September 25, 2018

Ontario: Kids “do not consent” to sex-ed changes (but can’t say why)

David MenziesMission Specialist

The latest protest to hit Queen’s Park involved grade school kids voicing their concerns over the sex-ed curriculum.

But did they really understand what it was they were protesting?

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commented 2018-09-26 10:55:29 -0400
Alberta, their arguments are, that this instruction will safe guard children from sexual abuse somehow, and if they are molested, they will be able to use ‘correct’ language to describe the molestation. It is supposed to help children identify that they are indeed being molested —many contend that this only serves to sexualize and normalize adult to child inappropriate interactions and indeed sets children up for them. One would think that if children’s best interests were the very first consideration, that this conversation could at least be had before it was made a systemic part of the curriculum. In effect it became an envelope for all study in publicly funded schools. They try to force private, Catholic and Charter schools to comply also. I’m not sure how bad it is in those alternative schools.

The other thing is, the social engineering with the subjective ‘science’ that dictates a theory as fact, regarding gender fluidity. It is pushed, that since gender confusion exists in a minuscule portion of society, that all of society must be painted as gender fluid and even assisted before legal age to chemically and or surgically change their bodies, all on the say so of brainwashed children. Parents can even lose their children over it if they don’t agree, at least in Ontario (B- 89). Doug needs to fix that.

It is entirely a misguided and destructive agenda, a social experiment passed down from globalists, to government, to teachers unions, to school boards, to teachers and into our children’s classrooms. Not only do we pay for these programs, but our society will pay in spades as these angry children grow up. The law fare will be a sight to behold.
commented 2018-09-26 00:41:24 -0400
Patrick and Liza i wonder if these same parents would be shocked if their kids are ever molested?
commented 2018-09-25 22:24:20 -0400
I do not understand how parents can sit back and allow their kids to be exploited this way by the teachers union and their individual teachers. Kids this young should not be used this way.

“These kids don’t get to decide what sex ed program is taught or appropriate” .
Exactly Mark Chadwick!
commented 2018-09-25 20:27:18 -0400
Their parents should be ashamed of themselves for sending their children out to protest to keep a sex ed regiment developed for nutjob Wynne by a convicted peodophile that, I believe, is still in jail for peodophilia. Leftist virtue signallers, time be offended.
commented 2018-09-25 14:12:21 -0400
15 years of brain washing Liberalism . Many see thru Liberal bullshit once you are working and paying your own way . These kids don’t get to decide what sex ed program is taught or appropriate .