November 13, 2015

Kirsty Duncan, Trudeau's Minister of Science, is "a huckster" with fake Nobel Prize who pushed discredited MS cure

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So Justin Trudeau has appointed a new minister of Science. Her name is Kirsty Duncan. And according to the Media Party (and her Facebook page), she’s got a Nobel Prize!

Except.. that's not really true.

Know what else isn't true? That "cure" for MS she was pushing for years that's now been discredited.

But isn't she a "doctor"? Well, she has a Ph.D... in geography.

Still, she did research on the 1918 flu that took her all the way up to a graveyard in the Arctic. The prestigious London newspaper, the Independent, flew up there with her, spent days with her. Here's part of their report:

For five long days we had Kirsty Duncan talking endlessly about her hurts, hopes and fears at the graveyard, Kirsty Duncan wearing a short skirt/latex leggings/sexy suede and high heels at the graveyard, Kirsty Duncan in tears at the graveyard, Kirsty Duncan laying a wreath and demanding a minute's silence - at the graveyard. "What are we going to have next?" joked a cameraman. "Kirsty Duncan carrying the Olympic torch?”

Believe it or not, that story gets even more embarrassing.

The woman’s a huckster. An exaggerator.

And now she's Canada's new minister of science.

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commented 2015-11-13 17:09:51 -0500
She is a fraud, she has no real credentials!
Can Canadians’ do anything to prevent this fraud Dr. and Science Czar from representing Canada as a Science Minister?
She is going to cause us to lose money – she doesn’t know what she’s doing!
This is terrible is there anything that can be done to prevent this disaster?
commented 2015-11-13 17:01:47 -0500
She reminds me of David Suzuki without a dick. Period.
commented 2015-11-13 17:01:23 -0500
Yikes! If I wasn’t already seriously concerned about our future, I am now down right terrified.
commented 2015-11-13 17:00:24 -0500
You know government has gotten way too big when you have a ministry of science
commented 2015-11-13 16:59:17 -0500
Excellent research, Ezra!

Keep discrediting the Trudeau government with well researched facts.
commented 2015-11-13 16:58:52 -0500
Man Ezra you can be such a dick. I LIKE IT. Keep up the good work.
commented 2015-11-13 16:55:57 -0500
What do we expect when Mickey Mouse is leading the parade? What a joke!
commented 2015-11-13 16:46:08 -0500
That’s what you get when you pick your cabinet based on gender, not merit. Scary.
commented 2015-11-13 16:42:57 -0500
She reminds me of Justin’s wacky mom in her roll in the hey days.