September 27, 2016

Meet those Canadian students whose “Trump hat” viral video exposed campus insanity

Lauren SouthernArchive

Donald Trump is surging in the polls across the United States, and as his popularity rises south of the border, it goes up here in Canada as well. Professors are furious and students are triggered, all because of red hats and shirts popping up on Canadian campuses.

How exactly did this attire spark outrage though? Today I have two guests who were at the centre of recent pro-Trump Canadian student videos that went viral.

They'll tell me all about their experience and the atmosphere regarding the Republican nominee on campus.

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commented 2016-12-05 02:24:14 -0500
Going to an Ivy League school doesn’t necessarily mean smart. A professor of mine had told me they were told to mark easy because “these kids don’t pay to get Cs.”
commented 2016-11-16 00:54:03 -0500
My support or lack thereof has been kind of a journey for me since he was in the polls. I originally supported Rand Paul, and still think I would, but then I began to consider Trump as a possibly better alternative. I actually came to like Trump until the question had hit me: is he a flip-flopper or has he evolved his views? Will he actually enact his promised policies? This, admittedly on top of those I know who dislike Trump, have brought me to just find my liking and disliking of him to be in a mixed bag.
Keep up the great show, anyhow, Lauren! You and Milo are inspirations! <3
commented 2016-10-10 15:15:11 -0400
I just posted a comment and was sent back to the beginning of the episode with no way to advance to where I was. As much as I like Lauren I will try to find an episode I can watch at my leisure.
commented 2016-10-10 15:13:14 -0400
Can’t pause, enlarge or review portion of video I’ve already seen as there is no slider bar pause button or enlarge button. I’d like to watch the whole episode but I have no control over the runaway episode.
Is this because you want to force people to watch the ads? Not cool.
commented 2016-10-03 18:30:16 -0400
538 does not show that kind of lead for Trump…..check it out. Accuracy is important! But good work otherwise!
commented 2016-10-02 18:48:17 -0400
Parents are actually mortgaging their houses to send their kids to these institutions and their children come out dumber than when they went in.
commented 2016-09-29 00:57:05 -0400
For teachers to ban videoing, they clearly know they’re doing something wrong. So then why do it?!? That’s the real question. It’s happening coast to coast. What this tells me, is there’s a central figure that’s forcing it. It’s like no female anywhere in the country has ever been charged for filing a false rape allegation. Not one female has ever faced sanctions of any kind for lying through their teeth in Family Court, not one female has ever been charged for Abduction for withholding or taking off with the kids.

This must be coming from the Federal level. Whata ya think Lauren? Think you could bore in far enough to route them out? How about confronting the teachers about it directly to start? I bet if you do, you’ll eventually receive an anonymous letter with some tips. I think you’ll end up at the Federal Level.
commented 2016-09-28 19:04:36 -0400
What’s happened in our society that ppl’s brains fall out? Even professors? Oh it’s easy enough to say they’re crazy, but that doesn’t do it justice in my view. There is something dreadfully wrong going on here, and for once, I’m completely at a loss.
commented 2016-09-28 17:54:49 -0400
It is amazing how those that cling to the moral high ground and go out of their to prove that they are SO tolerant are usually the most Intolerant, Insulting, Antagonizing , Money grubbing ,Victimized, Useless ,Whiny ,Crybabies on the face of the Planet. They always vote Liberal or Democrat.
And they are Proud of it.
commented 2016-09-28 15:58:11 -0400
Listening to MSM in the US, all the polls showing Trump won the debate or that Trump is surging “aren’t scientific” and “our polls are scientific” without explaining their methods. The MSM claims that Clinton won by a majority. Every other poll shows the opposite.

They have definitely learned how to rig coverage and so bias an election. Hopefully, the truth will show on election day. Then there will be no doubt as to which poll is right.
commented 2016-09-28 15:49:33 -0400
Great point about the students being ok with the flag of the racist, gay hating, women abusing country of Saudi Arabia flag in the school but they loose their minds at the mention of Donald Trump. It’s mind boggling hypocrisy.
commented 2016-09-28 15:32:42 -0400
I forgot about the slut walk. We as men should support this. I picture a group young, virile males with their “I love sluts” signs perhaps with a drawn heart instead of the word love. Happy young men, chanting away," What do we want?!!", “SLUTS!”. “When do we want them?!!” " NOW!!". An excited 18 year old is interviewed in an aside. He waves his hand at the parade of sluts, exclaiming “Look at them all!”.

Boy, things were different when I was young.
commented 2016-09-28 12:50:42 -0400
- Western universities – home of the hive mind. This SJW simply declared “hate speech” & can’t defend or debate her position so doubles down on the emotion. It’s far past the time for teachers to be held to account. People are spending a fortune & getting an indoctrination instead of an education.
commented 2016-09-28 08:51:56 -0400
We must speak up or we’ll fall down.
commented 2016-09-28 02:33:08 -0400
I agree Lauren. More people are speaking out and not allowing themselves to be intimidated by these SJW’s. It is starting to have a domino affect.
commented 2016-09-27 23:14:44 -0400
I wish that I was as confident as Lauren that PC is reversing. Hillary calls Trump racist or bigoted on National TV, and gets away with it. If that Middle East Professor got fired for the lies he said about Trump, then things are getting fairer.
commented 2016-09-27 22:52:21 -0400
Enjoyed both interviews Lauren, but in particular the 2nd young man who was so articulate with his responses. So glad to hear things are changing at universities with young conservative people speaking up & not backing down.
commented 2016-09-27 22:42:38 -0400
Lauren, I first saw what you now see in 1972. Long story…..I didn’t get to attend university until I was in my thirties in 1981…….I never got to meet Christina Hoff Sommers….but her red pill moment that changed her career path came as a result of a discussion of what some upstart male student had said at a feminist university…..that rape was a female sexual/masturbation fantasy….not a male’s ….and that the “rape” scene in “Gone With the Wind” was not Hollywood endorsement of “rape culture”….but the acting out of female romance/pulp porn as it was authored by a woman as it’s original novel author and screen play advisor on the set…Margaret Mitchell

That anonymous male student was me.

I have waited a long time to see this moment…..thank you Lauren.
commented 2016-09-27 22:05:30 -0400
Ian, Cory, you guys are rockin’ the smug status quo – the only diversity that matters is diversity of opinion – Had I been in your situation and I heard the the hysterical narrative you did, I’d have turned the tables and walked out saying, “it’s obvious there is nothing of any use to be learned here.”

Glad to see more and more students not apologizing for dissenting to status que conformity. Plant you feet, don’t back down and keep seeking truth regardless who is offended by it.

Lauren – Speaking of Taki’s, Kathy Shaidle posted a wonderful timely article on the disease you are fighting on campus -

“why shouldn’t the Permanent Floating Nineties Revival embrace the other accoutrements of that decade, especially the asphyxiating political correctness that never did go out of style? And why did we blithely presume it would? While we grown-ups were assuring each other that PC was just an irksome craze, millions of infants lacking our built-up resistance were exposed to the disease. Now these spawn—known as millennials—are, if not quite “adults” by our standards, physically mature and, alas, capable of something resembling speech.
commented 2016-09-27 21:49:05 -0400
We need a version of the refugee spray they have in Denmark. SJW Spray. It could come in 2 varieties , one utilizes psychotropic drugs that make them suddenly become lucent and in touch with reality, the other variety just makes them go away.
commented 2016-09-27 21:47:23 -0400
Good show tonight LAUREN
Summation— people are growing tired of this nonsense, plus as you pointed out a number of online media news channels are popping up , all trying to copy the REBEL , but that’s ok , and they’re talking common sense
commented 2016-09-27 21:27:03 -0400
Students used to sport bumper stickers saying “Question Authority”. Maybe they should now start with “Question Consensus”.