May 24, 2016

Glenn Beck and other conservatives are in denial about Facebook censorship — so how do we fight back?

Lauren SouthernArchive

Twitter was recently caught for shadowbanning conservatives and now it's been leaked that Facebook is equally biased. You can't have right wing opinions anywhere these days without mass amounts of backlash and censorship.

I received a month long ban simply for speaking out against Facebooks censorship. Many others have lost their pages and accounts due to the crackdown on ideas that aren't deemed "progressive."

How is this happening? Who is it happening to? Why are conservatives like Glenn Beck in denial about censorship, and how do we combat it?

Tonight, political YouTuber Syrian Girl and Disdain for Plebs moderator Derek Ackerman come on to talk about their experiences with Facebook censorship, as well as their solutions to the problem.

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commented 2016-08-23 02:49:07 -0400
This is a serious issue, and it effects even small time conservatives.
Within a post by Lauren, I was peacefully debating with another peaceful person on Islam. Neither of us played dirty and both had facts, he clearly had no ill will toward me, nor I to him.
Ten minutes later, I was added by a stranger; I stupidly thought “ah, probably a new page” and accepted the add. Minutes later, my account had been banned. I provided all proof of identity (and more), such as mail and hard copies of images posted to my account along with my listed family, Govt. issued ID, etc.
My ban was still in place afterward with no communication or explanation whatsoever. Magically, though, after 3 days of telling the story on Twitter whilst tagging them, my account was reinstated with no communication.
Clearly this is anecdotal and could have been Muslims, or merely a coincidence. But I still receive emails of people still attempting to change my password.
My more goofy second page, as well, was taken over; this time it was certainly Muslims. I was on it, force logged out, the password had changed, the account was in Arabic and posted “Death to Infidels” and “DAESH”, in Arabic. In the email I received, I was able to find out where the account changes were made from. The account had been accessed from an IP in Qatar. I was able to act quickly and remove pictures of my son, any contact info and rename the account with a fictitious name. Just after, the language was switched to Arabic and I was kicked out. After that, I could no longer access the account in any way.
I tried every avenue with Facebook. I submitted to all their requirements, I was respectful but persistent. After all, my account was stolen by and being used by Qatar based ISIS. I had to warn my friends and family, I still get email updates on the account. The account now has many Muslim friends. But even publicly addressing them wasn’t enough. It has been two months of trying.
commented 2016-07-04 16:35:33 -0400
Get off Facebook and set up private forums where you are allowed to speak your mind. Boycott Facebook and go elsewhere. There are many private forums where politics are debated. All you have to do is pick one that is not biased and you can discuss freely.
commented 2016-06-14 14:54:39 -0400
I think we need to come up with an option to the present social media. It is obviously a globalist agenda construct. So the epitome of that would be nationalist. So lets create AmericaBook, CanadaBook, MexicoBook, NorthAmericaBook, if you want to lump them all together. Same with Europe or middle east. BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF ALL OF THIS IS THE NEWS/CENSORING REFLECTS WHAT PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN, and have a vested interest in wanting it to do well. Not controlled by these sycophantic people presently in charge of Facebook or Twitter – who want America to not do well, to want to elect a treasonous president, controlled by lobbyists.
So in AmericaBook, the lovefest would continue with Trump leading all positive opinions. No globalist agenda trying to take him down. There would be no involvement in manipulating the results. A PURE FACEBOOK/TWITTER experience. Mainstream media, of course, controlled by the global elite, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, etc, well, they can have their mainstream media, nobody will be listening to it, except maybe grandmother and grandfather who only have CNN and have no clue how to turn on a computer :-(

The great part about this is, there is also a WORLD/Globalists channel. These idiots keep hiding all of their stuff. So we can only assume it means the destruction of not in this globalist group. But, just but, if what they were saying made any sense, they might get greater support. I doubt it, but I’m a nice guy like that, give those very evil people some humanity.

Who wants to start AmericaBook with me?

That would be a start, UnitedKingdomBook will need to be formed if they leave the EU. That would give them a way to bypass all the ‘you are a bad boy’ shit that FB and TW would put on them.

I can be found at if you think we might have the talent, money and patriotism to carry this out.
commented 2016-06-12 03:23:22 -0400
Gen Beck is actually off his nut. He’s a lunatic that thinks his mealy mouthed talk show is led by Christ. He’s a Bush Establishment Conservative. In other words he’s a minion for the NWO Globalists. He’s the enemy.
commented 2016-06-06 11:44:09 -0400
Glen Beck is an idiot!
commented 2016-06-01 21:11:37 -0400
If people are outraged enough, Zukerturd & his ilk will back down. We need alternatives to these social media outlets. Looks like Beck went to reeducation camp for his last vacation.
commented 2016-06-01 01:33:13 -0400
After his Trump/Cruz meltdown, and now this, I find it amazing that anyone still takes Glenn Beck seriously.
commented 2016-06-01 01:30:26 -0400
Great job on The Alex Jones Show, Lauren! Your show keeps me coming back to The Rebel because of your willingness to cover the “fringe” (truth).
commented 2016-06-01 00:46:57 -0400
Sorry, Glen Beck is not a conservative. He is no more a conservative than most of the US congress. The Republicans and the Democrats are fundamentally the same Washington, corrupt House of Cards. Trump will bring it all down if elected. I fear for his life with Killary Clinton as the opposing front runner.
commented 2016-05-28 16:18:17 -0400
Why have a guest, if you are going to constantly talk over them. I don’t have the patience to listen to you.
commented 2016-05-26 23:03:32 -0400
The only thing facebook, twitter, and these other dime a dozen anti-social media interfaces fear more than displaying right-wing content, is if a group of people were to en masse quit their fucking bullshit websites for good. They lose their power when you stop typing their URL into the address bar… I really like Infowars, Drudge, TheRebel, Breitbart, that’s what I type in the address bar, not facebook.

And another thing. Research the background of “Facebook” and you find CIA seed money, DARPA initiatives, all sorts of grim stuff. No shit they’re censoring people, that’s the least of the evil things they’re up to. Plus, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, all that shit is run by the same democrat zionist fucks. Mark my words.
commented 2016-05-26 22:32:11 -0400
Glenn Beck is a zionist tool, just like Zuckerberg. Stop using facebook, for the last fucking time. “Conservatives” complaining about facebook are like white people who go to the ghetto and get stomped to death by groups of “teens”… Should’ve known better.
commented 2016-05-26 19:26:03 -0400
Totally agree with you Lauren.
Lets keep in mind that Facebook is just a business. It can do what it likes with its resources. It’s not a utility yet. In fact, the louder we cry foul the more likely that government will impose regulations on social media. It might even work out for us at the start, but then you know what happens.

The way to beat facebook is with the free market. Support projects like this one.
commented 2016-05-25 15:25:48 -0400
Good Job Lauren, keep it up.
commented 2016-05-25 14:22:58 -0400
Lauren – I don’t know who these other “conservatives” are who went to this censorship circle jerk with Count Zuckerberg, but I can tell you not to count Beck among them. Beck has always been a self-serving flake who has milked the media cult of personality racket for decades. When it’s fiscally advantageous to be a liberal he’s liberal, when he needs to appeal to conservatives he changes stripes to conservative markets. To him the whole game is about gaining and keeping a cult following who will support him with loyalty and income from his flaky theocratic evangelizing – he’s a political equivalent of Jim Baker.

I note that Beck (who’s website traffic and subscribership is in free fall) came out of the Zuckerberg love-in as a pro-censorship agent nattering on incessantly about the ethical superiority of the Zuckerberg empire keeping “cranks” off the media site and pimping status-quo beltway anti-1st amendment internet agendas – I bet remedies for his failing web traffic had something to do with his opinion of FB censorship- wadda ya think?
commented 2016-05-25 11:50:26 -0400
Why do conservatives still listen to these people after their Trump-related meltdowns? They did nothing about Obama, yet go off the handle over Trump. How can these people possibly be trusted after that?

That Glenn Beck continues to have a career after his performance is amazing to me.
commented 2016-05-25 02:56:39 -0400
It is just so hard to take the blaze seriously. More often than not, they come off like a bad parody of the right wing.

I visited the blaze’s you tube channel earlier today. They had a video, with the headline, asking if Kane, the pro wrestler is going to run for president.
commented 2016-05-25 00:57:34 -0400
Oh, and as for Glenn Beck – he can be considered to be a petulant imbecile who only follows the money. He appears to be nothing more than a rented loud-mouthed whore……

Zuckerberg can be thought of as a fraudulent exploitative scum bucket and pathological creep who stole FaceBook from the actual inventors. It is suggested that his phony philanthropy organizations that he created are a merely cover for his Marxist endeavors and defrauding of the American people.
commented 2016-05-25 00:35:24 -0400
It is strongly suggested for everyone to get off of Social Media! These indoctrination sewer traps are nothing more than seductive, exploitative, propaganda and social engineering assault mechanisms, as well as, narcissistic proselytizing devices! If communication is required, a personal visit, phone call or handwritten letter would likely be best.
commented 2016-05-25 00:33:37 -0400
I have survived without Facebook! Hear me roar!
commented 2016-05-25 00:06:23 -0400
The problem is that there are few alternatives to Face Book. We will not get parity until neutral or conservative apps are available.
commented 2016-05-24 23:54:45 -0400
Lauren..unfortunately there is a bunch of conservative mp’s that are on the same page as these sicko lieberal pukes and ambrose is one of them ,as well as the one you mentioned,which means they miss-represented themselves and their party’s platform to get elected and feed at the trough, David if you are reading this you people in her riding should be asking her what the hell is she doing
commented 2016-05-24 23:20:47 -0400
Thank you Lauren, you are a breath of fresh air. Good to see Syrian Girl as your guest…in a way it is strange to think of her as a conservative…but from a Syrian perspective she is. Just about all of the conflicts that history calls “civil war” have really been proxy wars using the host state as a chess board. She has been called “Damascus Rose” (a reference to Tokyo Rose) because she is a supporter of the Alawite Assad regieme….but as before.Assad may be a bad guy…..but he is preferable to the alternatives that are actually available….there is no liberal democracy that would be OK with gay marriage waiting in the wings to fill the power vacuum of his regieme toppling…in fact the Saudi/CIA bred pups….ISIS…..are a cure much worse than the disease.