August 30, 2017

Left revs up fake outrage: Media asks gender politics “expert” to analyze “sexist” Kenney tweet

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The internet police, politicians and the mainstream media are losing their minds over a tweet that United Conservative Party leadership candidate Jason Kenney sent out earlier this week. 

The tweet featured a picture of a guy checking out a girl while with another woman who obviously isn’t too pleased about it; the guy with the wandering eye represents the NDP, his date represents Alberta and the other woman represents the carbon tax.

Of course the left revved up their faux outrage machine as soon as they saw it to claim both the meme and Jason Kenney are sexist.

Instead of accepting that the image was meant as a metaphor for bad choices, they claim it objectifies women.

Predictably, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna chimed in with a ridiculous tweet as did floor crossing NDP MLA Sandra Jansen.

But do either of these politicians really want to talk about real sexism?

If so, why has neither of these women mentioned allegations of sexual harassment against Liberal MP Darshan Kang — a caucus-mate of McKenna’s and Jansen’s pal?

The media gets to run crazy headlines and politicians get to lash out in the desperate hope that the negative story will spread so they won’t lose their jobs next election.

In this case, McKenna doesn’t want the UCP to win in Alberta because it will make her job harder, and Notley NDP’er Jansen is desperately clinging to her seat.

It would be nice if they’d put this much time and effort into the actual jobs that we pay them to do instead of freaking out over a meme.

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commented 2017-08-31 17:07:55 -0400
Feminism is one big chronic state of being offended.
commented 2017-08-31 11:37:43 -0400
I’ve looked at many videos and movies on utube from back in the “old days” and applied some of the new standards the left,feminists and all the other so called SJW groups find offensive under a plethora of their standards.
From what I can gather ,we will have to purge almost everything prior to say 1990 because everything offends these simple souls. Should Jerry Seinfeld be sent to jail for looking into the purse of his one night stand because he forgot her name?Should all the old Celebrity Roasts with Sammy Davis Jr and the Rat Pack and Don Rickles be purged? Lots of material there to be offended by!
The left’s constant indignation is tiresome and I think folks are sick to death of it. “Folks” . Where did I hear that word used? Oh yes, Bill O’Reilly used to call his viewers “the folks” until they got him purged from Fox. See what I am saying?
commented 2017-08-31 02:43:40 -0400
Hi Holly. It is times like this that the conservatives such as Kenney, should ask what media sources would go out of their way to stand up for them over such attacks.
commented 2017-08-31 01:22:40 -0400
These liberals, ndp and sjw journalists are acting like high school kids. They don’t realize how silly they look I guess. They are using this manufactured outrage to make Kenny look bad, but it does the exact opposite in my opinion. It just makes them look ridiculous. How could anyone take these weak opportunists seriously?
I’m glad Kenny tweeted that meme, it has only served to show the stupidity of the left. I thought Kenny’s blurb about Mcdonald was really good push back also.
commented 2017-08-30 23:34:19 -0400
The left have reached the insanity saturation point and little they whine about has any social relevance, it’s more a cry for help from alost generation who have no moral compass or positive roll models.

This is the best interview I have heard in some time where Stephan Molyneux talks to a reformed Antifa leftist who was smart enough to realize how self-destructive and how morally and intellectually vacant hard left dogmatism is – it’s like a cult of losers with Daddy issues -
commented 2017-08-30 21:34:39 -0400
I enjoy your videos , they are power packed
You work hard , we appreciate

Sarcasm is like mayonnaise , you can put it on anything
commented 2017-08-30 21:23:21 -0400
Well, I support Kenney. I don’t think he’s sexist/misogynistic/whatever-istic.

But….I do think that was a pretty stupid tweet. It played right into his critics’ hands. We can anticipate their lines of attack. Why feed the trolls, so to speak.

Mr. Kenney should get some more women on his campaign team, pronto. I cringed when I saw the tweet because I knew what was coming next. I guess you could call that “women’s intuition” if you believed in such a sexist construct…
commented 2017-08-30 21:20:24 -0400
I’m sure many of you are thinking exactly what I am – the world is losing its mind!

You can always tell when there’s an ulterior motive – we see this sniping from politicians and the media on everything from identity politics to climate change. And it’s never based in truth!
commented 2017-08-30 20:28:57 -0400
Another example of what Jason Kenney explained was his being “repeatedly attacked by the Rebel” as grounds for his disassociation with the Rebel. (Sarcasm).
commented 2017-08-30 20:11:04 -0400
Holly, great line, “not a Tory, not a story”.
commented 2017-08-30 18:45:40 -0400
Like married Lefty women have never once even noticed how pretty JT is?
commented 2017-08-30 18:32:45 -0400
Hmmmm…that meme currently swings me to Kenney. Nice to see some humour back in politics.

Poor Sandra Jansen, crossed the floor hoping to regain percs but found that Notley is leery of traitors for self-benefit. Hence, good old Jansen is trying to remain relevant in an irrelevant way.
commented 2017-08-30 17:56:29 -0400
According tot he left and the MSM women are helpless invalids who need others to protect them from a tweet and they are so mindless that they have to have others be offended on their behalf. But Kenny is the Sexist.
commented 2017-08-30 17:55:05 -0400
Rules are not for the left. They are above such frivolities.
commented 2017-08-30 17:46:01 -0400
Nice Holly, you tied that story together great to show just how the alt-left are pervs.
commented 2017-08-30 17:45:45 -0400
Manufactured outrage is so tiresome!
Trudeau says he has zero tolerance for sexual harassment, yet, he allowed a Liberal MP go on medical leave following sexual harassment allegations! Ooops, I guess we are not supposed to remember he said that. Another MP scandal tarnishing the shiny pony!