Tell the UN to stop blacklisting our journalists

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The United Nations just banned Rebel Media journalists again, blacklisting us from covering the upcoming UN global warming conference in Bonn, Germany.

Just like they tried to do last year.

It’s obvious why: there are thousands of “journalists” who cover these UN global warming conferences. But they’re actually cheerleaders. They never hold the bureaucrats and politicians to account. They go to promote the UN’s agenda, whether it’s carbon taxes or subsidies to “green energy” crony capitalists.

Last year, they tried to keep us out too. They officially banned The Rebel. But we went anyways. And when they finally relented, what we saw was shocking.

- UN diplomats partying in five-star luxury

- Hundreds of Canadian government delegates, with no reason to be there other than a tax-subsidized vacation

- Zero accountability from the mainstream media journalists

- Amazing hypocrisy, whether it was the UN literally “watering the desert” to keep the dust down, or the fake electric car charging stations

Well, this year they’re banning us again. Their excuse is pitiful: they say Canadian government delegates accused us of “harassment”. What a laugh — what a lie. That’s what these global warming activists call anyone who asks them a question.

Of course, the UN wants to keep us out. Simply asking questions of the UN is illegal “harassment”. They’re just not used to it!

We reached out to Nick Nuttall, the man who initially tried to censor us last year, but he refused to provide any additional reasons for the blacklisting. 

Well, we’re going anyways, whether or not we’re accredited. Even if we have to holler our questions at climate VIPs as their stepping in and out of their chauffeured limousines. At least it will be more honest journalism than the trained media pets the UN lets in!

We’re going — no UN bureaucrat, and no Liberal Party delegate can censor us.

If you can, please help us defray the cost of that trip.

If you think the UN should stop blacklisting our journalists, please sign our petition below calling on the UN to let us report.

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We demand the United Nations end their blacklist of Canadian journalists who don’t agree with their climate alarmism.

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