July 28, 2015

Don't trust Mulcair's "no gun registry" promise

Brian LilleyArchive

Thomas Mulcair is in northern Ontario this week, Thunder Bay to be exact, and that has him telling voters something different than he has told them in the past.

The headline at TB News Watch couldn’t be clearer.

“NDP Leader rules out re-introducing fed long gun registry”

The story went on to say…

“Even though both Thunder Bay MPs were punished for breaking rank with the NDP over abolishing the long gun registry back in 2011, Tom Mulcair says he won't re-introduce the registry if the NDP forms the next government.

The NDP Leader made the comment to reporters in Thunder Bay on Sunday after speaking at a rally of around 300 people.

‘We will not be bringing in a long gun registry. It was a failure,’ Mulcair said.

‘We will make sure the police have the tools to do their job safely but there's no question for the NDP to bring in a long gun registry.’"

What exactly does that last part mean and can Tom Mulcair and the NDP be trusted on this? Can Justin Trudeau and the Liberals be trusted on this because they are sounding very similar right now but what have they said in the past on this issue and where do they stand now?

Mulcair has said for some time now that he doesn’t want and will not bring in the Liberal gun registry of old but that doesn’t mean he won’t bring in some kind of gun registry.

Here is what Mulcair told reporters as he left his December 3, 2014 caucus meeting and was asked about gun control just days ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

"We would look for a way of doing this without falling into the problems that existed with the Liberal's version of this but we are starting with the definition of what I'm calling an obligation of result. For the NDP the obligation of result is that the police are able to track every gun. That has to be there both for public protection and the protection of the police," Mulcair said.

So not THE gun registry but make no mistake, A gun registry. Mulcair then responded to another question by saying what gun registry supporters had long claimed, everything else is registered….

“I have nothing against seeing honest farmers and duck hunters be able to have their weapons, but, you know, that honest hunter who goes out with his pickup truck, it’s a registered pickup truck and he's carrying his 4X4 on a trailer and the trailer’s registered and the 4X4 is registered. Heck, his dog is registered.”

Does that sound like a man that would not bring in some kind of gun registry or repeal Bill C-42, the bill that went part way to making the current system a bit more bearable?

Mulcair wants to bring back a separate authorization to transport, one of the good aspects of C-42 that reduced needless paperwork to already licenced gun owners.

Justin Trudeau also says he wants to repeal C-42, doesn’t like it. In fact he has claimed in fundraising letters that the changes to the law mean you can throw a pistol in your glove box and head to the grocery store or your kids soccer game. It’s not true and it shows he doesn’t understand the law.

Now that same day, December 3, 2014, Trudeau was asked about Mulcair saying every gun needed to be tracked. Trudeau protested that he will in no way bring in a gun registry but he wants a lot more gun control.

"I have said very clearly and I will repeat it that the Liberal Party will not bring back a gun registry," Trudeau said.

"Jurisdictions around the world are looking into gun control. A lot can be done around classification, a lot can be done around proper review of the people looking to purchase firearms. There are many different ways of doing this and the Liberal Party is taking this seriously because Canadians are united in their desire to see less violence with guns."

Who doesn’t want to see less gun violence but like most politicians who believe in gun control, Trudeau doesn’t want to tackle gangs, criminals and illegal guns, he wants to make life harder for law abiding gun owners.

The fact is there is not that much gun violence in Canada, and most of what there is happens not with legal guns but illegal ones.

Statistics Canada released new data on the country's murder rate at the end of last year.

Canada had just 505 murders in 2013, the first full year without the long-gun registry. That figure, 505 murders, was down from 543 in 2012. It is the lowest murder rate, at 1.44 murders per 100,000 population, since 1966.

Of those 505 murders, just 131 involved guns, down 41 from the year before.

There were more stabbing deaths than shooting deaths and of the gun deaths, "The majority (68%) of firearm-related homicides were committed with the use of a handgun, a trend that has held over the last 20 years," StatsCan reported.

Handguns, the legal ones, still need to be registered, it’s been that way since the 1930s. Those handgun murders are generally not from registered and legal handguns.

The push for gun control from the left is not about public violence. Shootings are down, the murder rate is down, gun crime is down.

No the push for gun control from the left stems from the fact that they don’t like guns or at least not the general public having access to guns. It is based on their ideology, a worldview that says don’t trust the common man. It is not based on facts.

What will happen for gun owners if Mulcair or Trudeau are leading a government after October 19? Life will get much more difficult and it will happen fast. Mark my words.


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commented 2015-09-22 13:17:49 -0400
None of these politicians seem to get that crimes are committed by CRIMINALS and those individuals don’t care about laws or gun registry, they don’t get their guns from the store DUH! The only ones who will obey the laws are the ones you will never have problems with, and these Politicians keep piling laws on laws on the back of these law abiding peoples just to calm a handful of totally uneducated peoples on the subject of guns instead of doing just what Mr.Harper is doing which is hitting armed criminals hard and leaving the law abiding alone. Like someone else said Mr.Harper might not be the perfect Conservative candidate but he’s doing a good job at restoring justice for law abiding gun owners. We are not the criminals.
commented 2015-07-31 07:50:04 -0400
Mark – the regulation of hunting and sporting arms is and has been the constitutional jurisdiction of the provinces since Canada was commissioned as a self governing nation (BNA act). In 2000 the supreme court of Canada changed that – but only in a reference question, not a case ruling. In rendering the opinion the court stated that federal criminal law could be used to regulate firearms as an act of public safety admitted that sporting arms regulation was a provincial jurisdiction BUT, that firearms are so inherently deadly ( no facts to back this, I know my firearms have never harmed anyone just like 99.999% of lawful owners haven’t) and they said they would allow the federal regulatory control as well – the court was split on the matter with 1 vote margin for allowing fed control. An earlier provincial court ruling was similar with the 1 vote margin favoring the provinces. They also rejected arguments that it would be to expensive or that it would criminalize owners with no criminal intent for paper crimes ( in hind sight, the court was wrong on both counts)

So essentially we have to endure ultra vires bad law because the federal government is attempting to regulate in areas of non criminal misdemeanor (paperwork, and non criminal use) with their only tool – criminal law. This is why there are criminal penalties for paperwork errors in the firearms act and why you can be criminalized for owning a gun which was previously legal to own. It is simply the wrong kind of law to use for regulating lawful use of lawfully owned property. That is provincial jurisdiction where regulatory defaults bring fines, not imprisonment and criminal records.

Harper had 8 years and all the legal information needed to decriminalize the lawful use and ownership of a sporting firearm, I’m sure both sides of the house would be amiable to removing the onerous paperwork traps and arbitrary powers which abusively damage honest lawful people – but he dropped the ball – badly. The entire section 39 of the criminal code dealing with the lawful use and possession of firearms should have been gutted and rewritten to allow provincial regulation of these lesser non criminal matters – but we god a half measure which leaves the most contentious portion of the statute intact, where the criminal law can be abused to harass and damage lawful law abiding owners with paperwork and reclassification powers. The power to arbitrarily ban lawfully owned property is a dangerous punishing statute – it could have been repealed – it wasn’t. All of which leads me to believe the fix is in , we are headed to a UN styled authoritarian police state where police are part of the law making structure – and firearms owners are the canary in the coal mine.

And for all the head-in-the-sand left or gun haters out there who think they(an ascending police state) will stop at only persecuting firearms owners, think again. If they can oppress and steal my property on some flimsy uncivil color of law pogrom, they will come for you next, maybe your car or tools or internet, or privacy or anything they can demonize as being too dangerous for you to be trusted with.
commented 2015-07-30 20:43:27 -0400
I think Mulcair would bring back the gun registry. His fellow Quebecers who are responsible for the NDP win there, want a gun registry and have been battling over getting the information to start their own. You can bet Mulcair will be there for them, either with federal grants or with another federal registry. The gun registry should never have been federal jurisdiction anyway. That blowhard sexist bigot Wendy Cukier (who incredibly was awarded the Order of Canada for her persecution of innocent law abiding Canadians) claimed that guns could cross provincial lines so it had to be federal. The same can be said for motor vehicles but they are still provincially registered and used in crimes all the time. Both the NDP and the Liberals want to disarm Canadians. It is their long term goal to leave us defenceless and at the mercy of anyone with a gun or other weapon. That is why they want the registry. The Chretien Liberals already purged a lot of guns in Canada. It was heartbreaking to see them order the destruction or the permanent disabling of firearms in museums. They also banned many types of firearms. Death by a thousand cuts.
Mulcair and Trudeau should wise up because if they try to bring back a gun registry again, this time most Canadian gun owners will not comply. There will be a lot of new criminals in Canada. The gun control act was founded on an act of hatred and sexism and the gun control act itself is based on fear, bigotry, sexism, prejudice and ignorance and smacks of totalitarianism and was one of the biggest witch hunts in Canadian history. Canadians who registered their guns previously lived under a constant black cloud of fear of whether the lists of where the guns were had been hacked into( most likely) and whether the police were going to treat you as armed a dangerous or suddenly announce your guns had been reclassified as being illegal. And those who did not register had to live in fear of discovery. But at least they were not under the constant scrutiny of big brother.
The Liberals must never be forgiven for what they did with the gun control act of 1995. I will never forget the registration centres hastily set up across Canada where gun owners had to line up to be registered along with their guns. It was humiliating to be treated like some kind of offender or potential murderer.
The entire federal gun control act must be abolished and removed from the federal criminal code and the responsibly of private property must be returned to the provinces. The supreme court judges who ruled against the provinces on this betrayed the Canadian people and were obviously in the pocket of the Chretien liberals.
commented 2015-07-30 09:04:32 -0400
“This guy knows less about Canada’s responsible gun owning culture and the laws than he does about running a budget.”

I wish it was just pure ignorance we were dealing with, BILL ELDER, but it’s worse than that . Mulcair knows full well the counter-productive uselessness of a firearms registry – but he will push for one because the idea resonates with his party’s traditional supporters: the unions and women and urbanites. He has done the math, and if he gets to be PM he’s counting on the fact that there there won’t be enough opposition from gun owners and the rural areas to make any difference.

Whether it’s McGuinty and Wynne driving Ontario into the ground, Notley about to do the same in Alberta, or Mulcair with his nonsense – It’s not that these politicians don’t understand, it’s that they just don’t care. They have one concern: the acquisition and retention of power. And if that can only be achieved by repeatedly misleading and pandering to a gullible and ignorant public…so be it.
commented 2015-07-30 08:41:39 -0400
He won’t bring back the Liberal Gun Registry but he’s not saying that he’ll ban every type of gun short of a BB gun, or create such a long list of rules and regulations for moving or even using your gun that the red tape might take a year or two to get through, or you’re now required to register your bullets or put such high taxes on shells that shooting your 22 can cost as much as the rifle.
Just remember folks most politians milead or lie at sometime but socials lie or mislead at all times. They see as one of their responsibilites the taking away of freedom.
commented 2015-07-30 07:56:19 -0400
This guy knows less about Canada’s responsible gun owning culture and the laws than he does about running a budget. Never let an idiot near a complicated subject. The ticking time bomb this latte commie is playing with is the lawful firearms owner has had enough screwing around from politicians playing feel good games with their money, safety and legal rights -any new show off “get tough” policy from a political will be met with massive non compliance and possibly this time sporting arms groups will seek a court injunction to make the government show just cause. The next gun grab will not go well because the people are well aware of the cynical intent of politicians.
commented 2015-07-29 16:52:34 -0400
To the Quebec communist from France and the French socialist from Quebec, ‘…de mes mains mortes de froid.’
commented 2015-07-29 13:13:52 -0400
As I listen to both Mulcair and Trudeau, I think this has more to do with lining up with the American left’s view on gun control and I trace that back to the U.N. to disarm anyone that is an individual. So their commentary comes from the Obama advisors that they both are using for this election.
commented 2015-07-29 12:06:03 -0400
The Left don’t want the population to be armed in the event the public rebels against them for pushing more unwanted Socialism/Communism in an attempt to enslave the public!
commented 2015-07-29 10:24:08 -0400
And everyone overlooks the obvious: “Guns don’t kill people; PEOPLE kill people”! And they will continue to do so with whatever weapon is at hand – gun, knife, sword, poison, box cutter, rope, bare hands, vehicle, stone, slingshot (David slew Goliath with one), etc. Are we going to ban all of these? The money would be better spent if it was redirected into mental health programs that might assist those people intent on committing violence against his/her fellow man!
Mr. Mulcair, methinks, is looking for votes!
commented 2015-07-29 07:43:41 -0400
Like the nazi’s who said, “…get on this train, it will take you to Canada…” while the train was directed to Auschwitz, the enn-dee-pee nazi pigs will say (and have promoted free by the MSM) anything that will win votes for them. After any victory, any enn-dee-pee nazi pig promises are quickly forgotten.

The NDP are members of socialist international ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialist_International ) – notice the member from Venezuela is in opposition – can only imagine the type of party currently running this sh*thole country.

So once again Canada, if you are stupid enough to vote for a bunch of nazi pigs, then you get what you deserve.
commented 2015-07-29 03:26:28 -0400
Politicians will say anything to get elected and people will hear only what they want from their chosen leader.
commented 2015-07-28 23:29:34 -0400
Mulcair must think that his speeches in out of the way places like Thunder Bay don’t make their way to TO. Just wait and see, he’ll be retacting it as soon as some boneheaded leftist in TO questions him on it. BTW no offense to the fine folks of Thunder BAY.
commented 2015-07-28 22:34:57 -0400
He said he would not bring back the Liberal Style Long Gun Registry, he likely intends some more akin to Hitlers Gun Registry followed by confiscations and banning civilians from possessing fire arms so the NDP’s (Nationalist Dictatorship Party) Gestapo can Storm Troop across what was previously known as Canada.
commented 2015-07-28 22:00:04 -0400
He is a citizen of france and therefore not to be trusted period.
commented 2015-07-28 20:23:25 -0400
Gun registry long gun registry car registry trailer registry off road registry registry registry registry on and on When will it ever end and why do we have to register any thing. If I bought a car and put a plate that says
" this car belongs to Fraser McBurney 1234 ave. Hamilton " that should be enough you could assume that if the driver was not Fraser then it was stolen If I wanted to make sure I could find my car I’d put A GPS on it Who needs to register anything with the government BECAUSE IT’S A MONEY GRABE THAT’S ALL
commented 2015-07-28 19:17:04 -0400
What? A left winger saying one thing in one place and the opposite in another place? No, say it is not so!

The left will say anything and do anything to grab power. That is all they are after, power. Harper may not be the best Conservative, but at least he is in the PM chair because he wants help Canada, and Harper is so far ahead of Justin and Thomas in qualifying for the PM chair that the other two will ever be.