liberalism, and catalogues of O'Leary's business failures from the left (as if they don't have bigger problems they should be worried about) instead of ideas shows that everyone else is either too afraid or too one-dimensional to offer any.

And the largest hypocrisy of all is that they spend their time railing against rackets like the unions and the arts community, where who moves up and who moves down the ladder is totally controlled by those at the top, while failing to acknowledge and name the fact that conservative politics has become just as bad.

If everyone would stop worrying about protecting their spot and create a leadership race where ideas could be debated freely and openly without fear of censure, there would be no need for Trump, no need for O’Leary, and no need for populism.

We wouldn’t have to have these boring debates and carefully scripted events where every word has been coached and rehearsed to avoid, Lord forbid, a mistake or something interesting happening.

But I understand that people’s reputations are on the line here, and nobody wants to be the first person who smashes through the wall, lest they end up a little bloodied, or completely unemployable for the rest of their lives.

So let me do these other campaigns the kindness of taking on whatever kind of risk they think exists in talking about big, bold conservative ideas.

From now until the leadership, I'm going to offer those ideas here on my little blog and pray that at least one campaign sees that and realizes that the world won't end if they dip a toe into the water.



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commented 2016-02-01 05:15:13 -0500
Joshua… All good points but O’Leary is definitely not “the answer”… Conservative Canadians need the equivalent of some of the top tier Republican candidates now running for the White House… Candidates with real fire-in-the-belly who can articulate it… From Ontario conservatives not being able to knock Winnie The Poo off her throne, to Alberta conservatives electing a self-serving wimp like Prentice, conservative ranks across Canada are too laden with “good old boys”, and “girls”!, who couldn’t inspire a troop of Boy Scouts to wade across a cold creek… There needs to be a lot of lard-ass kicking in the coming months and cliche-ridden speakers held to task… Somewhere in Conservative ranks there is such a person, or Canada is indeed in for years of decline, as the United States has undergone under Barak Hussein Obama… Yet another Bay Street shucker and jiver like O’Leary is not it…
commented 2016-01-31 16:03:44 -0500
Always liked JJ. Straight talk in a slightly amusing format!
commented 2016-01-31 13:49:14 -0500
Under this Liberal government we will see asylum seekers committing horrid crimes mostly agains women in Toronto … It’s going to be a great show … cannot wait.
commented 2016-01-31 11:30:33 -0500
Canada UN playground! Degenerates all! Ain’t a lick of difference amongst any of the parties partying up on the publics dime. Governance must be reduced at every level, defund the commie agenda 21/30 now.
commented 2016-01-31 00:02:35 -0500

Do you just want a circle jerk here or can you find value in debate with people, who have opposing views?
commented 2016-01-30 19:23:01 -0500
Social conservatism is a red herring. The left runs this out every time religion,gay rights, abortion whatever they can to hide the real issue. Government does not belong in your house or your business , your bedroom. The left push this agenda of the government should do something. Really if taxes were equitable to all people why would it matter who lived with who. Marriage and family become a choice of the person and their family not the government. Why do we still have indian reserves i am not racist enough to think that they cannot look after their own communities. We need to keep the message pure less governmnet less taxes and more power to the local levels like municipalities
commented 2016-01-30 16:30:20 -0500
Isn’t it great that we have people like Michael Mann who will never vote conservative but care SO much about how conservative a potential leadership candidate is?
commented 2016-01-30 09:02:41 -0500
This would be a good addition, Liberals would not like oleary because he is pro business and anti BS a thing liberals excel at. Probably why they have started to attack him and he isn’t even in the race, He would tear captain selfie apart on any thing economy related. And he probably doesn’t need anyone telling him what to think or how to act, this scares liberals. His point on paris talks 380 people flown there, billions given away AND NOT ONE JOB CREATED IN CANADA. He nailed it.
commented 2016-01-30 08:56:22 -0500
hey mikey does your iman know your commenting on here
commented 2016-01-29 22:14:25 -0500

You do obviously.
commented 2016-01-29 21:47:25 -0500
Michael Mann. Who gives a shit what you think.
commented 2016-01-29 21:38:04 -0500
I don’t think conservatives realize that while he may be fiscally conservative, O’Leary is socially liberal. And for those extreme conservatives, O’Leary would just be a liberal pretending to be conservative.