January 15, 2016

Legal gun owners in RCMP’s crosshairs -- with CBC's help

Brian LilleyArchive

“The Mounties always get their man” the old saying goes, and for the gun grabbers in the Mounties, their new man is Justin Trudeau.

During the election, the Liberals promised to give unelected, unaccountable police, not politicians, the power to determine which firearms are allowed for public use in Canada.

That made the Mounties happy because they don’t like civilians owning guns and seem to do all they can to thwart law abiding gun owners.

Their latest move, detailed in a glowing CBC story, is to make a list of guns that should be banned or reclassified.

They want to change the classification of certain semi-automatic firearms which they argue could be modified to become almost like an automatic rifle. Automatic rifles are already effectively banned for civilian use. I’ve fired them during military training. They’re fun but aren’t what hunters and target shooters use.

It’s also illegal to convert a semi-automatic to an automatic in Canada. Do that and you’ll go to jail.

This is a solution in search of a problem.

That may be why the CBC report references cases that happened nearly 25 years apart, the first from nearly 25 years ago.

The Mounties claim (and CBC dutifully reports) that the concern over rifles being altered is due to new technology, a new style of gun and the flood of para-military like weapons coming into Canada but I provide some of the details CBC neglects to report that help show this isn’t about public safety, but is about power and is just a gun grab by the Mounties.

They’re targeting these popular rifles in time for their new political masters to hand power over to them so can get vaguely defined assault weapons off our streets.

Instead of dealing with criminals and gangsters who shoot each other with illegal guns, the Liberals and RCMP will do what’s easy; target law abiding gun owners while the media cheers and avoids asking tough questions.


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commented 2016-01-15 19:08:11 -0500
The reality of it is Rcmp shouldn’t be afraid of law-abiding gun owners ship in Canada…
In fact they should support it.
If every law-abiding citizen in this country had a gun there would virtually be no crime because bad guys would be out Gunned and out manned and strategically speaking they would have no place to get a foothold so hence there would be no crime At least no visible crime… (There would always be politicians picking your pocket) in Canada if the Rcmp supported law abiding gun ownership.
And realistically speaking the RCMP have absolutely nothing to fear from law-abiding gun owners with any kind of gun that they want. I fear people who wish to make me vulnerable by disarming me and oppose their will on my God-given right of freedom and free will. follow in God’s law not man’s.
And the quickest way to a dictatorship is for the politician to handover power to a paramilitary organization designed to keep the people crushed.
commented 2016-01-15 19:04:59 -0500
This is not anything new, since before Highriver the far over reaching, overlords of the rcmp have been looking for a way to do warrantless searches on the populace, and the libtard truedough will give them free reign. We have entered a new era of lawlessness in this country, it has a half retards smile, and a name to make westerners question whether not it is worth being part of the same country as them. The rcmp want us to think that they will be the be all and end all for defence, but as self-defence laws are eroded away to only using harsh language, the only thing you will see as you lay on the ground dying, is their boots headed in the opposite direction to await back-up. As I see myself getting older, and the populous of this country getting more and more gullable thinking that big daddy gov will look after them, I wonder if people like Gill Pharaoh did not have the right idea after all?
commented 2016-01-15 19:03:28 -0500
Always looking for ways to keep taking away freedoms, Rights and Privileges! A government that doesn’t trust it’s people to be armed is not a trustworthy Government!