March 28, 2018

Lawbreaking pipeline protesters assault RCMP officers

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's showT. Lee Humphrey, President of JAMES ISC, joined me to discuss the Trans-Mountain pipeline protestors attacking RCMP officers while the federal, provincial, and municipal governments remain silent.

The pipeline already has already been approved by the government, so these protestors are breaking the law by impeding its construction. Trudeau's Minister of Natural Resources previously claimed he would use the military to bring law and order to pipeline protests, but even after an RCMP officer was attacked and kicked in the head this support has not materialized.

The Prime Minister, Premiers, and local governments have failed to back up the RCMP who claimed they feel "demoralized".

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commented 2018-03-29 06:02:37 -0400
There is no need to bring the military in ( and it is dangerous to entertain the idea of the military when our RCMP would do just fine ) there is only need for law-enforcement to practice law enforcement along with lengthy jail terms for the hostile and violent protesters leading to criminal behaviour and deportations with permanent access bans to Canada for foreign protesters.

The RCMP can’t have it both ways… They can’t support turning the citizenry into sheep as well as whining that they don’t get any support from government agencies.
We must all work together to keep the liberties of the true North strong and free and that starts by everybody getting off their couch’s and asses and voting while holding our elected officers accountable for their actions.
commented 2018-03-28 18:24:04 -0400
Why aren’t the police in riot gear?
commented 2018-03-28 17:03:46 -0400
Lee Humphrey is a good guest. I appreciate his knowledge and experience. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Mali.

I’m hoping all the snowflakes will slide into the ocean so the foreign instigators don’t have anyone to exploit. Earthquake?

I’d really like to hear from aboriginal owned business involved in oil and gas and the bands that desperately want the opportunity to make an honest living. The impression is that all FN are against and I don’t believe that to be true.

The police have to be supported to enact the law. God help us if they can’t do their jobs like in the U.K.
commented 2018-03-28 16:38:37 -0400
Support from Jihadi Justin for the RCMP? Sorry, too busy lying in the HOC and planning his next “Mr Dress up” trip at taxpayer expense of course!
commented 2018-03-28 14:06:29 -0400
The federal GOV. is full of communists from out side of Canada,the PM is MARXISTS theBC run by union goons,so this is what we get.
commented 2018-03-28 11:35:19 -0400
what would the consequence be for my white ass if I assaulted a police officer? JAIL TIME
Lock the pricks up and start getting tough on these assholes already, what the hell is everyone pussy footing around for.
Im getting tired of “protesters”, professional “victims”, and “activists” ………kick em to the curb or lock em up because they are just parasites on society