March 03, 2017

Le Pen Stripped of Immunity

Rebel Staff

The European Parliament — it’s government-from-afar, a bureaucratic nightmare — its chamber is a bastion of European left-of-centre thinking, a crucible of progressivism, with national sovereignty burning at its core. 

And so, it’s no surprise that on Thursday MEPs voted to remove Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity from prosecution, allowing French prosecutors to pursue legal action against the National Front leader for posting three graphic pictures of ISIS violence on Twitter in December 2015 — the uncensored images included the beheading of American journalist James Foley and the execution-by-fire of shot-down Jordanian pilot Muath al Kasasbeh.

But why would Le Pen tweet such images? And what about the revocation of her parliamentary immunity — surely, it isn’t a move to restrict Islamic extremist propaganda in the European Parliament, a place where there likely isn’t any?

Well, herein lies the context to her tweets and the answer to those questions — in December 2015, Le Pen found herself in a spat with a journalist, Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Bourdin had compared Le Pen’s National Front to ISIS, known by the acronym Daesh. This was an absurd assertion from Bourdin, which led Le Pen to respond in kind, tweeting “Daesh is THIS!”

Now, Le Pen went on to delete the tweet that contained a photo of James Foley after criticism from his family — at the time Le Pen said, “I did not know it was a photo of James Foley, and when I learned that his parents demanded that I take down this photo, I did, obviously.”

It’s clear that Le Pen’s intent was not to antagonize Mr. Foley’s family — her acceptance of their distress and distaste at the image’s distribution, although widely available elsewhere online, led Le Pen to, respectfully, delete the tweet. The right-wing firebrand’s intent was, rather, to make a point, to shine light on the reality of ISIS’s crimes, to showcase the terror group’s brutality and savagery.

Vividly made, her point was successfully put across — the National Front, for all its vulnerabilities, is not ISIS.

“I do not regret the publication of these photos,” Le Pen said at the time, according to the New York Times. “I think it drew attention to the appalling outrage of comparing Daesh and the National Front.”

It is true, though, that in France, the maximum penalty for distributing violent images is three years in prison and a fine of up to €75,000.

It is also true, however, that this vote by the European Parliament was triggered by a request from the prosecutor of Nanterre in western Paris.

Le Pen, who has consistently led first-round polls, dismissed the efforts to remove her immunity as “part of the system that wants to stop the French people’s candidate that I am.”

The first round of the French presidential election will be held on April 23, 2017.

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commented 2017-03-05 16:35:32 -0500
We will pray her in as we did Trump..
commented 2017-03-05 08:41:03 -0500
Le Pen is a lawyer…at the very least she will filibuster the court appearance until she is in power.
commented 2017-03-05 01:12:10 -0500
This violation of the popular candidate to win the election, may backfire on the EU and cement her victory.
commented 2017-03-04 20:12:58 -0500
What the hell is going on! those who commit such horrible crimes are turned by these sick lefties into celebrities when they return from the fields of Jihad but those who raise awareness about their crimes are punished and turned into evils!
West is doomed
commented 2017-03-04 19:49:04 -0500
Victory to Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders! If only we had leaders like them in Canada.
Down with the egregious and evil European Union!
Down with the evil religion-political movement of Islam!
commented 2017-03-04 14:59:51 -0500
Marine Le Pen may tell the E.U. to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. The E.U. is living on borrowed time I think.
commented 2017-03-04 11:43:24 -0500
IF the EU communists in Brussels move on this star chamber soviet show rial and political cleansing of Le Pen (as they attempted with Wilders) – French patriots should storm and burn the EU council to the ground in the way they stormed the Bastille the last time tyrants ruled France. The EU has been a disaster for France (and Europe) time to end it definitively.
commented 2017-03-04 11:18:57 -0500
The EU is making a big mistake by making a martyr out of Le Pen. She may become a modern day Joan of Arc.
commented 2017-03-04 03:53:28 -0500
Western Europe,,, And I stress “Western Europe”, is very much at the crossroads in the coming elections and days.. Notably the Netherlands and France… There is no doubt however that Eastern Europeans have had enough of the Muzzie shit perpetrated by Merkel and are going to fight to preserve their cultures…
commented 2017-03-04 02:51:34 -0500
Hope this helps her win like Allan says, i despise marxist scum so much.
commented 2017-03-03 22:41:26 -0500
Interesting procedure. Revoking immunity for a “crime” that was not a crime when it occurred. Imagine the mayhem if everyone could be charged for old actions under new legislation? The Soviet Union will not be dead as long as there EU exists.
commented 2017-03-03 22:36:39 -0500
I suspect that, as puerile as this attack is, it will backfire on the EU. Brexit all over again. And lefty whining to match it as well.
commented 2017-03-03 21:52:32 -0500
Isn’t what the EU authorities are doing to Le Pen the same thing Hitler did to the Jews? The Nazi’s took away Jewish rights and eventually led them to prison camps. Will these new Nazis at the EU eventually do the same thing to anti-globalists? Are anti-globalists the Jews of the 21st century?
commented 2017-03-03 21:46:22 -0500
Leftist cockroaches are the same all over the world whether they be the disgraceful Trudeau Liberals, the Hillary Democrats or the hard left Europeans.
commented 2017-03-03 21:15:38 -0500
The Gangsters that control the EU will do anything to take Le Pen down, She has them running scared.

She has to tie them up in Court until after the Election. Once she is elected, then France will say Good Bye to the EU, this and the UK also out, will be the end of the European Dictatorship.
commented 2017-03-03 20:55:19 -0500
This leftwing insanity is so satanically imbeded into western society and governments that democracy is truly in danger. Look at what they’re doing to Trump. Hillary has come back out of her hole to cheer on the anarchists, Obama refuses to leave Washington so he can keep working with his alternate government to undermine Trump and even the FBI is against him. If we had anyone in the Conservative Party anywhere close to being as threatening as Le Pen or Trump imagine the backlash that would come from the libs and they’re Muslim and MSM allies.
commented 2017-03-03 19:55:00 -0500
Outrageous. Again conservatives (and libertarians) and Trump. The gloves MUST come off. Are you listening CPC candidates? I won’t hold my breath.
commented 2017-03-03 19:38:15 -0500
Down with the neo-Marxist European Union!
Vive Marine Le Pen!
May she be the next President of France and free the French Republic from the evil European Union.
The European Union is the enemy of Western Civilization.
Fight it as we did Nazism and Communism…..the EU’s “kissing cousins”.
If only Canada had a leader like Marine Le Pen! (Instead of the ball-less Islamophile neo-Marxist feminist Nazi Justin Trudeau.)
commented 2017-03-03 19:32:20 -0500
The government in France is trying to do to Marine LePen the same that they did with Geert Wilders.
Both are great models of leadership.
commented 2017-03-03 19:18:54 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,917 Attacks, 210,973 Killed, 295,044 Injured that we know of.
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