November 29, 2017

Leftwing Media Claim Trump's White House Christmas Decorations Are "Spooky,” Like a Scene From “The Shining”

Rebel Staff

Donald Trump's White House revealed it's official Christmas decorations on Monday, and the astounding display was far more elaborate than anything Americans saw during Barack Obama's presidency. 

Despite the exquisite level of detail in the decorations, the leftwing media refused to give Trump even the smallest amount of credit, and instead slammed the display as "spooky." The Huffington Post published a scathing oped about the display entitled, "Spooky White House Christmas Chamber Is Creeping Everyone The Heck Out:"

The White House unveiled its Christmas decorations Monday. 

Given that President Donald Trump has made the celebration of the holiday a central talking point of both his campaign and his presidency, it’s no surprise they went big. 

Many of the rooms designed by first lady Melania Trump have a classic Christmas look.

But one chamber in particular is getting attention online for all the wrong reasons. It’s a twig-lined hallway that’s being compared to everything from “The Shining” to “The Blair Witch Project.”


Here are some of the reactions:  





Leave it to the mainstream media to focus only on negative reaction to Trump's White House Christmas display! Had the Obamas created anything like this, it would have undoubtedly been fawned over and described as one of the best White House displays of all time. Since the media is so heavily biased against Trump, however, they searched the Internet for only the worst reactions to the display for their pieces covering it. 

Unfortunately, this sums up the way Trump has been covered since he first announced that he was running for president. The media has been against Trump from the very beginning, refusing to report on the positive things that he has done in favor of spinning everything he says or does in a negative light. It's no wonder that a recent poll revealed that 65%, almost two thirds, of Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media. Not even Trump's Christmas decorations can escape the left's scorn. 


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commented 2017-12-02 04:20:51 -0500
Thanks Hyacinth… And whatever happened to our old friend “Yannie Znaiev” once I noted that means “I don’t know” in Russian?… Long time no see…
commented 2017-12-01 02:36:32 -0500
Very likely NDP SUCKS, I do recall.
commented 2017-12-01 00:37:44 -0500
Boy it’s a very rough and tough crowd here tonight so straight to the point. Terry Rudden is a real guy who is a regular troll on the Rebel facebook page and is totally fixated on and usually very critical of Sheila Gunn Reid. I believe he used his real name at one time here on the Rebel back near the beginning. Here is a couple of links on Redden who admittedly is obsessed with political blogging.
commented 2017-12-01 00:07:35 -0500
I just bumped into that paraphrased comment you posted presumably of Petersons, if you need your memory refreshed Iian.

IAIN FOULDS commented 2 days ago
… Denzel is the opposite of what Prof. Peterson commented this morning.
… Roughly “Those who are failures in life are those who are “proud” of their race.”

…and this was how I responded to you,
LIZA ROSIE commented 1 day ago
IAIN FOULDS how can you paraphrase something that sounds so out of character without so much as a hint of context. The decent thing to do would be to post the actual quote or give a link so we can check it out ourselves.
commented 2017-11-30 21:24:29 -0500
Liza, well said!
commented 2017-11-30 20:26:22 -0500
I don’t do the comment search thing, but you very recently made a ‘rough’ paraphrase of a supposed comment of Jordan Peterson’s that was really questionable and I suggested at the time that it was not something he would say and asked you why you did not provide a link or at least some context.
Another time you made a snide remark about Israeli occupation. At that time I responded to you also. I don’t know if you are a bonafide troll or not, and I don’t care. I just respond to comments I do not agree with. I didn’t agree with your criticism about what Ezra said, and told you why I thought he was spot on.

Anyone who says maybe its time for someone else to take the helm …. I am going to think, man what an asshole, and I might even say it out loud. I might even think the guy is a troll.
commented 2017-11-30 20:23:18 -0500
Iain: You say you are a true Conservative and TheRebel is the best thread in Canada, but you question Ezra and the direction TheRebel is taking due to American coverage.
CBC and CTV = American politics is 90% of what they cover, talk about, bash Trump, and on and on.
If Canadian news channels covered 1/4 of what TheRebel covers, maybe Canadians wouldn’t be in the dark.
commented 2017-11-30 19:46:10 -0500
I would like for Wanda and Iain to go back my post earlier in this thread. I am specifically referring to when Ian Foulds started commenting here on Rebel:
“This site has a wonderful search tool, Iain Foulds comments date back to May 5, 2017, a four month break then posting again beginning October 9/17
Did you catch up on the thousands of reports that predates your first comments here & while you were on break?
I question your last post, and, I think you have overstated your support of conservative media in Canada, specifically Rebel media.”

I pointed out this short-term existence on Rebel as Iain was claiming :
“… Jan: Personally, I think that Rebel has been the strongest conservative media in Canada. I don’t really like where it is going. There is almost nothing about Canada anymore.… A few days ago Ezra Levant tweeted “Scratch a leftist, and there is an anti-Semite” My respect for him, and confidence in him, ended with that truly insane statement.
… So, I am concerned about Rebel. Perhaps it is time for someone else in charge.”

Iain, I’m bringing this up because you do not have a what I would call a significant history here, and, you are suggesting it’s time for Ezra to step down. I strongly disagree with your assessment and question the purpose of your post. I am not questioning your Conservative leanings and your history with NP is not relevant to this current issue I’m having with your posts on this thread.
I did a search as I only recognized your handle the last 6 weeks or so. I recommend you go through the extensive reports on Rebel, prior to your first comments in May 2017; during your 4 month break & look at what adjectives you have used to describe Ezra Levant. In my opinion, you were off base and harsh.
commented 2017-11-30 18:22:00 -0500
" The guy’s a conservative, no doubt in my mind about that. "

Just like “Sean Penson” was a true blue conservative who in the end by his own admission was another moniker of “Jay Kelly”. Just like “Terry Rudden” vouched for “Jimmy Da Sylva”. Thanks for the laugh Wanda, I swear he’s not a troll, lmao.
commented 2017-11-30 11:59:20 -0500
… Link removed… policy I guess.
… The article on Ezra is called “Is Ezra good for the Jews”. Just published in “Canadian Jewish News”.
commented 2017-11-30 11:40:34 -0500
… Liza: Your comments about me, without a shred of evidence, only discredit you.
… Just came across this bizarre column about Ezra from this week at the “Jewish News”.
commented 2017-11-30 11:33:26 -0500
‘…solid conservative’ by your own standards Iian, is not a credible endorsement. It actually makes you more suspect in my opinion.
commented 2017-11-30 11:30:17 -0500
Wanda Orion posted, ‘As far as this article is concerned, it seemed to me that it sheds further light on the left’s limitless capacity for pettiness.’, and that was the reason for the article.
As for Iian, he slips some zingers into his comments which often get missed. I’m certainly not giving him a free pass. It makes no difference. Post away Iian. Be yourself.
commented 2017-11-30 10:24:45 -0500
The guy can’t even put up Christmas decorations without the left becoming unglued. He’s living rent free in their perverted little minds.
commented 2017-11-30 09:23:50 -0500
… Wanda: Appreciate that. I have been posting almost daily at the NP for over twelve years… before it became just another MSM. And, you will not meet a more solidly principled conservative.
… I was smeared in this thread without a shred of evidence. Strange times for sure. Rebel is Canada’s best hope for media. But, we must be always vigilante.
commented 2017-11-30 07:36:57 -0500
OK guys I feel I need to intervene here. Iain Foulds is NOT a troll. I don’t know him personally but I recall him from the comments section of the National Pest back before it went down the pipes. The guy’s a conservative, no doubt in my mind about that. Possibly more conservative than a lot of us – possibly a libertarian. All he did was raise a question about the relevance of this arrticle and what appeared to be sort of a slow news day at the Rebel, which is not trolling. Those are fair questions and maybe an invitation to a bit of a debate. I would encourage him to be patient. The Rebel is evolving. It’s not staffed like the msm so there are going to be peaks and valleys and quite a range of material. For myself, I’d like to see more Canadian news although I like the international contributors because they do broaden my perspective on how many of our issues are part of a much larger phenomenon. As far as this article is concerned, it seemed to me that it sheds further light on the left’s limitless capacity for pettiness.
commented 2017-11-30 06:15:56 -0500
Iain Foulds = Jay Kelly
commented 2017-11-30 04:49:35 -0500
Yeah sure… And we’re all supposed to forget that the Obama’s White House Christmas Tree decorations included one of Mao Zedong?… My, my, how quickly, and “conveniently” we forget, eh?…
commented 2017-11-30 02:34:24 -0500
God bless the First Lady for putting Christ back into Christmas at the White House!
commented 2017-11-30 00:15:57 -0500
The left are promoting anti Israel sentiments Iain. Are you not aware of the liberals narrative on Palestine? Decidedly ant Israel, pro Palestine , anti Semitic.
Are you not aware of the leftists/globalists/Islamic alliance? To pretend that doesn’t exist is naive to be generous. Islam has many times in History aligned with the left until they are no longer needed. The globalist’s and Islam help each other with their individual ‘caliphates’. Their mutual purpose is societal and economic control. However they all have individual agendas which will clash with the other when the inevitable push for exclusive control comes to a head. It’s one big group hug. For now.
Nah, just kidding.

Melania does look beautiful though, feminine and traditional. Everything the post modernists hate and revile.
commented 2017-11-29 23:59:47 -0500
This Iain is using the passive/aggressive approach. Interesting tactics for a troll. I guess he/she was getting bored with the direct approach. Kinda like taking the spider in the web approach now to see who he/she will catch.
commented 2017-11-29 23:54:01 -0500
I have no concerns about where TheRebel is and have watched it grow to become a superior news source for both Canada and international affairs. The news contributors are more experienced and knowledgeable than before.
Like a good wine, it is just getting better, and it’s all because of Ezra Levant.
commented 2017-11-29 23:53:47 -0500
I have no concerns about where TheRebel is and have watched it grow to become a superior news source for both Canada and international affairs. The news contributors are more experienced and knowledgeable than before.
Like a good wine, it is just getting better, and it’s all because of Ezra Levant.
commented 2017-11-29 23:47:42 -0500
You were posting your comments during standard working hours, so one must assume you do this for a living. A professional troll maybe?
No one who actually works for a living would be posting comments on a website when they could be making money.
commented 2017-11-29 23:01:54 -0500
… Liza: There is no possible connection between the moral/social/ economic values of Left and Right, and prejudice against Jewish people. None at all.
… Zero. It is incredibly wrong to even bring the two subjects together. It shows a complete ignorance of both subjects.
commented 2017-11-29 22:46:00 -0500
You cannot get more anti-Semitic than a lefty. unless you are Palestinian of course ask one I think they would agree.
commented 2017-11-29 22:41:11 -0500
I thought there was something off about Iain Foulds, odd comments about Israel, Dr, Peterson…. as far as Ezra’s comment goes it was perfectly reasonable considering the climate being pushed in post Harper Canada. The left didn’t like Harper’s support of Israel and these days the left are making out Palestinians to be stellar citizens. It’s ignorant and offensive. You cannot get more anti-Semitic than a lefty.

As far as Christmas decorations at the White House are concerned, who could be surprised. I doubt Melania is giving them a second thought. She certainly looks comfortable and beautiful as the First Lady. It is nice to have a lovely first Lady who acts like one, in the White House again. Was that a jab at the Obama’s? Yep.
commented 2017-11-29 22:35:26 -0500
Andrew you do realize that this is merely showing how deep their hate and immaturity goes.
commented 2017-11-29 22:34:40 -0500
Andrew you mean like when any criticism of Obama was called racism by the MSM? They focus on whatever suits their agenda. And you know damn well the comment is correct. If the Trumps had a dog it would be evil somehow.
commented 2017-11-29 21:30:55 -0500
… Tammie: Doesn’t even rank on the Top 1000 issues of our times, so uninterested.
… I remain a great fan.