September 25, 2018

Lack of apology to Shen family reveals Trudeau’s “selective” empathy

David MenziesMission Specialist

Remember Justin’s pledge of personal responsibility should any of his Syrian refugees fail to follow the law of the land and end up doing something really heinous?

For example, back on March 3rd, 2016, Justin told Lara Logan in a 60 Minutes interview that letting in 25,000 Syrian refugees was a “safe” and even a “Canadian” thing to do.

And if one of his refugees were to misbehave? Well, apparently it’s important to be respectful because terrorists have feelings too, you know.

But hey, that interview was way back in 2016, right?

Surely after the murder of Marrisa Shen, interviews would see our PM showing more empathy and compassion of the kind he showed to little Khawlah Noman, victim of the “crime” that’s come to be known as “Hijab Hoax,” right?

Apparently not.

It seems our PM is a man-child who is incapable of apologizing to the Asian community for maligning them, or to the Shen family for their tragic loss.

And yet, this is the same man-child who had no issue cutting a $10.5M cheque for convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, and who cleared his calendar to meet with Joshua Boyle, a convert who now faces multiple criminal charges including wife-beating.

Is anyone still wondering how our appalling Prime Minister acquired the “Jihadi Justin” nickname?

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commented 2018-09-26 13:03:55 -0400
For the Liberals fake refugees are real refugees, criminals are victims, law abiding citizens are criminals, victims are judged through identity politics & words mean different things depending on which way the wind is blowing. Make Orwell Fiction Again.
commented 2018-09-26 01:05:14 -0400
God Justin makes me sick every damn time i see him. What a worthless scumbag.
commented 2018-09-26 01:04:15 -0400
Robert Greely Justin could only dream of making a great speech like that and truly meaning it. The US is blessed to have Trump right when he is most needed.
commented 2018-09-25 23:21:11 -0400
Selective empathy? Selective acting i’d say
commented 2018-09-25 20:42:11 -0400
I just watched President Trump’s speech here on the Rebel..One word…Spectacular!

Then I have to look at Goofball trudeau who is corrupted up to his lying eyeballs and lying pie hole..then look at the rest of his corrupt slime balls..That’s his MO people…trudeau wants to beat us down with mental abuse first…
commented 2018-09-25 20:09:21 -0400
I guess the well has gone dry. Usually Justin the Groper can turn on the waterworks for any occasion.
commented 2018-09-25 19:27:10 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,055 Attacks, 233,641 Killed, 313,298 Injured that we know of

No updates since yesterday
commented 2018-09-25 18:52:49 -0400
Oh! Those close up views of Trudeau. David has just ruined my evening.
Trudeau has a face like Smagma dripping on dog sht. He has the evil ability to make his useless Father look like an Angel.

If we do not stop him he, for sure as hell, will stop us.
commented 2018-09-25 17:35:41 -0400
What Justin Trudeau has been doing is systematic and deliberate. He knows he cannot win in 2019 until he gets rid of those “Old Stock Canadians” which he publicly said he will replace. I wrote Max Bernier and asked him if he becomes PM, to have Trudeau and his Cabinet investigated on charges of corruption and treason against Canada and Canadians.