October 05, 2017

Leftist justice ministers pretend Edmonton attack wasn't terrorism

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I reported on the charges levied against the Somali "refugee" behind the terrorist attack in Edmonton.

Abdullahi Sharif has been charged with five counts of attempted murder, dangerous driving, and related offenses. But he hasn't been charged as a terrorist yet. I believe this is a political decision made by an NDP Alberta Justice Minister and Liberal federal Justice Minister, who want to pretend Sharif's ISIS-inspired rampage wasn't terrorism.

Sharif was deported from the United States six years ago, so he moved to Canada while Jason Kenney was Minister of Immigration. Under Justin Trudeau, new "Sharifs" enter Canada every day

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commented 2017-10-08 20:47:57 -0400
Something interesting to note…he was found with an ISIS flag in his vehicule….but he made no assertion of being their “soldier” …at least…none tha was reported….and ISIS made no assertion that he was theirs….even though they made four assertions that the Las Vegas shooter was.

My hat is off to the police officer who got knocked down that hard yet got back up still in the game.

But as for this guy being ISIS….actually he is just an embarassment….no kills in spite of his efforts….he’s just a Wahabi wannabe….didn’t even make the cut for ISIS bushwacker….failed audition.
commented 2017-10-08 01:16:51 -0400
Because Canadian Governments’ up to this point or maybe past this point depending on how many Useful Idiots’ in Canada will wake up to the Corruption – have always’ believed Canadians’ do not stay abreast of what their Representative Governments’ are doing and the detrimental effects’ they are causing by passing bad Legislation that in fact down the road keeps’ closing more and more Freedom loopholes for the Canadian people – to the point that Canadians will no longer be able to demand that the Politicians’ that they elected to do the Canadian People’s bidding of how they are to manage Canada – but find the people are now and have become subordinates’ under the thumb of the Aggressive in some cases psychopathic Government Representatives’ the careless Canadian people have elected!
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Alberta, Premier Rachael Notley, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Manitoba Former Premier Greg Sellinger, Socialist Leader of the Opposition NDP Leader Mr. High Taxes and Carbon Taxes Jagmeet Singh are perfect examples of the terrible choices Canadians’ have elected that have power over their lives’ – had power over the Manitoba peoples’ lives and could have power over Canadian lives via Singh and the NDP if the Canadian people jump from the frying pan into the Fire? There is nothing that can ruin a person’d life like Socialism – So help me God! Look at Venezuela as the latest Failed example!
commented 2017-10-07 20:15:56 -0400
To add to my comment below..trudeau should be exiled out of Canada period..
commented 2017-10-07 19:57:01 -0400
trudeau and his followers are going to ……. , ….. ! They will also …..!

In the end trudeau should be exiled into Iran with all liberal voters..They hate Canada..don’t go away mad girls…just go away….
commented 2017-10-07 14:53:01 -0400
I,S.L.A.M = D.E.V.I.L.
That makes Jihadi Justin a demon’s disciple!
commented 2017-10-06 19:23:26 -0400
I read the average IQ in Somalia is 58. We have an inordinate amount of immigrants from this low IQ country with a propensity for mass scale violence and murder.
commented 2017-10-06 10:59:15 -0400
Speaking of illegals
CBSA Charged Two Men After 11 Foreign Nationals Were Found in a Truck at the Ambassador Bridge
Kevin J. Johnston
commented 2017-10-06 10:38:24 -0400
…it is an alliance that is eerily, history repeating itself.
commented 2017-10-06 10:33:34 -0400
…..does anyone actually question that Canada has been infiltrated? What is going on is becoming crystal clear. The globalists love Justin and his Islamic cabinet who are ushering in more ‘diversity’ and chaos at the expense of our peaceful once unified now divided country. The enemy is within and the bridge has been blown out. Time to unfasten your seat belts. The time for just holding on is over. We are in the danger zone now.
commented 2017-10-06 10:16:39 -0400
Where is hedi fry remember the crosses burning on lawns in Alberta.
If countries like somolia wont take back mentally ill people (this is why the states could not deport him)
then dont allow any travel to or from this country. Reject all refugee claims.
All these refugees are coached to say II WILL BE KILLED IF I RETURN TO MY COUNTRY.
Yet once established in Canada many make trips back to these countries.
if a person making a claim on this basis and returns to their country of origin ,they should loose all refugee status or ability to become a citizen..
I also see turdo is attempting to fast track the citizen process. Lets fast track his exit from power.
commented 2017-10-06 06:28:43 -0400
This is a perfect example of why Lieberals should not be in a position of power.
commented 2017-10-06 05:29:32 -0400
This country needs some good old fashioned Brazilian love justice!
commented 2017-10-06 02:48:00 -0400
Of course when any one of these parties do win an election, it will be the last democratic election they will ever have. Unless of course they can pull off an Egypt but being the gelded pussies Western Europeans have shown themselves to be, I wouldn’t put much faith in that happening. But that begs the question; when the time comes, how pussyish are Canadians going to be?
commented 2017-10-05 21:04:26 -0400
Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and France all now have legitimate Muslim political parties able to participate in elections. Some like Belgium have more than one. All want to implement shariah law if/when they eventually win. How long before this happens here?
I got this information from a site which deals with current affairs called Prophecy News Watch which I highly recommend.
commented 2017-10-05 19:30:09 -0400
Politicians Pussies all of them.
commented 2017-10-05 19:24:22 -0400
The politics surrounding the avoidance of doing the right thing with this trespassing criminal is un-Canadian and contemptuous of the security of Canadians.
commented 2017-10-05 16:41:27 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,142 Attacks, 219,960 Killed, 301,050 Injured that we know of

The Vegas attack is not included in the above numbers because whether or not it’s Islamic in nature is still uncertain.

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-10-05 16:41:25 -0400
How did he get through…..because he was probably a sweet young man with a sympathetic story!

Hey, give him Khadr’s lawyer’s name…..any bets he’ll be representing this murderer? Or Justin can just write him a cheque now.
commented 2017-10-05 16:14:58 -0400
Justin and Barry have been coordinating their scripts, with the hope few people realize what they are really up to.
commented 2017-10-05 15:49:19 -0400
I’m not sure that laying any blame specifically on Harper and Kenney, even by implication, is fair. As an individual case, Sharif’s file in all probability was handled by the Big Union/leftist-infused layers of bureaucracy within the Immigration Department, and thus far below the level of the radar screens of anyone that would report to Kenney or Harper.

The point is, if Sharif managed to slip through the cracks under the Harper government’s watch, what level of problems are we importing now that the strain on the system has increased by an order of magnitude ( #WelcomeToCanada ), and the vetting process and new citizenship requirements ( http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/citizenship-rules-residency-language-1.4327130 ) have been reduced to nearly rubber-stamp levels under the current government?

I think we have problems now, and darker clouds on the horizon.
commented 2017-10-05 14:46:12 -0400
Why would Trudeau care? He’s safe in his fortress defended by guards. The type of religious terrorism he’s imported will not touch those closest to him, only us ungrateful Canadian peasants who don’t know how good we have it.

That being said… Curious how the American judge deemed this guy a potential threat and tried to send him back, but after “properly vetting” him, Canada declared him good people and kept him.
commented 2017-10-05 14:18:39 -0400
No it was not terrorism, just defenseless people dying. I also believe in Santa Claus.
commented 2017-10-05 13:48:32 -0400
It couldn’t of been terrorism… It must have only been an unfortunate accident.

(add nausea)