Stop Bill 89: Tell Kathleen Wynne to leave our kids alone!

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There's a new bill in Ontario, one that threatens our children. 

Bill 89 codifies the Liberal government’s belief that children belong to the state, not their parents.

If passed, Bill 89 will repeal and replace the existing Child and Family Services Act. That Act governs everything from child protection services and foster care to adoption.

However, rather than promoting child welfare as it purports to do, Bill 89 is a totalitarian bill. It will provide the state with the powers to seize children from their families for the sake of gender ideology, possibly even preventing religious parents from ever adopting or becoming foster parents.  

In the sections concerning matters to be considered in determining the best interest of a child, the religious faith in which the child is being raised is removed.

Instead, the following list of factors is included: “race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression."

Bill 89 includes a lengthy description of a “child in need of protection” (i.e. where child protective services intervention ought to take place). Among that long list includes the description of a child who is at risk of mental or emotional suffering; one whose parent does not provide “treatment or access to treatment” is thus defined as a child in need of protection.

As a parent in Ontario today, you have no say in the classroom, but you have a say in your own home. Under Bill 89, you lose that right.

In fact, according to section 73, if you fail to provide the “treatment or access to treatment” that your child now demands, you are working against his interests. So, since your child is now considered “a child in need of protection” in the eyes of the state, the Children’s Aid society must investigate you. 

Should the Children’s Aid worker simply follow the law and find that the child is in need of protection because you have failed to use the childs "preferred pronouns" then, according to Bill 89, a court is to issue orders with respect to care for your child.

Bill 89 also adds the words "wherever possible" in describing child services intervention. This is a radical break from the past and a clear signal that Children' Aid Society intervention is to be more readily provided, and will not be presumed to be disruptive.

Bill 89's use of amorphous language is not without reason -- rather, its aim is a colossal reduction in parental authority. In the new phrasing, the parent's authority is instead limited by the "child's creed" -- or whatever the child tells the care worker their creed is or is not.

Under Bill 89 powers are granted to the Minister in charge of the portfolio to allow for the Government’s home invasion more sweeping and severe.

Bill 89 is an unprecedented government intrusion into Ontario homes. It pushes gender identity unto Ontario children; it makes unscientific gender theory the law of our households; it removes protective language surrounding a minor’s religious faith; it persecutes adoptive and foster parents of faith; and, perhaps most disturbingly, it grants the state sweeping new powers to remove children from their parents’ and guardians’ custody.

If you want to keep the government and unproven gender ideology out of your home then please sign the petition below. 

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We the undersigned support a parents right to raise their child. We demand that Bill 89 be rescinded. 

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