The UN just banned Rebel journalists from this year's global warming conference, but we're going anyway!

The UN wants to keep us from reporting on their climate change meeting in Bonn, Germany. 

Simply asking questions of the UN is illegal “harassment”. They’re just not used to it!

Well, we’re going anyways, whether or not we’re accredited. Even if we have to holler our questions at climate VIPs as their stepping in and out of their chauffeured limousines. At least it will be more honest journalism than the trained media pets the UN lets in!

We’re going — no UN bureaucrat, and no Liberal Party delegate can censor us.

If you can, please help us defray the cost of that trip by donating below. We’ve scrimped — we bought the cheapest plane tickets we could, and we’re staying at an affordable hotel. But we need your help. We don’t get $1.5 billion a year like Trudeau’s pro-UN CBC does.

Thank you for your help — this fight has just begun.