November 14, 2018

Learning to "balance head and heart" brings Canadian musician back to conservatism (Guest: Kelly Day)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


I met an interesting character over the weekend at our Rebel Live event in Calgary and she was such a hit, such a rising star, that I think we should all get to know her a bit better. She’s a hidden gem right now, but I don’t think she’s going to stay that way.

Kelly Day is a new political YouTuber and an incredibly talented musician. She performed such a stirring and haunting rendition of Owen Benjamin’s ode to Tommy Robinson “How They Rule ‘Ya,” that the Rebel Live audience of 600 spontaneously sang along.

Kelly has a story to tell about her journey to the political right and her quest for dialogue with political opposites in a time when politics have never been more polarized.

She reminds us that in order to pop the bubble that our political adversaries are living in, we might actually need to talk to them. It’s a controversial idea when political discourse has been reduced to radical tribalism and guilt by association.

Joining me tonight from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to discuss how she found her way back to conservatism, and to share what it’s like to be a libertarian-leaning musician when pop culture is a liberal waste-land, is Kelly Day.

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commented 2018-11-15 23:09:44 -0500
I’m glad I’m not the only weird person. I dabbled in electronic music and I’m now a writer. Even so, I came to see that socialism is immoral and totalitarian. I’m glad Kelly Day has come to realize that conservative values are the compassionate ones.
commented 2018-11-15 11:27:43 -0500
This is a really good interview. Kelly Day is so well spoken, and I think her input will prove influential for many. She is a very intelligent and relate-able person. Not to mention her incredible musical talent (she did a terrific song about Faith Goldy). Kelly strikes me as very principled and fair minded. She makes up her own mind about things. I was first introduced to her on a Joe Hazelton live stream (I can’t remember how I found Joe).
It’s great to see the Rebel bringing on some of our young Canadian you tubers, talking about Canadian things. I would love to see more of it. These people are the future of Canada and can really have influence.

How about an interview with Canadian patriot and ex Muslim, One Godless Woman (I found her through both Joe and Kelly). She’s got something to say and is being targeted in Justin’s climate of ‘inclusivity’ in the country she made home 15(?) years ago now, when Canada still had some self respect and was still a safe haven.

Awesome Sheila, thanks for this.
commented 2018-11-14 23:54:37 -0500
Go get em Kelly🎶🎶
commented 2018-11-14 23:11:51 -0500
Kelly is such a sweetheart! I haven’t checked out her content but it sounds like I could send some of my liberal friends whom could relate her way.
commented 2018-11-14 22:28:40 -0500
If people are getting their definitions from the mainstream media, it’s not surprising that they could be conservative or libertarian & not know it. It’s said that 40% of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism but I doubt if very many of them know what socialism & capitalism actually are.
commented 2018-11-14 22:13:26 -0500
I hear there was a secret court
Journalists weren’t allowed to report
But you don’t really care, for freedom do yeah?

It goes like this without the 5th
The Gavel falls and they cuff your wrists
It’s not OK that this is how they rule yeah
How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya

But Tommy has been hear before
He’s seen this room and he’s walked this floor
Last time they tried to kill him, but he endured yeah

They need the votes for this growing state
And won’t stop who their voters rape
It’s not OK that this is how they rule yeah
How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya

There was a time they let you know
Who’s really coming to your shores
But now they never tell the story true yeah

The state tries to say Tommy has racial hate
It’s really a fear of a calephate
The state says “no, it’s how we rule ya”
How we rule ya
How we rule ya
How we rule ya

Pedophiles are celbrated
Tommy Robinson is incarcerated
But you never seem to care for children do ya?

The grooming gangs moved in on you
And the kids looked up to you for truth
Please just don’t say “baby this how the rule ya”

How they rule ya
How they rule ya
How they rule ya