July 12, 2018

Leftists DEFEND Sacha Baron Cohen's Sarah Palin prank

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

When comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pranked Sarah Palin by disguising himself as a veteran in a wheelchair, I thought that at least this was one time that left and right could come together to condemn something. I was wrong.

I'll show you a sampling of some of the worst reactions on Twitter, including some written by people in the media...

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commented 2018-07-15 14:34:42 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

No – reality.

We both know it.

I would actually respect you more if you didn’t pretend that you don’t have contempt for gay people. I mean others here come right out and say it. They are more honest than you are.
commented 2018-07-15 00:01:13 -0400
Pfffffft! Nonsense!
commented 2018-07-14 19:39:05 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Yes, we know you hate gay people and are homophobic. You don’t need to remind us.
commented 2018-07-14 19:02:39 -0400
Ha Ha Ha
Far left defending the far left.

Sorry, but, Steven Crowder cannot pass for a Saudi Prince….Cohen can. Don’t like that idea, how about an edgy and clever prank like Andy suggested “bathhouse queers”.

Anyway, this convo has run it’s course. Bye
commented 2018-07-14 17:29:51 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Nice dodge – you know exactly what I am talking about.

I am not saying that it wouldn’t be funny, but it’s not required that Cohen do that. He isn’t supposed to do what you want him to do or be some equal opportunity offender. Pass along your idea to Steven Crowder.

Having said that, it just is funnier to make fun of conservatives or expose their hypocrisy and that’s why there are numerous popular shows that do that. The primary reason for that is conservatives act holier than thou with their supposed morals and values and love of God – meanwhile they often get proven to be worse than the liberals that they judge and often claim have no morals or values.

For that reason, it’s just better TV to expose Sarah Palin than it is to expose Hillary Clinton. No one would be shocked if Hillary did questionable things, so no one really cares.
commented 2018-07-14 16:19:05 -0400
WTH are you talking about?!! I have researched the Clinton’s quite thoroughly. So, you don’t think it would be funny to have Cohen pose as a Saudi Prince looking to donate millions to the corrupt Clinton Foundation, then question them closely about all of those topics I mentioned? Why can’t this prank be considered “epic”??

I also really like Andy’s idea.
commented 2018-07-14 13:03:30 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

First of all – you don’t even watch what you complain about. That makes you a moron, because you are getting outraged over what other people have to say about something they haven’t even seeing yet.

You hate things because people tell you to hate things – proving my point that you need others to think for you? What laugh track and shows are you talking about exactly? This isn’t the 80’s.

Secondly, I don’t have adoration of everything famous – but unlike you, I love entertainment and the arts – be it movies/TV. music, books, theatre and everything in between. Like most humans. I don’t care about their personal lives or personal views though.

I think it’s rather sad that you are not passionate about music or movies. Those things are a wonderful part of life, but hey I am glad that The Rebel gives you all you need.
commented 2018-07-14 09:28:30 -0400
clarification, ask HRC about her role in Bengazi & Uranium 1.
commented 2018-07-14 09:27:24 -0400
Andy, another equally clever scenario for Cohen would be to pose as another Saudi prince looking to donate to the Clinton Foundation…that’s the hook; then ask her about stealing from Haiti, Bengazi, Uranium 1, and all the mysterious deaths associated with the Clinton family going back decades. Invite Bill along and ask him why he intervened in the arrest of and prosecution of Laura Silsby, who was involved with child trafficking. Maybe also ask both Clinton’s about their flights on the Lolita Express, and what they participated in on Epstein’s island.
commented 2018-07-14 09:17:48 -0400
Wow, more needless dumping by the sensitive leftist regressive Tony Snark.
Your absolute adoration of everything “famous” is truly weird, you hand out pedestals like it’s candy at Halloween.

Take away the laugh track on some of these mind numbing shows which attack anyone who doesn’t follow their script, and, what you are left with is pure garbage!
commented 2018-07-14 02:57:43 -0400
Dear Tony Snark… It’s not that posters to The Rebel don’t enjoy “arts and entertainment”, but that they don’t enjoy the simplistic “fingers up your nose and waiting for laughs” variety… I’m wondering if Cohen would be equally clever by taking on some “bathhouse queers” scenario, rather than a veteran in a wheelchair?
commented 2018-07-13 21:49:55 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Please – it’s what you do with almost every thread here. Overreact and outrage. I couldn’t be more correct about you and I certainly have your number.

It’s unfortunate that you don’t enjoy arts and entertainment, but I guess when you spend all your time here, there isn’t much time to go see a movie or enjoy an album or go to a concert like normal people do – spending time and money on things they enjoy. For example, The Foo Fighters were in Toronto recently – what a waste of money for their fans to spend money on such fakes.

So using your idea of logic – Amanda Head, Martina Markota and Ben Davies are enslaved by celebrities, because that is primarily what they talk about on The Rebel – celebs, the entertainment industry and the latest movies that get them outraged and Tammie is right there to spew her contempt.

We all know how you feel about and Ezra – you desperately need him, because he does your thinking for you.
commented 2018-07-13 21:17:31 -0400
“outrage” My, my you sure like to apply that word for everything….incorrect again.

Enslaved by celebrities is what you appear to be, you invest so much time and money into these fakes…and, when people here don’t express their adoration toward your beloved frauds you get cranky.

We all know how you feel about Ezra…not engaging with you on this one!!
commented 2018-07-13 18:38:35 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Entertainment industrial complex?


What am I reeled in by exactly? I enjoy movies and music. Oh you got me. How ironic that you were reeled into this thread out of outrage.

Please – you hang on every word Ezra’s says. You “love” that talking head.
commented 2018-07-13 17:48:58 -0400
Ha Ha Tony
You were reeled in so easily by the entertainment industrial complex…fakes and frauds and you love it.
Says a lot about you. Not much substance to you is there?!!!

Never said Ezra is my hero. Most of my heros are dead.
commented 2018-07-13 16:38:39 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Nice dodge on the fact that you actually took “love” literally.


Just admit it – you are ready to pounce on anything with outrage. It’s only black or white for you. You have not concept of grey, subtitles, expressions and nuance.

The best part is the irony that Ezra Levant is your hero.
commented 2018-07-13 15:04:18 -0400
The only love you talk about it is your love of the entertainment industry….yep veneer is your thing.
Talking heads reeled you in years ago!
commented 2018-07-13 15:01:46 -0400
Ha Ha Ha Tony….triggered!
commented 2018-07-13 14:07:21 -0400
Maybe you “love” celebrities and singers, who don’t really know by the way. Many people love their families, friends and communities… you know, the people who you really have a connection with.

The idea of loving a stranger is not appealing or realistic. You do realize actors are speaking lines written by someone else don’t you?!! Nothing wrong with admiring a performance, song, painting etc….you are mistaking idolizing these people for love. Maybe veneer is your thing.
commented 2018-07-13 12:28:43 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Yes, how sad that as humans we love music and movies and other forms of entertainment that add to the enjoyment of life and through that – we have our favorite bands/artists, actors, comedians, directors and everything in between.

What are people thinking when they go see a movie with an actor they love or pay a ton of money to go to a band/artist they love live. We should be more like Tammie and have a connection to nothing, but The Rebel.
commented 2018-07-13 09:46:42 -0400
Pretty sad when people are so sucked in, they actually love celebrities….Wow!
commented 2018-07-13 03:19:59 -0400
Jan G,

I take it you are not on the pulse of pop culture and don’t even know who Sacha Baron Cohen is and what he has been famously know for and why people love him.
commented 2018-07-13 02:42:09 -0400
It has simply gone too far. Idiots. Total idiots.
The more stupid you are, the more the left applauds you.
commented 2018-07-13 02:17:47 -0400
Any Lynn, “I may not approve of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to be a complete,utter nincompoop and absolutely horrible, disgusting human being”.
commented 2018-07-12 23:17:25 -0400
You are wasting your time with these people. They just don’t get it.
commented 2018-07-12 23:08:40 -0400
He wasn’t mocking veterans, he was mocking Palin. She got punked! They should have put her on a flight to Russia, she could have walked home from there.
commented 2018-07-12 23:04:05 -0400
commented 2018-07-12 22:43:51 -0400
You sound like a eunuch yourself. Buzz off.
commented 2018-07-12 22:40:09 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

You sound butthurt. I bet you love Palin too and actually think she is an intelligent woman.