August 23, 2016

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn LIED about sitting on floor of “overcrowded” train in publicity stunt

StaffRebel Columnist

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been caught lying about a video he made sitting on the floor on a train to appear as “one of the people”.

In his original August 11 video, Coybyn sat on the floor of an “overcrowded” train. He claimed that, “This is a problem that many passengers face every day on the trains, commuters and long distance travellers. Today this train is completely ram-packed. The staff on the train are absolutely brilliant, working really hard to help everybody. The reality is there’s not enough trains, we need more of them.”

However, Virgin Trains issued a statement, along with CCTV footage showing there were indeed seats available. Seats he and his team deliberately walked past.

A Virgin Trains spokesperson said that, “Our people deliver first-rate customer service day after day and we’d like to thank Jeremy Corbyn for highlighting this with the media. He’s also right to point out the need to introduce more trains on our route – that’s why we’re introducing a brand new fleet of 65 Azuma trains from 2018, which will increase seating capacity out of King’s Cross by 28% at peak times.”

The spokesperson then turned their attention to Corbyn's lies saying, “But we have to take issue with the idea that Mr Corbyn wasn’t able to be seated on the service, as this clearly wasn’t the case. We’d encourage Jeremy to book ahead next time he travels with us, both to reserve a seat and to ensure he gets our lowest fares, and we look forward to welcoming him onboard again.”

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commented 2016-08-24 02:16:42 -0400
Anyone who wants to see the difference form heavy state run and private run state service, go for a medical lab test or imaging service in a liberal run province and then to one of the private ones here in Alberta. HINT:the state one is not faster or better.
commented 2016-08-24 02:14:56 -0400
So making more people get poor and living off the state will make the trains less crowded?
commented 2016-08-23 18:55:47 -0400
And so what if he did?

Did h arrive safely?

Tell him to shut up and walk next time.
commented 2016-08-23 17:42:23 -0400
For low information progressive voters this is gospel truth. Their low expectations are exceeded even by a cheap trick as this one. This man will get plenty of morons to vote for him next election.
commented 2016-08-23 12:47:27 -0400
He’s a socialist-communist and we know when he’s lying because his lips are moving.
commented 2016-08-23 12:32:40 -0400