June 04, 2015

Lawton Online: Michelle Malkin, Muslim lawsuits and more

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

This week, I chat about innovation and entrepreneurship with bestselling author Michelle Malkin. PLUS:

Fellow Rebel Dr. John Robson comes on to talk about the Nanny State's "food bible."

I look the case of a Muslim girl who successfully sued for not getting a job at a company whose dress code she didn't like, and the sexist soccer game that is making waves in Canada.

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commented 2015-06-10 18:16:43 -0400
A friend of mine worked for a grocery chain years ago and a Muslim woman came for a job interview and was hired but she was at the same time told she would have to wear a store/company uniform as everyone else.
She accepted the position and then promptly sued the chain. She of course won , received a big cheque for her troubles and then turned around and quit.
These people know exactly what they are doing and they know our courts and political correctness will protect their rights over ours.
This is just another small step to domination over us and our countries.
Seems to be working well for them here in Canada.
commented 2015-06-06 12:22:22 -0400
Dear Muslim agitators for Sharia supremacy: There are planes leaving daily, back to the third-world hell-holes, stuck in the 7th century, from whence you came. Take one…please…and leave our country alone….or…the eventual BACKLASH will be something terrible to behold.
commented 2015-06-04 18:56:23 -0400
why work in a place that you don’t like?! you are instigating the situation….why?….
commented 2015-06-04 18:44:30 -0400
Thanks for doing that interview with Mrs. Malkin.