July 18, 2018

Khalid campaigns to shut down “Islamophobia” in parody Twitter accounts

David MenziesMission Specialist

If you’ve seen any of the Iqra Khalid parody Twitter accounts, then you’ll understand why the Liberal MP really wishes everyone would tune out.

Her feelings are being hurt, and what others see as humorous, she sees as tantamount to hate speech.

Then again, isn’t everything hate speech to Khalid?

But according to a CP story, Ms Khalid feels she should be exempt from parody Twitter accounts because she’s not a cabinet minister, and because other accounts criticize government policy while the Khalid accounts point out her Muslim heritage and accuses her of supporting Islamic State militants or Sharia law.

Methinks this scenario falls within the bailiwick of “live by the sword.” After all, Islamophobia, which hasn’t yet been defined, gets special mention in her M-103.

Khalid herself brings special mention to Islam in her anti-racism motion, but when others single out Islam for parody, well, sorry, that’s just not halal.

Double-standard much?

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commented 2018-07-18 22:45:12 -0400
Iqra Khalid just needs to come on the Rebel as a guest and speak her mind. On the other hand she can always troll the Rebel like Gerald Butts. (That’s the only way Gerry can get any factual news.) However maybe that would be too naziphobia for her.
What a bunch of spoiled spoon fed babies.
commented 2018-07-18 22:25:57 -0400
commented 2018-07-18 22:08:55 -0400
Sorry..Red Deer..is there any documentation verifying it went to Red Deer? How could there be! If there was no Business Plan to begin with..
commented 2018-07-18 22:04:06 -0400
Thanks Tammie..Holy freakin sh!t..$186 Billion spent without a plan(Business Plan) in the real world..And it was all spent in Halifax…hmmmmm….on twenty buses!!!…We have to get our House drained of the swamp that has seeped deeply into the elite politicians..No wonder why President Trump is causing the liberalist globalist wingnuts to go into a psychotic frenzy!..

commented 2018-07-18 21:57:20 -0400
Allan, don’t forget to post your twitter handle so we can read your comments!
commented 2018-07-18 21:46:06 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented seconds ago
I find Iqra, Monsef, and all of Justin’s foreign born implants rather insulting. They seem oblivious to their own offensive arrogance.

commented 2018-07-18 21:44:45 -0400
I find Iqra, Monsef, and all of Justin’s foreign born implants rather insulting. They seem oblivious to their own offensive arrogance.
commented 2018-07-18 21:38:02 -0400
Its laughable really. Just how stupid does Islam think we kafirs are? Pretty stupid by the looks of it. If I wanted to know what it was like to live under Islamic rule I would go to an Islamic country or the UK. Is this what the pioneers of multiculturalism really had in mind for Canada? I don’t want Islam taking over Canada. Does that make me an Islamophobe?

Don’t tell me they’re not. The demographic is already tipped, just by virtue of their birth rates. The country is seeded, now shortly it will be in full bloom. Islam is clear about what their duties are and what the next step is when the demographic can back the action, and the action is to subjugate the domestic population. Look at the UK. It is easy to see that Islam takes precedent. I wish to God, Canadians hadn’t been so stupid. Islam is nothing if not predictable. We should listen to what they tell us. They aren’t shy.
commented 2018-07-18 21:35:23 -0400
Liza Rosie…monsef still has a trudeau welfare job that we’re paying for also..last time I checked anyways..
What’s her Salary?? Is it at least $60,000.00? Wow…and she’s an “irregular” Border Crosser..nice gig! eh!…
commented 2018-07-18 21:29:07 -0400
Tammie P-Z..Yes it’s weird, terrible..and it’s down right corruption..Where is the accomplishments/Contracts listed? I did a brief search which should of showed something..But there was zilch..
commented 2018-07-18 21:24:18 -0400
Its on purpose. These globalist post truthers don’t define anything. Its so they can spin things anyway they want. Globalist spinner meet Islamic taqiyya. An alliance made in hell.
Someone should send Iqra some cheese for that whine. The more they whine, the more parody accounts pop up. It is a testament to the depth of disgust , normal Canadians feel about these liberal politicians and their hideous ideas.

Is Khalid still affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Or did she leave that behind when she left her position as President of the Muslim Student Association (Muslim Brotherhood recruiting pool) at York?
commented 2018-07-18 21:14:52 -0400
Robert, isn’t it weird the Minister of Infrastructure who didn’t get anything built is now in charge of the pipeline?!!!
commented 2018-07-18 20:34:02 -0400
Just by implementing a motion like 103 shows that she actually is an isis sympathizer.
commented 2018-07-18 19:47:16 -0400
After the Conservatives win a majority in 2019, I will be demanding that the Conservative leader (hopefully not Scheer), fully investigate Trudeau and his Cabinet and have them arrested, tried and convicted of treason as traitors against the Canadian people.
Khalid, the time for honouring yourself and the false, non-religious, ideological cult-of-war you represent, that never did belong in Canada, is coming to an end. The word is out. The people of the district of Mississauga North whom you falsely represent will make sure you are utterly defeated.
I do hope that Corrections Services in Canada supply her with a Bible while she is in prison so she can learn truth.
commented 2018-07-18 19:45:20 -0400
This is as good a reason to start a Twitter account as I can think of. Be right back…
commented 2018-07-18 19:24:24 -0400
Iqra khalid reminds me of Yossarian, the hero of Catch-22, who declared his opinion that the Germans hated him. Someone asked him why he thought so. “Because they shoot at me” replied Yossarian, “Every time I fly over to drop bombs on them, they shoot at me.”
commented 2018-07-18 19:02:17 -0400
I have wondered since the beginning why General Secretary Butts selected Iqra Khalid to be “the face of M103.” Maybe because he couldn’t find a job she could handle so he created one?

Still scratching my head…
commented 2018-07-18 19:01:25 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,684 Attacks, 231,199 Killed, 311,106 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-07-18 18:41:27 -0400
Funny she thinks she should be exempt from parody accounts… how’s that Ms. Khalid….supremacist thinking perhaps?!!!

Anyway, she sponsored the Petition 411 which led to M-103 – the language in this petition was very “irresponsible and created division”.

Additionally, this dour person needs to look around and see in today’s world people will mock everything. I understand Pakistan is more strict…maybe she should return to the land of her birth!