May 07, 2015

Lawton Online: The Menzoid on Garland, parents vs. sex ed and more

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

I talk to fellow Rebel David "The Menzoid" Menzies about the Garland, Texas terrorist attack at which Menzoid was present, and we discuss the implications of the attack on free speech. PLUS:

* Should the obese be should be free from discrimination?

* Why have thousands of Ontario parents pulled their kids out of school -- and lots more!

If you prefer to listen via SoundCloud, here's the audio:

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Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.

Who are Canada's radical Muslim leaders?
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commented 2015-05-07 15:17:51 -0400
I agree with you 100% Dave. Another suggestion for – have Robert Spencer on as a regular contributor – I love hearing him. Cheers!
commented 2015-05-07 15:08:29 -0400
“Should the obese be should be free from discrimination?” – Yes the obese should be free from discrimination but they should have to pay for every seat they sit on. It is not fair that anyone else should have to share their chair with someone who chooses to not lose weight … yup, I said it … I have known obese people who have lost all excess weight and maintain a healthy diet and weight but choose every day not to eat everything they want. I have heard all about “gland problems” and “diseases” but they always come from people who do not care enough about their health and abuse of other peoples space. If you have an intolerance to Glucose … stop eating it. Many people have an intolerance to Glucose which can cause obesity and diabetes but looking at the Food triangle it has a majority of high Glucose foods, like bread, cereal, and other grain based products. I am not talking about Gluten intolerance, that is a whole other reason to question the Food Triangle but is unrelated to obesity. Having been treated for an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder myself, I understand the difficulty faced by people with obesity and why they look for reasons NOT to change. I do not dislike obese people, I just want to be able to NOT be forced to share my chair. Obese people should plan ahead to arrange adequate seating, just as I have to plan ahead for my mobility impairment.
commented 2015-05-07 12:55:29 -0400
I’m always looking forward to the – period! Everyone you add to your Team are FANTASTIC!!! :D

I would like to make a suggestion of someone who would fit right in with your Team: Michael Campbell –
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