March 03, 2016

Lawton Online: #NeverTrump movement, Margaret Wente on assisted suicide laws and more

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

In this Lawton Online, I discuss why conservatives are right to criticize Donald Trump, but why the #NeverTrump movement is shortsighted. 

I also discuss the "collapse of parenting" with psychologist and physician Leonard Sax, who says that bad parenting is making kids and teens more fragile. 

Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente also joins me to discuss why Canada's sham of an assisted suicide panel is leaving more questions than answers in its quest for legislation.

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commented 2016-03-09 13:05:04 -0500
It seems like a stretch to say that the right to life encompasses a right to end your life. Rights are in a different category than ability. All people have a right to be able to compete in the NBA, not all people have the ability to compete there.
Claiming people no longer have the ability to commit suicide in no way forces the government to give them suicidal aids. If you are unable to commit suicide, then that isn’t something that someone else is withholding from you, it is something that you are unable to do.
If you desire to end your life you can abstain from receiving medical care, choose not to eat or any number of other things which are in your control. Are they painful? Perhaps, but that is your own choice.
Now, the choice of physicians will be taken away because people who choose not to endure suffering want an easy way out. The elderly will begin to wonder if it is better to kill themselves and leave their children with more money (or as the case may be in future years, that they need to reduce the stress on the social systems of Canada). Beyond that, what is an “acceptable” number of accidental deaths? Mistakes happen, how will you compensate someone that was accidentally killed? Who’s responsible? The Doctor? Management? Admin Staff? Nurses?
Nothing you can do will give someone their loved one back. Can a hospital continue to be seen as a safe place to go for healing, when there’s a possibility of death if you happen to be in the wrong room at the wrong time?
We can deal with the reality that the courts have rules with an opinion, and that most Canadians support a specific type of assisted suicide, but let’s not pretend that one person’s ability to do something confers a right to those without that ability to receive aid to do that same thing.
commented 2016-03-05 03:08:29 -0500
It always amuses me how the Trump detractors are so totally inept at understanding why Trump supporters want to have Trump as president. The Trump detractors all sound alike. They say that Trump is not conservative, has flip flopped, is a clown, a bully, con man, went bankrupt, is just a reality television star, or is some kind of a bigot. In just about every case, they keep saying that Trump will never win, but can not make a case for any other candidate.

So for all of you Trump detractors that work in the media, here is a free piece of advice. Try to understand why there are people that want to elect Trump for president. And try not to portray these Trump supporters as morons or bigots. If you try to open up your minds, you will come off as being more competent at journalism.