April 30, 2015

Lawton Online: Men with pigtails, Canada Council racism and more

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

I'm tackling the subject of Canadian Exceptionalism and national identity on this show. PLUS:

* I call out a pig-tailed male cashier crying discrimination about his hairstyle, examine a racist job posting by the Canada Council for the Arts, and argue that Omar Khadr shouldn't have been granted bail -- plus a lot more.

If you prefer to listen via Soundcloud, here's the link:

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commented 2015-04-30 15:38:57 -0400
I remember as a child, my parents would force me to go to church and listen to a minister or priest go on and on from the pulpit while my eyes went out of focus and I listened hopefully for a sign that he was wrapping up. Exceptionalism reminds of Bob Dillon’s line: “only a fool thinks he has anything to prove.” I didn’t make it to the ponytail bit but it made me think of the scene in Easy Rider where the good ole boy in a pickup truck pulls up beside Fonda and Hopper with a shotgun pointed out his window like a lance and says, “Want me to blow your brains out? … Why don’t you get a haircut?”
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