May 19, 2016

Kinder Morgan protestors’ “Day of Action”: Professional disruptors attempt to shut down Rebel reporter

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

This past Saturday was a “day of action” for those opposed to the Kinder Morgan expansion project. We’re all familiar with what these protests look like, but this one was a bit different. 

In an effort to “up” their impact and effectiveness, this was the most organized, detailed and possibly the most expensive, demonstration yet. But that showy stuff is just surface level and didn’t make the protestors any smarter which is why organizers worked so hard to stop us from putting a microphone in front of them.

Watch as I try to interview some of the low information protesters who were being warned not to speak to me rather than actually try to engage in an intellectual, fact-based exchange.

When the facts aren’t on your side, name-calling and physical force is all that’s left.

But it wasn't all anti-everything all the time at this protest. While I was covering things on the land I was informed of a small counter protest on the water in the form or a freedom navy. As you’ll see, Oil Sands Action were out on the water with some signs of support for our industry. Tune in next time for my chat with one of these young men.

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commented 2016-05-21 04:09:31 -0400
I’m waiting for a counter group to follow them home and picket their lives.
commented 2016-05-20 20:29:14 -0400
Great work Christopher!

Violently attack them with facts, data, statistics, logic, references and citations.

The bigoted and indoctrinated hate that, but it’s good medicine.

commented 2016-05-20 15:58:37 -0400
Good piece.
What I really liked about it was how you got across how frightened and desperate the ‘organizers’ of this ‘protest’ were, by the presence of NON-Media Party reporters from THEREBEL!
That and the way they are SO terrified of the evil monster; E Z R A L E V A N T !!!
And SNN (RIP Friday, February 13, 2015), is still scarin’ the shyte out of these loony-toons. LOL
Keep peckin’ away them Christopher.
commented 2016-05-20 15:53:06 -0400
I do appreciate all the concern about security at protests. I have never felt intimidated or fearful that anything major will happen. If one of them wants to throw a punch he’s going to start a fight, one that would likely be broken up immediately and reflect ever so badly on them. I keep my eye on everything the true provocateurs are trying to do. In some of the coverage that was cut I saw Kelly digging into his bag, at that point I separated myself and my camera man from the crowd. Btw for those asking the guy in the red works for the Council of Canadians. Named Bob Ages.
commented 2016-05-20 14:41:35 -0400
I’ve suggested to Lauren that she have someone else filming her from a distance. Maybe more than one, to cover all angles. I still remember when the crowd swarmed Ezra, and put the squeeze on him. I think the Rebel needs to work on the security of their reporters. We don’t want anyone hurt by the thugs!
commented 2016-05-20 13:00:49 -0400
Please find out who the guy in the red shirt is.
commented 2016-05-20 01:49:07 -0400
Christopher, kudos to you for putting up with these twits. That know nothing anti oil guy was telling you to go while at the same time telling you he was in a public place, beautiful.
I wish you would have asked that lady carrying the keep the oil in the ground sign how she got to the event, for sure by car if she lived even a mile away. That’s how hypocrite they are & climate change is blamed for everything today, no matter what. They live, breathe & sleep climate change, morons.
You need to get a few friends to roam around incognito when you are at these stupid protest events.
commented 2016-05-20 01:20:29 -0400
I wonder why these clowns never protest in the really remote areas? I have built pipe in some harsh conditions that these pansies would die from in about half a second.
commented 2016-05-20 01:19:07 -0400
How do these idiots think there drugs get shipped around to them? And you need butane or mined minerals to light a joint or crack pipe. Oh yeah they can’t think, my bad.
commented 2016-05-20 00:50:09 -0400
You’re more patient than myself, Christopher—and I’m glad for it: we need to take the high road as much as we can in the face these tactics and never be baited. These are my favourite submissions by you; when you get in the mud with the ‘kayakivists’. Vancouver is not a conservative friendly city; kudos!
commented 2016-05-19 23:08:20 -0400
Keep exposing these sheeple. If they watched this they have to know how stupid they look. You definitely need some Rebel body guards.
commented 2016-05-19 22:39:00 -0400
I’ve said this before, and apparently it bears repeating. If there’s going to be an event in your community and you either know that a Rebel reporter is going to attend or you suspect it’s likely, please find some time to attend yourself. These guys need some protection, or at least someone to run interference. I predicted at urinegate that a Rebel reporter will be physically attacked in 2016, and I just saw something pretty close to that. Hell, if Trudeau can do it, Mr. Unemployed and Desperately Irrelevant sure can! Maybe someone could have been in that crowd without a Rebel t-shirt, and just strike up a conversation with a protester, and ask if they’ll consent to an on-camera interview, and warn them that the content nazi in the red shirt will try to stop it from happening. Get on their side first with a “let’s hear your argument” argument, convince them to tell the censor to lay off, and get interviews for the reporter. You’d be a volunteer assistant producer! I’m sure an extra person there would go a long way towards the day’s reporting going smoother, because I’m getting pretty sick of these “look at the stupid left wing censors block Rebel interviewers” stories.
commented 2016-05-19 20:37:48 -0400
Thanks Christopher. Keep exposing these low info hypocrites. Prove them stupid. If you don’t get energy from Canada, where do you expect it will come from?
commented 2016-05-19 19:41:08 -0400
The Left Coast Loon goes into heat this time of year. A microphone with a Rebel logo would be comparable to flapping a red cape in the face of the bull.
Let’s be careful out there in Lotusland.
commented 2016-05-19 18:21:44 -0400
I bet the chaperones were paid by foreigners.
commented 2016-05-19 17:54:43 -0400
Well done, Christopher. Our prime minister could take lessons in patience from you. The protestors seem to read/hear only one side of the story and seem to be oblivious to anything but their own echo chamber.
commented 2016-05-19 16:02:04 -0400
I have to give you credit Christopher, I would not have been so nice in that situation. That idiot that was accosting you needs a good shot or two from a cattle prod. It would teach him to keep his distance in a way he would remember for a long time.
commented 2016-05-19 15:43:40 -0400
At least they didn’t pour pee on you, like they did to Lauren!
commented 2016-05-19 15:42:49 -0400
I think you should wear something electric, and if they touch you they will get the shock of their lives. It’s too bad we couldn’t crank it up though, so it throws them back like a 12-guage shot gun would. I think the Rebel reporters need body guards!
commented 2016-05-19 15:40:41 -0400
They were all there
LGBT , red tides club , Sierra club , Suzuki whiteman hating club, Indian chiefs and family society, white PRIVELEDGE elites club
I didn’t see any Islam there , but they help by financing

Stay strong CHISTOPHOR——- those potheads buzzing you are cowards
commented 2016-05-19 15:13:06 -0400
I have always been under the impression that Canadians were well educated, obviously these people were educated in another Country, like, La La Land?
commented 2016-05-19 14:52:09 -0400
Christopher, I could not do you job. I would not take being manhandled. Kudos to you for our patience.
commented 2016-05-19 14:49:47 -0400
All those anti-oil protestors are very uninformed. They lack the basic facts.

Are they intentionally believing the lies about oil and gas or are they fooled into believing the lies?
commented 2016-05-19 14:20:00 -0400
Oops – “crazy” fools, I meant to say
commented 2016-05-19 14:18:22 -0400
Crazies fools those people are! Keep up the great work Christopher.