August 03, 2016

“Warrior princess” Lauren Southern: Now reporting full time from our Toronto studios

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I sat down with Lauren Southern, our "warrior princess," during her first day as the newest member of the Rebel's Toronto team. She promises to deliver "more great content," including quick takes on the day's news.

Along with all her free videos, you can also sign up to see Lauren Southern's weekly premium show, Standoff.


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commented 2016-08-03 10:30:46 -0400
Whorish? Geez what century were you born in?
commented 2016-08-03 10:18:15 -0400
Phyllis Seitz: Sometimes the presence of shit requires disturbing or to quote the vernacular waste removal.
commented 2016-08-03 10:14:29 -0400
Way to Lauren and Rebel media. Keep climbing and growing! Supporters keep spreading the message and sending those links!
commented 2016-08-03 09:33:38 -0400
Phyllis: Maybe a burqa? A little catty, eh.
commented 2016-08-03 09:28:49 -0400
Why does the Comments Text Editor underline everything in red? It is really quite annoying.
commented 2016-08-03 09:16:47 -0400
Keep up all the good work Lauren, all the best with your move and new commitments. Thanks to all Rebel reporters for the fine job they do. And especially thanks to Ezzra. You have tirelessly worked your butt off to keep us informed and have endured much ridicule in order to bring us the many truths that the msm would rather suppress. Not to mention the legal INJUSTICE you face from time to time. I only wish Rebel Headquarters were in the west. If JT keeps up his war on Alberta, and leaves us with little choice but to separate, I hope you bring everyone back here and continue the good work. Please keep it coming Rebel, the msm is unwatchable!

commented 2016-08-03 08:55:17 -0400
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-08-03 08:37:08 -0400
Most definitely a warrior princess! Glad we will be hearing even more from you, Lauren!

Ezra, congratz on the milestone!