November 23, 2015

NEW: PLUS the future of the Conservative Party and more

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Even if you don't live in Alberta, the NDP's outrageous new $3 billion a year carbon tax will effect you, too.

Tonight I'm officially unveiling our new campaign,

It's more than just a petition -- we're rolling out lawn signs, asking for volunteers and a lot more.

So please watch and see how you can help. We HAVE to stop this attack on Canada's oil and gas industry -- because that's exactly what it is.

Our friend Paige MacPherson is my guest, explaining the role the Canadian Taxpayers Federation will play in the fight to stop this Alberta NDP tax grab.

I promised we'd start talking about rebuilding the Canadian conservative movement, as part of our conversation. My guest to talk about the future of the party is Alberta Conservative MP Garnett Genuis.

And of course, I'll read some of our viewer mail, good and bad! I want to hear from you too -- please tell us what you think in our comments or via email, Twitter or Facebook.


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commented 2015-11-26 02:32:21 -0500
Sean none of those has happened and the oilsands are not a disaster you halfwit. Your pine beetle is a disaster.
commented 2015-11-26 02:30:46 -0500
ooops c-51 and sorry ALberta does not need a new tax Mark, how about you pay my share then , you are a fool.
commented 2015-11-26 02:29:37 -0500
Mark Johnson which part of c-56 stops peaceful protest? You are a brainwashed fool and by the way Justin was all for c-51
commented 2015-11-24 18:11:52 -0500
KEN WATERS, the trolls, “useful idiots”, are so out to lunch they don’t even no the difference between federal and provincial politics and their jurisdictional responsibilities. Imagine that, Nutley even called for “Ending of the air strikes in Syria”! One thing they do provide good humour with their inane comments.
commented 2015-11-24 17:20:09 -0500
Ken Waters, Oh yes these ideas were brought forth during the election campaign: 1. Implementation of a carbon tax, 2. Fight climate change, 3. First Nations rights improved, 4. Ending of the air strikes in Syria, 5. National reunification of the federal & provincial governments, 6. End the Oil Sands disaster, 7. The Syrian Refugee issue, 8. Deficit spend like there is no tomorrow, 9. The fight of Muslim women to wear scarves, niqabs, and burqas.

Trudeau’s Liberals were in favour of all that, Harper’s Consrvatives were opposed. Which party won? End of discussion, I would say
commented 2015-11-24 16:27:23 -0500
i’m almost afraid of the next budget here in ontario.
commented 2015-11-24 15:34:14 -0500
We can do nothing or we can wait for the next major storm to hit Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, etc. We can change our habits, where we live, etc or be forced by Insurance Companies to move away from flooding rivers, build higher/stronger bridges, install bigger sewer pipes, etc.
commented 2015-11-24 15:12:55 -0500
KEN WATERS, imagine that one of the trolls, a left-wing “useful idiot" extraordinaire, lecturing you and threatening you about your freedoms. I wonder if he has ever read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The very first line of the Charter would probably cause him to gag and retch: “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” And the Charter isn’t talking about Allah here!
Under Section 2, “Fundamental Freedoms”, one reads:
Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
© freedom of peaceful assembly (despite all the Line 9 protests, etc); and
(d) freedom of association .
commented 2015-11-24 14:28:24 -0500
MEGHAN THESEN, “Large oil companies are happy with the structure of the carbon tax because they came out relativley unscathed, originally it was thought they would have to pay the brunt of the carbon tax”. Good point! As you say, the “average joe” will bear the brunt of the “hurt”, including those working for these captains of the industry from which they have lost their jobs and livelihood.
As Ezra pointed out, they were co-opted as hostages; became insiders that were bought off. If you can’t beat them (or unwilling to stand up to them), join them. A comment I found on the Internet, a person’s professor seeing that he was giving too much power to the wrong people, told him: “You can be pushed and pulled through life or you can do some of the pushing and pulling. It’s your choice.” The obsequious response by the industry revealed its choice.
As Ezra pointed out, “I don’t believe for a moment that these companies actually agree with this”, but, nonetheless, they hypocritically “agreed to be part of this propaganda exercise”! Ezra also noted that they will be eaten last, but will still be eaten. (“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”. – Winston Churchill.)
We live in a post-modern world where there is no right or wrong, no true or false, in the face of which pragmatism comes into play. A pragmatist’s philosophy must be practical and that practicality consists of dispensing with all absolute principles and standards, that there is no such thing as objective reality or permanent truth, that truth is that which works, and its validity can be judged only by its consequences.
commented 2015-11-24 13:50:38 -0500
I agree, the forced destruction of a viable economy should land that twit Rachel in jail, but instead she will worshipped as some kind of hero for being a traitor.
commented 2015-11-24 13:29:17 -0500
This women and whole party should be in jail for treason
commented 2015-11-24 12:38:00 -0500
Large oil companies are happy with the structure of the carbon tax because they came out relativley unscathed, originally it was thought they would have to pay the brunt of the carbon tax. Once Notley came out with her carbon tax plan a big sigh of relief came from the oil industry as the carbon tax wouldn’t be as costly to them as originally forecasted. Unfortunately for the average joe the cost of this carbon tax policy will hurt many. I see no benefit in this policy as I am still in the dark on how this will have any impact on lessening carbon emissions. Throwing money into public transit will not stop me from driving as I am a rural Alberta resident. Regardless I still have to heat my home and use power, the only future I see is higher taxes for my standard of living. Not sure where the gov’t came up with an extra cost of $470.00 per household per year, I think it will be closer to per month especially during the winter months as the fuel to run my vehicle could exceed that amount.
commented 2015-11-24 12:35:57 -0500
They know they could not do a PST so lets do a carbon tax to save the planet, that in the end goes right into the general fund like a PST.
commented 2015-11-24 12:04:10 -0500
Mark Johnson . . . you must be smokin some of Turdo’s weed . . . . lol
Carbon Taxes help NO ONE . . . they add to the cost of EVERYTHING. As we have witnessed for a decade in Europe they are hardest on the poor folks . . . thousands die every winter in Europe from fuel poverty.
Trudough’s tax cuts will benefit only about 7 million Canadians . . . but the increased Debt, Spending and Growing Govt will be with us for decades.
The Nutley Govt is a complete disaster . . . every dollar these loons suck out of the economy destroys jobs and futures . . . why is the insane left always the last to know?
commented 2015-11-24 11:52:53 -0500
Ken, you realize that would put you as a terrorist according to Bill C-51… right?
Also the carbon tax is what Alberta needs. It’s either that or PST. And for once the industry (minus Exxon which is holding judgement) is happy for the tax.
When an NDP government has got support from the largest oil companies in Canada, you know it’s probably a good policy for Alberta job growth.
Just being against everything the NDP does is not going to help anything. Yes they have some bad ideas. But for once this is something useful to Alberta that they’ve done.
You want more oil investment, this helps you get it. I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

Good thing with Trudeau’s tax cut Alberta families will still be about $200 per year ahead after the slight increase in heating costs. (670 from the tax cut more than out weighs the 470 max you are expected to pay for the carbon tax).
Good thing the Liberals got in, or things would be really tough for you guys.
commented 2015-11-24 10:47:10 -0500
Ezra – you called it a war, you don’t win wars with lawn signs and petitions. They will be ignored. What is required is an immediate election. These devastating changes that were not in the campaign must be approved by an election. The way to force an election is to surround the legislature with 50,000 protestors and keep them there until the government agrees to have their plans ratified.
commented 2015-11-24 10:27:31 -0500
More great news…….for BC. Move west my friends.
commented 2015-11-24 10:16:55 -0500
In less than a year this notley government has proven BEYOND DOUBT they hate Alberta, Albertans, free market prosperity and individual freedom. At the core of the notley ndp are hardline extremist socialists, it is already known notley herself is a great admirer of the socialist/communist mass murderer Che Guevara.
The socialist pattern is always the same. Promises of government ‘for the people’, an end to ‘injustice’ and that they alone are the arbiters of ‘real change’. Once in power, then comes blatant political nepotism (ie; union elite, bureaucrats, political insiders), relentless expansion of unaccountable bureaucracy, ever increasing intrusive government regulations, runaway spending, unsustainable taxation and massive, economy killing, debt.
Once the economy has been sufficiently collapsed then comes phase 2, the attack on individual freedom. Socialist cultist’s core belief is that ‘only they know best’ and the individual does not have the capacity to understand what they need or want and, therefore, the individual has to be governed by them. Working through the, previously entrenched, unaccountable bureaucracy the socialist government moves to remove any and all checks on government power. The justification being that ‘only they know best’ and that any checks on their power is simply getting in the way of progress ‘for the people’.
Once the socialist is firmly entrenched then comes phase 3, governmental rule by fiat. Having previously destroyed/removed free enterprise, democratic governmental checks, individual freedom and private wealth the socialist is now free to rule by decree, without the encumbrance of accountability, and will quell any dissent with force (see; Venezuela)

Albertans need to come to the realization these ndp socialists have no desire to ‘govern’ Alberta. Their every action is calculated from the position that they desire to DESTROY Alberta as we know it. The end goal, as is the case with ALL extremist socialists, is centralized government control and the elimination of private enterprise, private wealth and individual freedom.
For those that say we need only wait till the next election, I say to you, there won’t be anything left of Alberta to save after 4 years of unchecked socialist manipulation and scorched earth economics. If we are going to save our province the only option is to force notley, and her cadre of extremists, into submission before they can fully implement their plan to destroy Alberta, and we need to start NOW.
Albertans need to do what Albertans have never had to do before. We have to, en masse, actively participate in planned, sustained, civil disobedience. Such as; legislature occupation/rally, tax revolt, sustained coordinated public pressure on weak ndp mla/constituencies, demand referendum on recall legislation, demand referendum on deficit spending/public debt, demand referendum on resource royalty formula, demand referendum on leftist environmental agenda (add your own idea to the list)
The bottom line is that we need to exercise our RIGHTS, as free citizens, and make it impossible for the notley socialists to function freely. This can only be achieved if we free citizens band together in solidarity against them. In our system, a government can fall if they lose the confidence of the house. The ‘house’ is the representative assembly of the people. Therefore, the same principal can apply if the ‘people’ declare, loudly and impose their will, they have lost confidence in the government.
Alberta is our province, this notley government campaigned on obfuscated half truth’s and strategic omissions about their true plans and intentions, we owe them no benefits of our democratic process. In fact, the opposite is true, this notley government deserves our wrath and to be held accountable, if for no other reason, then to put ALL politicians on notice that Albertans demand the full truth from those that would put their names forward for the PRIVLEDGE to stand in our government.
The choice is undeniably clear. Albertans either take control of OUR GOVERNMENT or these ndp socialists will take control away from Albertans.
commented 2015-11-24 10:12:43 -0500
The left-wing trolls, “useful idiots” all, understandably, are just beside themselves with what their comrades in the Alberta NDP are doing, putting the boots to the throat of Alberta. Finally, somebody is waging a full-throttle war on the global warming hoax. The comrades in the U.N. are pleased, and, of course, comrade Al Gore. Utopia here we come. Whoppee!
commented 2015-11-24 10:01:56 -0500
SAM YOUNG, “The Exchange on CBC was talking about the whole Alberta carbon tax fiasco. Ezra, any chance you can get onto that show?” Any chance? Sam, you’ve got to be joking, right?
commented 2015-11-24 09:08:35 -0500
Nutlys henchman Brian Tod likes what they’re doing in Europe, although the people in Europe sure don’t like it and neither will Albertans.

In the near future, an average three-person household will spend about €90 a month for electricity. That’s about twice as much as in 2000. Two-thirds of the price increase is due to new government fees, surcharges and taxes. …Today, more than 300,000 households a year are seeing their power shut off because of unpaid bills. Caritas and other charity groups call it “energy poverty.”
commented 2015-11-24 09:08:03 -0500
Steve McQueen,I feel sorry for you.
commented 2015-11-24 08:54:36 -0500
Ontario Liberal government set to announce their own carbon tax. How about a million signs for Ontario?
commented 2015-11-24 07:52:02 -0500
Why does this have apparent support from many industry leaders?
commented 2015-11-24 06:16:48 -0500
Notley, Topp and Mitchell are paid by the Russians and Saudis to destroy Alberta oil production.


Why? Because Canada won’t be able to export oil / natgas to China. Russia and Saudi make billions, pay millions to Notley, Topp and Mitchell and their cronies and Canada/Alberta gets poverty.

And oil and natural gas are in fact renewable energies – oil and nat gas are created by carbon based life that has died (plants, animals) and it takes a few years to create (not a few thousand).

3.5 more years of NDP hell.
commented 2015-11-24 03:59:58 -0500
Great monologue, and Paige is always there to have lots of good stuff to say.

The Exchange on CBC was talking about the whole Alberta carbon tax fiasco. Ezra, any chance you can get onto that show?
commented 2015-11-24 02:14:42 -0500
John Zealand said,“Another good show Ezra. Have you noticed how TheRebel is rated 28,000+ world wide on Alexa. This is very bad news for the media party.” Globally: 27966 Canada: 464
cbc Globally: 775 Canada: 18
Yes the “media party” better watch out for the big bad rebel. You do realize bigger numbers aren`t better or maybe you don`t.
commented 2015-11-24 01:42:07 -0500
Andrew they are saying it should apply to everyone if we have one, did you miss the part where Bombardier had a free pass from Kyoto? Funny how that works eh?
commented 2015-11-24 01:16:57 -0500
Andrew Stephanson, thanks for the light hearted humorous post. You were joking right?