June 30, 2016

LATEST: “No consequences” when Syrians act up in NB school — but Canadian students ordered NOT to call them “refugees”

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Our final update on our story out of Fredericton High School in New Brunswick, Canada—where twenty-seven hundred pages obtained by an access to information request revealed adult migrant men attending classes, harassing their younger Canadian peers while demanding gender segregation, halal foods, and even demonstrating excitement over the bombings in Brussels earlier this year.

Every day this week, we’ve shown you the glaring problems stemming from poor integration of Syrian migrants in one Canadian high school, so the question becomes:

How did this happen and what are authorities doing about it?

The answer to the first question—how did this happen -- became painfully clear while combing through the email transactions between teachers from the school. They were perfectly unprepared:

“We have been operating in an environment where there were no supports in place provided to us prior to the arrival of the Syrian newcomers our high school, beyond the initial family interview and a language screener. We are living in a province where there are no official ESL (EAL) courses for high school, no alternate programming for war-affected youth, no personnel that have designated roles, like translator-interpreters, for example to help us settle youth down, make them feel at ease and help them navigate a whole new set of cultural and social norms.” 

So, our federal government dumps tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into Canada with no plan to integrate them into our schools?

The school’s vice principal wrote to the Member of Parliament responsible for the riding of Fredericton, describing several sleepless nights because of the migrant mayhem within her school’s walls. She says the school’s problems are so severe, so important, she wants the details passed along to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself

Emails between teachers show there are NO consequences for Syrian migrants wreaking havoc in the classroom. Why? Because the students don’t speak English and there aren’t enough translators to discipline the misbehaving migrant men. 

However, the school seems more interested in controlling the behaviour of the Canadian kids than their migrant peers, down to policing the words they use to describe these “newcomers”…

Tonight, I hope you’ll join me as I expose what ELSE is really going on behind the walls of one Canadian high school. Watch “On the Hunt” tonight at 9pm ET.

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commented 2016-07-03 13:11:34 -0400
Easterrn voters are now just beginning to realize the consequences of their support for EL BOW and the Liebranos! It all goes downhill from here!
commented 2016-07-02 17:35:58 -0400
If I was in high school these days I would absolutely carry bear spray.
commented 2016-07-02 12:28:30 -0400
Perhaps each non-“newcomer” should be issued a cattle prod.
commented 2016-07-01 12:55:02 -0400
Mary I’m surprised the Liberals haven’t cancelled Canada day,for sunny ways day.
Sure are trying hard.
I agree 100%
commented 2016-07-01 12:23:57 -0400
My children would not attend that school
commented 2016-07-01 12:15:50 -0400
Don’t see why anyone is surprised..you can be sure these ‘whatever you want to call them’ will get their segregation, halal food and anything else their little hearts desire. I feel afraid for the girls in these schools who soon will be subjected to the contempt and physical hatred of these men and Canada will allow it to happen. How ANYONE in this country can say ‘Happy Canada Day’ any more is a mystery to me. Canada is a disgrace.
commented 2016-07-01 03:50:51 -0400
It’s Cologne all over again.

No worries.

Wait until the police try to cover up a rape. Or, better yet, a murder.

Such webs are easy to weave, but dreadfully dangerous to get out of.
commented 2016-07-01 00:41:08 -0400
«Canadian students ordered NOT to call them “refugees”»

How about “rapefugees”?
commented 2016-06-30 20:44:34 -0400
Hey Andre, New Brunswick is so conservative it makes the Confederate South look like the pussy land of Liberal jerkoffs…. a.k.a. Heaven.
commented 2016-06-30 20:40:53 -0400
Hahaha the moment when people realize…… Ya’ll stupid bitches.

Really though let’s all grow a brain and actually not get spoon fed bullshit, research for yourself…..

A message from your friendly neighborhood Fu Cker
commented 2016-06-30 20:26:09 -0400
Hey Jay there’s a good job for you in NB.I’m sure your soft touch would help.
commented 2016-06-30 18:48:47 -0400
Justin should set up a whole new government bureaucracy whose sole purpose will be to inform Canadians as to how we must Change so that we don’t offend Muslims . Canadians should be ashamed for their complicity in forcing Muslims to become Radicalised.
commented 2016-06-30 18:02:20 -0400
……..but McCallum said that was a good thing. It would give a chance to NB kids to learn Arabic.
What are the parents doing? Are they scared to act, to speak up, to demonstrate. They must all be Liberals and they are afraid to offend Big Nose Trudeau.
commented 2016-06-30 17:12:52 -0400
Insanity and the irrational are the new normal. Could anyone with even an ounce of common sense deal with the teachers and bureaucrats that make the policies and decisions. There is an alternative. Pull your children out of these schools before it is too late.
commented 2016-06-30 17:11:51 -0400
Age-appropriate groupings have long been a requirement in school classes…why is it not being used here?
commented 2016-06-30 17:02:52 -0400
In Alberta, school boards are either “Catholic” or “separate.” In New Brunswick, it’s English or French. Makes no difference in the Liberals’ numbers game.
Just like Chebucto Heights, the feds dump it all on the teachers so that they can focus on the all-important quotas and deadlines.
Why are McCallum’s immigration experts oblivious to essential needs like translators?
World-class incompetence.
commented 2016-06-30 16:43:12 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,234 Attacks, 197,921 Killed, 278,001 Injured.