May 24, 2016

Killing Canada’s energy sector: Liberals give “face time” to U.S. environmental lobbyist

Brian LilleyArchive

Would it bother you if I told you that American environmental interests with a stake in shutting down Canadian industry had hired lobbyists in Ottawa? Would you wonder why they were trying to influence Canadian laws, regulations and public policy?

Now what if I told you that not only were these American interests hiring a lobbyist but that this lobbyist was getting face time with some of the most powerful people in the Trudeau government?

Watch my video to meet Aaron Freeman, a lawyer, progressive and part time university professor with impeccable green movement credentials that the American’s have hired.

It won’t surprise many of you to know that U.S. interests want to shut down Canada’s oil industry. We’ve been telling you about this for years even showing you power point presentations describing their plan of using Canadian green groups and first nations organizations to mount a public campaign against Canadian oil using American money.

Now that they have a friendly government in place, Environmental Defense doesn't need to use front groups. They get face time with all these people in government directly, all willing to give an American lobbyist time to push an anti-Canadian, anti-industry and anti-jobs agenda.

A Rockefeller funded group that wants Canadians out of work, an industry shut down and workers sitting idle or installing solar panels made over seas, getting the ear of the most powerful voices in the government.

Don't you think this is news? Don't you think the other media should be all over this?

But most importantly don't you think that the government message to this Washington hired lobbyist should be take a hike? Worry about what happens in DC?

This government pays lip service to the natural resources sector and getting our products to market but lend their ears and time to those that would shut those industries down.

That should worry all of us.

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commented 2016-05-25 15:28:16 -0400
Good posting Bill, I have followed the link already.
commented 2016-05-25 15:07:12 -0400
Bill Elder… Great post. I am often humbled by the high level of intelligence displayed by many who post on the Rebel.
commented 2016-05-25 14:49:21 -0400
rod ..i don’t think the average canadian is enamored with turdo,i believe the majority detest him and queen sofie and are sick of CBC stories about what time they have a bowl movement, he is not canadian ,he is not very smart to say the least and he is a disgrace as a pm and he is a disgrace for what he is letting happen to Alberta’s oil industry and pipelines
commented 2016-05-25 13:04:38 -0400
Excellent article Brian…if only the MSM would run articles like this perhaps the average Canadian would be so enamoured with the selfie government…
I find it extremely disturbing when someone is worried about loss of " sovereignty over the TPP but will turn it over to the UN and the activist environmental agenda in a heartbeat…
Here is proof of the government complicity with the environmental industry:
“Members of the media are invited to attend an event to celebrate a new era of climate action in Canada and a new alliance between Environmental Defence, Équiterre and the Pembina Institute. The April 14th reception will be co-hosted by the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and François-Philippe Champagne, Member of Parliament for Saint-Maurice–Champlain and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance.”
commented 2016-05-25 12:30:02 -0400
Brian, you have to understand the Liberals are the party of financially connected transnationalists and the Laurentian power elite- the funding for their change of regime interventionist schemes is centered in Toronto, Montreal, and wall street oligarchs. Trudeau phase II is a product of this transnational cartel, they bought him and they own his agendas. Don’t believe me, ask Ezra about how deep the Tides funding went to set in motion an “anyone but Harper” media-based regime change.

Trudeau is the continuation of a Laurentian elite war on the western provinces with their natural resources as the prize of conquest/subjugation – this war has existed since Laurier and Borden. PET/Lalonde tried to finish it by destroying western economic independence with the NEP, now PET phase 2 is trying the same thing with his anti western oil/anti-pipeline resource isolationist policies. Again, PET 2’s general, Butts, is distinctly anti-oil anti-west. This fits the need of the Liberal party’s transnational patrons who will profit when western oil is taken off line.

Trudeau was a natural to propel the anti-western oil agendas of the crony capitalist factions who put him in power – he has an inherited contempt for Alberta/Sask. – it’s a family thing dating back to the west rejecting his father’s attempt to force transnational resource controls on the west through bribes to surrender their constitutional jurisdiction over resources – in the 70s after a confrontational western Canada Development meeting the western premiers told PET to go pound sand and sent him packing back to his transnational buddies without control of western oil/paper/minerals. His response was the Salmon arm “salute” and the NEP – a plan to economically cripple the west and subjugate it to Ottawa welfare state control – PET’s loss of the election to the PCs saved the west from this fate and temporarily put the globalist plans for Alberta energy on hold.

Now, with the addition of Athabasca production added to Alberta’s energy resource wealth and economic independence is greater than ever, as is its ability to stave off Federal jurisdictional attacks. So the idea of resource “ownership” has taken a new approach. The plotters of western Canada economic subjugation have given up fighting for petro resource ownership, they see that the markets for Alberta’s energy resources lie outside its borders and THAT IS fed jurisdiction – export is the life blood of high capacity oil production so the feds and their transnational patrons want to collapse the resource by isolating the production, by banning export through pipeline to sea ports – they use the cover of green/climate/aboriginal concerns but the core impetus is to take this oil off line so their transnational patrons can make a killing in Saudi oil or in rail-based energy transport or alternative costly energy sources.

Alberta’s current legislature is on side with the transnationalist oligarchy and is assisting in the economic collapse for future federal/UN patronage sinecures when they are tossed from office by angry out of work locals.

The best account of the war on the west I have read is; “Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark: The West Versus the Rest Since Confederation” by Mary Janigan
commented 2016-05-25 11:02:15 -0400
And wouldn’t the main stream medai’s unwillingness to cover this story make them party to that treason?
commented 2016-05-25 11:01:30 -0400
Wouldn’t selling out Canadian industry and jobs to a foreign government by our government (or any Canadian for that matter) be treason? Just asking.
commented 2016-05-25 10:50:07 -0400
What are the liberals first concern, tough question let’s see, what do the actions say? Support and protect Canadians, don’t think it’s that one, bring national unity, still don’t think so, bring the people into the discussion, now that’s really wrong people just get in the way of good government. Bankrupt, sell us out, make us slaves in our own country, whoops it’s not our country anymore, make themselves our masters, yeah, that’s it.
commented 2016-05-25 02:01:42 -0400
This is so bloody disgusting & McKenna is a traitor for associating & talking with these American jackasses who have no right whatsoever to interfere in Canada’s business. If Trudeau & his minions had any guts they would tell them to hightail it (I’m being polite), but no, instead they relish the meetings & forget about CBC & CTV reporting any of this, they’re all in the same bed together. Thank God for The Rebel.
commented 2016-05-24 22:03:32 -0400
Stay on them BRIAN
I’m sure you will have tons of material for a few more books before this rein of terror is over
commented 2016-05-24 21:33:14 -0400
Nobody voted for this. We knew it would be bad but even those retards who voted for him weren’t expecting some of this crap. Aren’t there any laws to keep this kind of foreign interference at bay? The Liberals under Justin are committing treason. I never would have thought half of the stuff he is pulling could ever happen in Canada. I am afraid of what is going to happen next.
commented 2016-05-24 21:33:03 -0400
If we had Government in Canada we would be protected. All we have is Prime Idiot Trudeau and his gang of clowns, who are on the side of the enemy.

commented 2016-05-24 20:20:54 -0400
Robert – you are right and it needs to start at the top! Wouldn’t take very many top Climatards to cause the talking mouths to shut the hell up and go hide under rocks!
commented 2016-05-24 19:57:32 -0400
The only way out of the mess we’re in is with an armed uprising. The ballot box got into the mess, and the cartridge will get us out.