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Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr is now free on bail and the fawning Canadian media keeps asking him "boy band" questions -- and his answers aren't reassuring. We promise you, you will simply not hear the facts about Khadr — and his lawyer, and the media — anywhere else:

The release of "Muslim Nazi" Omar Khadr on bail is illegal -- and needs to be federal election issue: 

On April 24, 2015, confessed Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr was granted bail.

The Canadian left and the media are cheering the release of their "child soldier" -- while covering up the facts about Khadr's crime, and his refusal to take responsibility for it or renounce Al Qaeda.

Parliament Hill reaction to Omar Khadr's release? Let's talk about Mike Duffy! Can you believe that there was just one question about Khadr's release during Question Period. The opposition wanted to talk about Mike Duffy instead:

Marissa Semkiw of and Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun try to figure out why Canada's "progressives" are so enamoured of this terrorist and killer: 

Ezra Levant has written the definitive book about this case, called The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr.

He'll tell you what the media and leftwing activists don't want you to know about the convicted terrorist who is now freely walking Canadian streets.

First, some facts about Omar Khadr that his mainstream media cheerleaders refuse to tell you:

In the first place, Khadr wasn't a "child soldier."

He's also extremely racist and sexist.

Find out what he did to a black prison guard, for example:

Read Omar Khadr's signed confessions and admissions of guilt HERE and HERE.

In this 25-minute video, which was part of the evidence presented at Khadr's trial, he is clearly seen constructing IEDs intended to maim and kill American and Canadian armed forces personnel.

In this Department of Defense document, U.S. Army Major General Geoffrey D. Miller reports that Khadr "has never expressed any genuine remorse" and "remains committed to extremist Islamic values."

Here's why Omar Khadr is still a danger to society:

Ezra Levant says that Khadr will now become a leftwing, anti-war, anti-Canadian celebrity.

He's sure to put out a (ghostwritten) memoir, and be asked to contribute to newspapers, like he already has with the Ottawa Citizen.

But according to some experts, Omar Khadr exhibits the three key traits of a jihadist who is at risk to re-offend.

Ezra explains these three criteria:

Read forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner's testimony about Khadr's "poor prognosis" HERE, and Dr. Welner's 73 reasons why Khadr is dangerous HERE.

So what's next for Omar Khadr?

Ezra Levant thinks he knows:

Khadr will become a propaganda puppet for his lawyer, Dennis Edley:

Canada's newspaper of record, The Globe & Mail, calls Khadr a "victim" but gets so much wrong in its editorial, the paper should be embarrassed:

UPDATE: On May 7, 2015, an Alberta court rejected the federal government's attempt to block Omar Khadr's appeal, and he was released.

Ezra Levant explains that Khadr's release is actually illegal, because it violates the terms of his plea agreement.

He calls on Canadian citizens to make Khadr's illegal release on bail an issue in the upcoming Canadian election:



For the full story on Omar Khadr, read Ezra Levant's The Enemy Within, available for instant download in Kindle format or in hardcover.

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