August 22, 2016

LAUGHABLE: European Union claims it won the Olympics, gets owned by UKIP

StaffRebel Columnist

The EU seems to think that they're a country that competed at the Olympics.

On Sunday, the European Parliament tweeted a picture suggesting that the EU finished with 325 medals, while the United States finished second with 121, followed by China with 70.

In actuality, on a per country basis, the United States dominated.

Farage: “Let June the 23rd go down in our history as our INDEPENDENCE DAY”

The tweet has been accused of piggybacking on the UK's success. The UK finished with 67 medals, the most out of any European country.

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem called the tweet “pathetic”.

“They are clearly so desperate for publicity to bolster its fading image they have to grasp at the hard work and talent of our athletes,” he said. “I can't recall anyone from the EU getting up at 4am to train with Jessica Ennis-Hill or training with the Brownlee brothers during Yorkshire's tough winters.”

“It was National Lottery money from Brits who helped our athletes...we voted Brexit and our medals haul shows just how good a country we are,” he added, slamming the EU.

At least the UN didn't make a post about how “team world” finished with the most medals.

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commented 2016-08-23 10:55:59 -0400
John, the conservatives there are no more than our conservatives here. CINO’s all. So actually it was six years of lefty rule under a conservative banner that screwed up.
commented 2016-08-23 04:12:38 -0400
John S they will be fine, sorry but they were not better under the commie union. Commie states are not thriving entities.
commented 2016-08-23 02:48:44 -0400
Wow John Siciliano, I’m impressed!… So just two months after Britain’s BREXIT vote you can already predict it’s fate in the years to come?… Wow!… You must be one rich fella playing the stock market with that kind of profound insight…
commented 2016-08-22 20:59:01 -0400
As these lefty/progressive/Globalist types everywhere, get more desperate to keep pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes, they get more desperate to lie and connive and control, and in that desperation get more delusional, more mentally disordered and more insane! LOL.
Silly buggers…the sheep and the fascists.
commented 2016-08-22 18:47:40 -0400
Bill Elder – I was talking to a millennial this morning. And he watched it all. I told him I never tuned in once, and that I’m not interested in the “political games!”
commented 2016-08-22 17:02:22 -0400
And UKIP now is a party on life support because Teresa May is now the Conservative leader in Britain and Britain is no better off after Brexit. In fact, it is still a nation incurring 1 billion per week in debt and it is virtually bankrupt after 6 years of Tory rule.

So much for conservatism equaling results.
commented 2016-08-22 15:40:50 -0400
The EU is dead. They just don’t know enough to lay down.
commented 2016-08-22 15:01:55 -0400
The EU will be history in 5 years
commented 2016-08-22 14:20:21 -0400
They may well have won but no one cares because no one watched this over hyped cat fight.