May 02, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Carey Linde, lawyer of BC father compelled to call transgender daughter a boy

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Today I'm in Vancouver to speak with the lawyer of the father in the shocking British Columbia Supreme Court decision that ruled he must call his transgender daughter by male pronouns or risk a charge of “family violence.”

The Supreme Court judge handed down a ruling siding with the teenager, stating that the father has no authority to deny his child's intake of potentially dangerous Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which stimulates masculine sex characteristics. Further, the father is legally restrained from trying to persuade his Grade Nine teenager to reconsider the potentially negative impact of such a regimen.

In response, the father is fighting the court on the grounds that his own Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms have been unduly restricted.

So why would I be speaking to this man's lawyer Carey Linde, and not the father himself?

During the proceedings, his child's lawyers had received a protective order stemming from a separate petition to the court which effectively restrains this girl's father from giving interviews about this case.

In Canada, who gets to decide if a young child goes on a field trip? A sleepover? What about the child getting braces? Certainly not the state. Parents reserve that right.

And that is as it should be, parents have the sole power to decide what their children do, when they do it, and where they do it. Nobody cares more for the wellbeing of children than their parents (much to the puzzlement of cultural Marxists.)

For some reason however, in Canada, this judge has set the precedent that trans children can not enjoy the parental protections that every other Canadian child does. How would you feel if your parents were overruled by a court when they told you not to stick your fingers in the paper shredder?

Parental rights are not just the rights of parents. They are the God given rights of a child, allowing them to have someone with real life experience to be their greatest advocates.

We live in a world where the state is fine with parents putting their children in mortal peril by not refusing vaccine injections (which science tells us is safe and effective), but if a parent refuses injections of Gonadotropin releasing hormones (which science tells us has adverse effects on bone mineralization, that it compromises fertility, and effects on long term executive brain function is uncertain), well, then the parents are engaging in "family violence." That is a direct quote from the judge.

This story is still developing, and as it moves through the courts, I will keep you updated at

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commented 2019-05-09 18:54:54 -0400
Liza, it was far too late for this kid.. Of course, my Sister was too foolish to see the warning signs long before they took hold. She may have been influenced by drug use from her younger years.. She may also have been influenced by Bi-Polar Syndrome. I do understand your reference to Liz Wheeler’s you tube video on the abuse of young children.. It is possible my Sister was inflicted with Bi-Polar Syndrome, or whatever… Not my problem either way.. My Brother just wanted the money from my Father’s Estate, so he could keep his big house. He is older by a year, and extremely overweight, so just wanted some money to make his life more bearable before he dies. As for me? I’m as fit as a 30 year old, and have many years ahead of me. My Siblings hate that.. I’ll be retiring to Central or South America soon. My Family is not invited, but friends are… These people/my own Family, have stolen from me.. To hell with them… I win…:)
commented 2019-05-06 13:43:53 -0400
" If one has a child that is this messed up, it might be better to let Darwinism deal with it.."

Robert S. I would like to hope that when most parents see problems that they find ways to get that child what he or she needs to re-balance. If that means hauling them out of school, moving to a farm, finding a way to get them past puberty before any irreparable moves have been made by a gender addled child with the interference of ‘professionals’, so be it. What ever it takes, as far as I’m concerned. I could no more abandon my child than cut off my own arm, but there is no way he/she would be living in my basement at 40.

We have parental rights until the child is 18 and those rights must be protected by the courts. Parents need to take those 18 years seriously. If more did, we would not be seeing so many confused children. The cultural Marxists are thieves and will steal our children, but only if we let them. At 18 what ever will be will be.

We aren’t bigots for wanting to protect this child.

-sexual exploitation laws should be covering drag queen shows with children in them or shows of drag queens in front of children, including library ‘story time’.
Make sexualizing children a illegal again!
commented 2019-05-06 13:34:42 -0400
What do you expect from a Trudeau appointed judge?
commented 2019-05-03 18:05:53 -0400
Well said, Dan.. My Nephew/Niece is still living in my sister’s basement.. In his/her 40’s, the little shit decided he was female a couple of years back. That same little shit is living for free, and continues to live off of his Parents. And that is why my Sister and her Hubby stole from my Father’s Estate the day after he died, by way of Fraud and Forgery. And they had it planned long before our Father passed away.. You see, they have to pay for their mentally disturbed kid until the day they die. The “Step-Dad” removed his own daughter from his Will, giving everything to the trans-gendered “player”. Nice though, that his daughter is a Mountie, and has married a Lawyer.. She will be fine, but that messed up nut case of a Nephew/Niece will now inherit my Sister’s House. He/she is the only one, and will never have to work again. Smart move by a mentally disturbed individual.. Sociopathy, or Psychopathy? Or, maybe not so disturbed? I’m thinking this one knows exactly what he/she is doing.. I’ve known that kid from day one, and something was always off.. As for Sociopaths and Psychopaths? Well, in the end they are all the same… I say, “let them have what they want”.. They will “off” themselves, and be lost in History. If one has a child that is this messed up, it might be better to let Darwinism deal with it..
commented 2019-05-03 15:15:23 -0400
You CANNOT force the sane among us to play along with these delusional fantasies!
commented 2019-05-03 12:38:04 -0400
This is way past insane . . . . “Feelings” & “Emotions” now trump SCIENCE . . . a nine year old does not have the intellect or knowledge to determine anything other than what they like for breakfast. Someone has pumped this stupid idea into their little heads . . . likely that unhinged mother. Already we are seeing the numbers of these “Gender Confused” children inflating the suicide rates . . .

Canada’s Public Education system is failing families by pumping this insanity in the classrooms . . . thanks to marxist teachers’ unions.
commented 2019-05-03 12:03:41 -0400
The left’s narcissism, nihilism and moral relativism, not to mention their irrationality, and delusional ideology, is destroying our country from within.
Rather, we should destroy the left, and save Canada!

Transgenderism is a mental disorder listed as gender dysphoria by the APA, in the DSM!
One must wonder why the authorities would promote, let alone permit, a mentally disturbed person with a mental disorder like gender dysphoria to serve in any responsible capacity, let alone as a judge!
The examples of sociopathy and even psychopathy, are fairly common today, and clearly evident in the 5 P Professionals and all their other actions against this country and its people, and needs to be exposed and dealt with…effectively. Keep up the good work REBEL!
Just look at the decision of the court – and the 5 P Professional – that took away this man’s speech rights, took his right to raise his own family, took his right to decide what was right or wrong and this in the face of the left’s really retarded lefty-liberal-pseudo-science, and basically they took his daughter to pervert, poison and eventually kill her…and set a precedent!

…destroy the left, and save Canada!
commented 2019-05-03 11:38:22 -0400
This leftist insanity continues to darken this country. The intrusion of the state into our lives has reached a level that far beyond that of a democracy. This country, once a great symbol of what democracy should look like, is slipping away on so many fronts.
commented 2019-05-03 10:56:34 -0400
Who originated the lawsuit?
commented 2019-05-03 10:37:41 -0400
The article has the right point that parents should always have the right to do what is best for their children. The double negative in the point about vaccines infers likely the opposite of what you intended, and in that case also contradicts your entire point that parents should always have the right to choose. They should have the right to choose! If vaccines are so safe and effective, then why has the vaccine court (which most people aren’t made aware of) paid out almost $3.5 billion dollars to vaccine-injured people? Why have vaccines never been tested properly against a placebo in trials, which are usually only 4 days long anyway and won’t show all possible side effects? Aren’t drugs supposed to undergo months or years of safety trials? Why does the CDC, who is apparently a nonbiased entity hold numerous patents on vaccine ingredients which it profits from tremendously? That is a serious conflict of interest. Why are vaccine manufacturers immune to lawsuits due to injury if the product is so safe? People can sue for side effects of Jardiance but not a vaccine. The science is not settled and if you are implying (though not with your likely typo of ‘not refusing’) that people should not be allowed to refuse any type of medical intervention, then that is refuting your own point for parental rights. Maybe doctors could start showing people the Vaccine inserts that Merck, etc include in their product package, which by law they are supposed to do – but don’t. One side effect of the dTaP Vaccine is SIDS. Who gets told that at a 2-month well-baby check-up? Unfortunately, I was never told that. Vaccine Choice Canada has numerous articles to provide enlightening information for parents/everyone that our allopathic medical practitioners aren’t aware of by ignorance or choice.
Otherwise, a well-pointed article. The situation is a very sad one.
commented 2019-05-03 01:28:02 -0400
All knowing Andrew…….a “medical best-practice”? WTF are you talking about? I’ve read a lot of stupid shit in your posts but this one tops them all. Your bias is clear and what is also clear is that you don’t have any children.
Do you remember when forced sterilization was a best practice?
commented 2019-05-03 00:55:20 -0400
Andrew Stephenson

You make some good points. A tact the father’s lawyer can take, is forcing the information onto the child. If this child is old enough to make this decision, they’re old enough to take the stand and be cross examined, to find out exactly what it is they know, or don’t know. I’d ask the judge if she makes uninformed decisions? That’s a justification to appeal her decisions.

No, judges don’t like to put children on the stand. But I say again. If (s)he is old enough to make this decision, (s)he is old enough to take the stand!
commented 2019-05-03 00:45:26 -0400
Liza Rosie

Yes. I think his lawyer should’ve pushed for the judge to recuse herself. Absolutely!
commented 2019-05-03 00:41:05 -0400
If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the left take everything too far, and average Canadians, contrary to their beliefs, do not agree with them. There’s maybe 20 parents in the entire country that will like this activist judge.

Secondly, this sick judge is giving us the evidence we need to alter the courts of justice act to hold judge criminally responsible for their activist decisions.
commented 2019-05-03 00:28:54 -0400
Plus he’s not allowed to talk about it. Its insane.
commented 2019-05-03 00:24:02 -0400
Correction: It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children at all costs, even from themselves if need be.
Also isn’t there a conflict of interest with this judge, since she is somewhat of an activist for the gender theory being so aggressively pushed onto our kids these days?
commented 2019-05-03 00:17:57 -0400
This is a gross overreach by the government and the long arm of the law. The fact that a gender studies activist judge can override the fathers parental rights and potentially damage the life of his 14 year old child is outrageous to me. I am so glad to hear that the father is motivated to take this fight all the way. I support him 100%. Protecting his daughter until she is of legal age to make decisions for herself regarding her welfare is the right thing for him or any parent to do. It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children at all costs, even against themselves if need be.

I hope that activist judge has considered the possibility that the wife could be more interested in going against him than helping her daughter? They are divorced or divorcing, and at a difficult time for a young teen just going through puberty. A confusing time and it disgusts me that the law is interfering. It sickens me.

This is a very important case for every parent and child. The more press this suit can get the better. So glad the Rebel is covering it. People need to know, it could be them next.
commented 2019-05-02 23:06:12 -0400
Another case of separated parents, the mother is pushing for hormone replacement (she probably watch too much of that show on TV about the kid, Jazz), the child is caught in the middle, and who knows, maybe this is the kid’s way of retaliating against the parents to get attention.
The mind is very delicate and so is a 14 year old’s attempt at revenge or attention, consciously or subconsciously.
commented 2019-05-02 22:24:37 -0400
“Parental rights are not just the rights of parents. They are the God given rights of a child”

The child’s rights are also “God given” (insofar as such a concept is not legally tenable – constitutionally given, perhaps). Especially when they conflict with “parental rights”. . Then the child’s own rights become a consideration. Or, as in this case, when the two parents are also in conflict. The father is against the mother, the kid, and medical best-practice here.