October 17, 2018

Legal weed arrives in Canada: Top 3 buzz kills on Trudeau’s “doobie-ous” achievement

David MenziesMission Specialist

October 17 has arrived, so feel free to light up a fatty and celebrate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest dubious achievement. But before getting too blitzed, should we consider the downside of legalized marijuana?

The idea to legalize cannabis goes back about three years ago when Justin Trudeau seemingly made a spur of the moment promise on the campaign trail that clearly hadn’t been thought through.

It was ostensibly done to make Justin look hip with the kids and to virtue-signal to us squares that Justin is right and we’re all wrong.

But I can think of at least three sobering reasons why marijuana legalization will be less of a panacea, and more of a problem in the months ahead.

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commented 2018-10-20 17:53:47 -0400
Im just going to get my script finally as The whole 0 drugs under 21 to drive and only on your own property shit. But who would pay those insane prices? more expressive than what the LP’s are charging
commented 2018-10-18 13:29:49 -0400
Anyone who registered for a pot licence is hooped now.
commented 2018-10-18 13:06:03 -0400
They want the government to be your dealer so they can tax it & regulate it. Translation – the worst pot at the highest price. This means that those who smoke it will keep going underground for it which means it’ll really still be illegal. I saw this mess coming when it was announced. Pot smokers seemed to get it into their heads that legalization would be better than decriminalization. I’m guessing that’ll be changing very quickly.
commented 2018-10-18 10:07:52 -0400
I just have come out of retirement to put in my two cents here. This half-wit freak of nature Justin Trudeau is still at it, still busy destroying our great country in every conceivable way, day after day.

Today we see his piece de resistance, legal weed, his big campaign promise to reel in the stoner and student vote, and to let everyone know what a cool dude he is. What is this guy, 14 years old??

Dipshit Trudeau likes to bask in the glory of his “progressive” policies – and let the rest of us figure out the details and pick up the mess he leaves behind. He’s totally stuck on furthering his father’s legacy. Despite that JT broke almost every election promise except legal dope peddling and his other cause celebre, Syrian refugees. Says it all about PM Snowflake.

Let’s look at what we can expect from legalization:

>Increased Addiction.
We’re going to see addiction go way up.
Legal weed means more access to weed.
More access to weed means more addiction, on average.
More addiction means more societal issues and mental illness, and more crime. That’s a fact.
For instance, middle age folks who haven’t consumed in decades; suddenly there’s dope for sale at a store two blocks away. You try it once, twice. Bang you’re hooked, and you can’t stop.

>Increased Mental Illness.
For a certain percentage addiction leads to mental illness, hospitalization, even homelessness.
“Marijuana can trigger psychosis. Every time I was hospitalized, it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana… Quitting cannabis has been an important part of my recovery from mental illness.” -Margaret Trudeau

Genius Justin thinks legalization will put the drug mafia out of business, that it will take out their profits and put them into the tax coffers. Er.. no, not exactly. They will simply move on to peddle higher drugs. Since pot is a gateway drug, dealers will have no problem selling their new merchandise.

A nation with addiction issues is a less competitive one. How will we compete with China, Korea, Japan and others? Canada could be reduced to a resource economy.

>More Accidents and Deaths.
Surgeons, bus drivers, food inspectors, airplane maintenance crew, whatever. We count on them to be as sharp mentally as they can be. Your life might depend on it.

Thanks to WhackJob Justin’s “invitation” to the whole goddamned world to breach our borders, we can now add one more ‘diversity’ to the cheats and riff-raff crossing the border: drug addicts. You see, for the illegals it’s not just legal dope, it’s also free dope, since some of whatever is left over from those endless welfare checks will go to pot. Count on it.
Once word gets around internationally this may grow into a huge problem: free dope-filed vacations to Canada, paid by you and me. Celebrate diversity!

We need to put PM Zoolander on a spaceship and send him to Mars, like that Mars One program. Let him fix up Mars. Like that he won’t be messing up our lives.
commented 2018-10-18 09:39:41 -0400
Within six months a new “weed” tax will be tacked on, you supporters of this have no idea what you’ve done making the Government your drug dealer.
commented 2018-10-18 08:03:23 -0400
Like anything else Soy Boy Trugrope does , it’s just another money grab by the corrupt Lieberal Party to use for their treasonous agenda.

Making an illegal drug legal to garner votes from the pot heads is criminal. And Trugrope should be punished for his crimes.
commented 2018-10-18 02:51:51 -0400
A Tokenconservative states:- “In every place it’s been legalized the anticipated tidal wave of stoned drivers failed to materialize, because despite all the hand wringing there just isn’t a whole lot of people who didn’t smoke pot yesterday who are suddenly going to start smoking pot today. I can say with some confidence that the chaos on the streets you’re predicting just isn’t going to happen.”… The Colorado Highway Patrol would differ with you on that point as is evident in many articles now in The Denver Post… Indeed fatalities have gone up since Colorado went “legal”.. Their biggest problem – as will become apparent in Canada soon – is determining how “high” the driver was at the time and how much “residual” THC was in effect… Ignoring Colorado’s reality is not facing reality…
commented 2018-10-18 00:43:04 -0400
Let’s see:
.people are walking out into traffic without looking up from their phones
.phones are now an addiction
.kids are addicted to their phones
.there are tv commercials encouraging people to put down their phones

wasn’t cigarette smoking an addiction?
what have they not learned?
commented 2018-10-18 00:38:50 -0400
A Token conservative….Token ?(couldn’t resist) You are dead on correct about the crap of needing more training, its a full load of bullshit. Any cop not knowing about pot suspicion, should not be a cop. Its all about getting more funds for themselves.
I’m all in for legalization, but still say now is not the time. There are so many other important things going on that this country should be dealing with, but the sock puppet chose this to be his grande gesture for the country. Says it all about that clown.
The problems it will create for travelling internationally for every one will soon be noticed. The USA has said flat out that federally, it is illegal, no matter what individual state laws say. Border crossings and immigration are all federal and as of today, everyone from Canada is a pot smoker.
I hope i’m wrong!
commented 2018-10-17 23:27:44 -0400
First: why point to that alarmist (?) stat that the police apparently won’t be able to provide the 2000 officers “trained in spotting drug use” they anticipate needing? Kinda surprised that you’d bring up something so easily debunked. Every cop who’s patrolling any beat anywhere knows how to spot drug use, or they wouldn’t be cops on the beat very long. It’s a bullshit excuse for the police services to demand more funding, and I’m actually surprised that a spendthrift conservative like yourself would fall for such a blatant lie. What special “training” is any cop who’s been at the job more than a month going to receive that he or she’s not already seen dozens of times in real life?
Then you go on with what I’m starting to think of as the modern day equivalent of Reefer Madness. Not only does every cop suddenly need new training, they also need some kind of new tech or equipment to do their jobs for them. One wonders how anyone ever got convicted for impaired driving before the invention of the roadside Alert devices? And just as suddenly we’re going to see droves of stoned drivers randomly killing innocent children because it’s legal now, see? Menzoid, once again you’ve put forth a concept that’s just too easy to debunk! The people who were driving stoned yesterday will continue to drive stoned today, and that’s about it. In every place it’s been legalized the anticipated tidal wave of stoned drivers failed to materialize, because despite all the hand wringing there just isn’t a whole lot of people who didn’t smoke pot yesterday who are suddenly going to start smoking pot today. I can say with some confidence that the chaos on the streets you’re predicting just isn’t going to happen.
Wow, your second point. We should continue to keep pot illegal, with all that entails, because … you … don’t like the smell. Wow. When an SJW tries to pull that kind of entitlement stunt, you’re all over it. But when YOU don’t like the smell, it’s suddenly important enough to make a law about it. Disappointed, Menzoid.
Finally, your third point. The problem’s a lot more with the courts than with the injection of pot activism to the issue. That example you tout could just as easily have been about some heroin addict shooting up on the men’s room floor. Pot’s not the problem with this, Liberal judges are.
Listen, Menzoid, I do agree with part of what you’re saying. The Liberals are screwing this up just about as much as a government could. The conservative-critical viewpoint has lots of ammo to use in this fight. But keep it real, okay? Hyperbole about our streets suddenly being over-run by stoned drivers isn’t real. Stick with humour, and the first rule of humour is that if you’ve got to push it, it aint working.
commented 2018-10-17 21:56:57 -0400
I got something else to say on that subject….the cannabis prohibition…much like the gun registry…..acheived NOTHING in terms of public saftey…but it did indeed produce tens of thousands …if not millions of SCOFFLAWS who were an impediment to all other aspects of law enforcement.
commented 2018-10-17 20:59:03 -0400
Got news for you Personzies…pot consumption is not likely to change significantly now that it is legalized. And whatever concerns you raise here have already existed for decades and the sky did not fall.
commented 2018-10-17 18:39:11 -0400
Trudeau is an asshole of the 1st order.
commented 2018-10-17 18:29:40 -0400
Trudeau will be held responsible for every death that occurs in Canada due to the legalization of weed. Someone behind the wheel of a car and buzzed out on pot is a dangerous weapon, Justin. Can you understand that?
On top of this there are all the deaths caused by Muslims in Canada, Bomb, Rape, Slash, the list is endless. The public will hold the Prime Minister of Canada responsible, because he invited them in.

What are you Justin, a psychopath or a deranged idiot…..The choice is yours.